Illimitable Until Death v3c212

With the gradual arrival of the guests, the atmosphere on the deck also seems to be more and more lively.

As an upper-class nobleman and ojou-sama, every guest here is greeting each other with a courteous smile and unmistakable manners, making the whole deck a noble atmosphere.

Although Houri is among them, but only in disguise to sneak in, itself can not have what into the upper classes of material.

So, except for the first few people who came to talk to Houri, but were dismissed by Houri, basically no one came to Houri.

The same goes for Aria.

Maybe the people here got the information somewhere that Aria was a British nobleman, and many of them came to talk to Aria, but they were sent away by Aria who was bored with it.

Therefore, for a long time, almost no one on deck came to talk to Houri and Aria.

But this is what Houri and Aria would like to see.

Staying on the edge of the deck railings, Aria looked at the lively scene in front of her while subtly asking Houri. “Do you want to get away now and make a round in the tanker?”

After all, considering the methods of the Butei killer, the tanker had most likely been rigged with bombs.

“It’s just a shame that tankers aren’t buses.” Houri took a sip of champagne from the glass in his hand, naturally speaking to Aria. “This place is so big, there are so many places where bombs can be planted that it’s unlikely we’ll be able to find them before the Butei killer starts acting.”

“That’s true.” Aria sighed and pressed a hand to the headset hidden under her bun and whispered. “Reki, can you see any suspicious characters from your place?”

“No.” Reki’s unemotional voice rang out from the headset. “However, the floating frequency of the tanker seems to be a bit unusual.”

“The floating frequency of the tanker?” Houri, who was also wearing a headset, heard Reki’s speech and spoke out with a subtle expression. “Can you even tell that?”

“Yes.” Reki’s voice was still devoid of any emotion. “Although it is possible that the waves are causing the floating, the frequency of the floating has changed compared to a few minutes ago, I can tell.”

This is no longer a matter of keen observation skills.

After all, the building Reki was in was at least a few hundred meters away from the tanker.

At this distance, for her to be able to observe even the floating of the tanker, even with a sniper scope, Reki’s eyesight is not to be underestimated.

Houri knew that Reki’s eyesight was 6.0 in both eyes, and she had demonstrated this incredible vision many times before during missions, each time leaving Houri in awe.

“As expected of Reki,” Aria said with a look of surprise. “If you find any suspicious characters, remember to tell me.”

Reki did not answer but presumably received it.

At that moment, something happened that Houri and Aria didn’t expect.

“Oya? Isn’t that Houri-san?”

When such a voice with a little surprise sounded from the deck and reached Houri’s ears, Houri’s eyebrows raised strongly, turned his head and looked at the crowd in front of him.

Only to see a beautiful man, wearing a pitch-black tuxedo like Houri, was slowly walking over.

Seeing this man, Aria shocked said. “Sayonaki sensei?”

The person who came over was Medica’s lecturer, Sayonaki.

“Is Kanzaki-san here too?” Sayonaki said with a perfect smile on his handsome face. “I didn’t expect to meet you two here.”

Aria, who hadn’t expected Butei High sensei to be here, looked a bit overwhelmed.

Houri also didn’t expect Sayonaki to be here, but he smiled with a calm expression. “Did sensei come to the opening party of the tanker?”

“I was invited by the organizers,” Sayonaki explained. “I know a lot of people here, so it’s not the first time I’ve been to a party like this.”

If the girls at Butei High found out about this, they would be even more smitten with Sayonaki, right?

After all, if Sayonaki sensei, who has always been regarded as a prince by himself and others, is really a member of the upper classes, it will surely make many girls who are obsessed with him scream out.

“I’m a little surprised that Houri-san is here,” Sayonaki said with a smile. “Kanzaki-san is a British aristocrat, so it’s not surprising that she’s here, but Houri-san doesn’t seem to have any distinguished background, so I almost thought I was mistaken.”

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with the statement, but one can more or less hear the intention of targeting inside.

Sayonaki’s implication, to put it mildly, is that this kind of place is simply not for Houri to come to.

“But I did hear that Houri-san and Kanzaki-san seem to form a team.” Sayonaki’s face continued to smile, but his words began to change, and he said to Houri. “Houri-san is lucky to be partnered with Kanzaki-san, who is a nobleman, and if things go well, he may not need to go on dangerous missions for pay in the future.”

The implication of this statement is even more obvious.

If he becomes Aria’s partner, he won’t need to go on dangerous missions for pay if things goes well?

Isn’t this a way of saying that Houri is climbing up the ladder and has ulterior motives for Aria?

“Kanzaki-san, that’s not acceptable?” Sayonaki said as if he was teaching Aria.

“Houri-san is a very valuable talent in the Butei world, and people can only grow through training, so you can’t spoil him too much?”

Now, even Aria couldn’t listen to him anymore.

Just as Aria was about to say something, a hand squeezed her shoulder.

Houri looked at Sayonaki, his face still calm, and said indifferently. “Thanks for sensei’s teachings.”

“It’s all for the sake of the lovely student,” Sayonaki said with a slight smile. “Then, I will leave you two to enjoy the ball, if there is anything, you are always welcome to come to me.”

After saying that, Sayonaki turned around and slowly left with an elegant pace.

Looking at Sayonaki’s back, Houri’s brow finally began to wrinkle.

Houri did not care at all about Sayonaki’s thorny provocation.

Because that only deepened Houri’s doubts.

“This person, why does he keep targeting me?”

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