Illimitable Until Death v3c213

“What the hell is going on with Sayonaki sensei?”

While Houri was in a thoughtful state, Aria was in a confused state, looking at Houri, and said in a puzzled manner. “Although I don’t know Sayonaki sensei very well, everyone says he is very polite and has a good relationship with everyone, why does he seem to hate you?”

“I’ve been thinking about this for at least half a year, and even commissioned a friend to help me investigate Sayonaki secretly, but there was no luck.” Houri frowned tightly and sighed. “I’ll know what to do if I knew the reason, but I don’t know what the reason is.”

Saying this, Houri also did not care much about this matter, He shrugged and then said. “Maybe I have offended him unknowingly.”

Houri was just saying this.

However, Aria frowned and suddenly said. “I don’t think you’ve offended him, but he’s rejecting you.”

“Rejecting me?” Houri was immediately stunned and asked. “Why do you say that?”

“Intuition,” Aria said very dryly. “It just feels that way.”

Houri was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but roll his eyes with a supercilious look.

“You… don’t underestimate my instincts!” Aria said with a grinding teeth. “My instincts have always been spot on!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Houri responded to Aria in a perfunctory tone, making Aria so angry that she almost lunged at Houri.

At that moment, Reki’s voice suddenly rang through Houri and Aria’s headsets.

“The tanker’s float is starting to rise.”

Hearing this, Houri and Aria were simultaneously stunned.

Immediately after, Reki said. “This float is caused by the engine starting, the tanker is going to sea.”

Hearing this, Houri and Aria’s expressions both froze.

Tonight was just the opening ball.

In other words, in the plan, the tanker was not scheduled to sail.

Now, the tanker was about to set sail.

This was clearly an unusual situation.

Dudu Dudu–!

As if to confirm Reki, the tanker started to sound the whistle and slowly moved under the sound of the waves.

This surprised all the public figures on the deck.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is it suddenly sailing?”

“Isn’t there only the opening ball tonight?”

“Is it some kind of after-party?”

The public figures all started talking about it.

Looking at this scene, Houri and Aria looked at each other.

“Trouble,” Aria said softly. “If this tanker sails, then we’re in Butei Killer’s game.”

The Butei Killer’s specialty was to plant bombs on vehicles that would explode when they slowed down.

Once the tanker sails, the ship will become a toy for the Butei killer.

After the bus hijacking incident, the tanker hijacking incident also started at this moment.

“Aria!” Houri said unceremoniously. “Get the people on board down first!”

“Got it!” Aria did as she was told without any hesitation.

But just as the two of them were about to take out their Butei licenses and get the public figures on the tanker to do their bidding, a man pointed out to sea and was surprised.

“What’s that?”

On the deck, all people subconsciously cast their eyes to the direction of the sea.

Immediately, everyone who was present saw it.

On the surface of the sea, a black shadow was beginning to appear, treading on the waves, approaching this way at great speed.

“That’s…” Aria stared straight ahead.

Only Houri, not knowing what came to mind, said with a low voice. “What moved so fast?”

Almost as soon as Houri’s voice dropped, Reki’s voice came through the headset again.

“Those are speedboats, unmanned, but each one is loaded with submachine guns.”

At these words, even Aria instantly understood what was going on.

“Not good!” Aria immediately rushed the entire deck of people and yelled. “All of you get inside the cabin! Quick!”

All the people present were immediately stupefied on the spot.

Until Houri’s voice followed.

“It’s coming!”

Just after he spoke, a speedboat finally came into view on the sea.

Dada Dada–!

With a burst of submachine gun fire, speedboats began to burst into muzzle fire, allowing dense bullets to come in like a fierce wind and rain, landing on top of the deck.

Clank Clank Clank Clank–!

In the next second, dense bullets fell, producing a fierce collision around the deck of the tanker, bursting out sparks in a crisp clash sound.



Screams and shrieks rang out at the same time.

On the deck, all the public figures wearing grand dresses were in a panic, screaming and holding their heads while squatting down one after another.

“Hurry up!” Aria yelled at everyone with her own unique baby voice. “Hurry up and get into the cabin!”

The public figures now react, hastily clutching their heads, braving the rain of bullets, rushed into the cabin like crazy.

Bang Bang–!

Under the heavy rain of bullets, the bottles of champagne on the deck of the tanker, placed on a table covered with a white cloth were shot one after another, so that the wine could not stop splashing.

Houri and Aria, with their quick hands, suddenly ducked behind a table, letting the bullets fall on the table with a crisp crash.

“Damn Butei Killer!” Aria ripped open the skirt of her dress, pulled out her two Colts from under her skirt, and immediately tried to rush out.

“It’s no use.” Houri pressed Aria’s shoulder, shook his head, said. “Speedboats are not vehicles, and with the firepower we have, it’s hard to take care of those speedboats.”

Saying this, Houri pressed his headset and spoke to Reki. “Reki, please inform the police and Butei Bureau to send help, preferably by helicopter, there are still a lot of hostages here.”

“Understood.” Reki’s response was as concise as ever, without the slightest confusion.

“Aria, let’s go to the cockpit.” Houri again said to Aria, who was standing by. “With the Butei killer’s usual tactics, the other side should have informed the pilot that the tanker will explode once it slows down, so let’s go there and check the situation.”

“Hmm.” Aria nodded heavily.

However, just then, an accident occurred suddenly.


A heavy gunshot mixed in with the sound of the submachine gun sounded, allowing a bullet to cut through the night sky and strafe in Aria’s direction.

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