Illimitable Until Death v3c214

Shu Shu Shu Shu–!

The sound of bullets cutting through the air resounded throughout the night sky.

At least, in Houri and Aria’s ears, this sound is unusually harsh.

And in the many sounds of air splitting, one bullet was mixed in the many gunshots, brushing past the bullets of a submachine gun, as if the route of the shoot had already been calculated, rushing unhindered in Aria’s direction.


Houri discovered the bullet almost immediately.

But just as Houri was about to make his move, Aria’s pair of ponytails trembled slightly, and without any hesitation, she flipped over in a super low back-flip, dodging the incoming bullet.


The bullet landed on the deck and bounced off in a burst of spark, turning into a ricochet and disappearing under the night sky.

“Beautiful!” Houri couldn’t help but praise.

Just now, Aria should not have noticed the bullet.

However, this descendant of Holmes had sensed the danger by intuition alone and dodged it without thinking.

Perhaps, Aria’s words just now were not just a casual remark.

Her intuition is really accurate.

“She didn’t inherit her family’s unique reasoning ability, but she’s still a descendant of a famous detective?”

That’s why Aria’s intuition is so accurate.

Unaware of Houri’s thoughts, Aria raised the twin guns in her hands and yelled at Houri. “Look over there!”

Hearing this, Houri immediately followed the direction pointed by Aria’s muzzle and looked ahead to the top of the tanker’s cabin.

There, a dark figure turned around and walked in, disappearing just out of Houri’s view.

“Houri!” Aria saw this scene and was not surprised but delighted.

Houri also slightly lifted the corner of his mouth and said. “That is most likely the Butei killer!”

In other words, the serial killer, who had never shown itself, had finally begun to appear.

Not even a hint of hesitation.

Houri and Aria got up at the same time, with an agile body, while dodging the submachine gunfire, rushed into the cabin.

On the surface of the sea, the large tanker Mattia Haida was traveling at great speed, gradually speeding towards the direction of the deep sea.

Around the tanker, a speedboat carrying submachine guns followed firmly, surrounding the entire tanker.

That scene is simply a reproduction of the bus hijacking incident.

Only, this time the hijacked is not a bus but a tanker. The submachine guns around it were not convertibles, but speedboats.

A closer look, in the top deck of the tanker cabin, a shoujo is sitting on the guardrail facing the sea, while wiggling her little feet, while humming a pleasant ditty.

The waves became the accompaniment.

The moon became the background.

The shoujo was singing to the sea as if she was in a happy mood, and the pleasant song echoed on the deck, making the surrounding atmosphere a bit dreamy all of a sudden.


Not long after, the door to the cabin was kicked open.

Inside the cabin, Houri and Aria rushed in at the same time.

Looking at the shoujo who was sitting on the railing with her back to the door, wiggling her little feet as if she didn’t notice anything and continued to sing, Houri and Aria’s reaction was completely different.

“You-you are…” Aria was surprised to the max.

“…!” Houri’s eyes widened slightly, and then he fell into silence.

At this moment, the shoujo who had her back to Houri and Aria finally stopped moving.

“There is the smell of smoke.”

“There is the thought of worldly feuds.”

“There is sweet champagne.”

“There is the favorite opposite sex.”

“It really is a good night.”

With that said, the shoujo stood up directly on the railing and turned around to face Houri and Aria.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Olmes partner.”

It seemed as if it was helping, a cold sea breeze blew by, making the sun-like bright blonde hair of the shoujo flutter, and also making the pleated lace skirt of the shoujo’s princess-like dress sway gently.

The face that looks exceptionally beautiful in the moonlight is really familiar to Houri.

Looking at that shoujo, Aria murmured.

“Mine Riko…”

It’s impressively Riko.

After saying goodbye to Houri on that evening, Riko, who had never been seen again, now appeared here.

In response, Riko, with her usual cute smile, but with a berserker-like fighting spirit in her eyes, said.

“I am Mine Riko, but on this occasion now, you should call me by my full name, I specifically allow you to call, Olmes.”

“Full name?” Aria flinched slightly.

“That’s right, my full name.” Riko lifted the hem of her skirt as if in a salute, padded her toes, and slowly said.

“Mine Riko Lupin IV, that’s my full name.”

“Lupin?” Aria’s eyes widened.

Because this surname forced Aria to react like this.


To be correct, it should be Arsene Lupin.

It was a phantom thief gentleman who was active more than a hundred years ago, known for his intelligence, thoughtfulness, suavity and great wealth, often stealing the property of the illegally wealthy to help the poor, so people called him a chivalrous thief and phantom thief, a famous figure in France.

It is not surprising that Aria would react to this name.

Because, more than a hundred years ago, the famous British detective Sherlock Holmes and the famous French phantom thief Arsene Lupin fought to a draw.

This is a famous incident mentioned in Butei High’s textbook.

Today, Riko calls herself by the name of Lupin and refers to herself as Lupin IV, the significance of which no longer even needs to be explained.

“You…” Aria stared at Riko and said out loud. “Are you the great-granddaughter of Arsene Lupin?!”

“Ahahahahaha!” Riko burst out laughing.

It was not the usual cute laugh.

Although the laughter was unusually pleasant because of her voice, it was not the kind of laughter a student should have, but the kind of laughter only a warrior could make.

“Finally, Sherlock Holmes’ great-granddaughter!”

“That’s right! I am the great-granddaughter of Arsene Lupin!”

“Over a hundred years ago, our great-grandfathers fought to a draw!”

“And after more than a hundred years, we finally met!”

“So, Holmes IV, you will die right here!”

“Today, I will defeat you!”

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