Illimitable Until Death v3c215

Kacha …

With a mechanical sound, Riko drew her gun from the holster pinned to the outside of her thigh.

It was a semi-automatic pistol, Walter-P99, manufactured by the German Karl Walter Sports Gun Co., Ltd.

Even James Bond, the protagonist of the famous spy movie series ‘James Bond’, used this gun.

And Riko took out of the holster not one Walther, but two.

Holding the two guns tightly, Riko pointed the muzzle at Aria with a look of cruelty in her eyes as if she was staring at her prey.

That kind of look, the previous Riko would never show.

At the same time, Riko’s body also began to release a strong murderous aura.

That is also something that the previous Riko did not have.

As Inquesta’s A-class Butei, Riko has always been notable for her superior intelligence-gathering ability, not her combat prowess.

However, from the murderous aura that Riko unleashed at this time, it was clear that this shoujo had been hiding her strength until now.


Stimulated by the murderous aura, Aria didn’t hesitate to raise the Colt in her hand and aim it at Riko as well.

It was only then that Houri spoke out indifferently. “Are you the Butei killer?”

The calm voice made the murderous aura in the air dissipate, but the temperature dropped a little.

Aria now realizes another problem.

That is, her partner and the phantom thief’s descendants have some unusual relationship.

“Houri…” Aria couldn’t help but open her mouth, and looked at Houri with some concern.

Even the madness in Riko’s eyes couldn’t help but a little astringent, gaze finally turned to Houri’s body, said with a smile. “It’s been a long time, Riri, have you missed Riko?”

The expression and tone of voice, all of a sudden back to the old look.

The contrast between the former and the latter made Aria, who is usually not fuzzy, somewhat uncomfortable.

Only Houri, whose expression remained unchanged throughout, looked at Riko standing on the parapet and said. “At this point, I will not say anything about whether you have been lying to me all along.”

“I just want to ask you.” Houri spoke up quietly. “What is your purpose?”

“Purpose?” Riko smiled sweetly, but there was no trace of a smile in her eyes, and said. “Riko’s purpose has always been very clear.”

Saying this, Riko turned the walt in her hand towards Aria.

“That’s you, Kanzaki Holmes Aria.”

“My purpose is to defeat you.”

In Riko’s words, Houri heard a strong emotion.

It was obsession.

And, still, it was a crazy obsession.

“More than a hundred years ago, Sherlock Holmes and Arsene Lupin fought to a draw, with no winner between them.” Riko, staring hard at Aria, said. “But isn’t that strange? Since they are two completely different people, one must be strong and the other weak, so why would there be a tie? I can’t understand it at all!”

“But it does give me an opportunity.” Riko suddenly laughed, with an extremely dangerous smile. “Since our great grandpa is tied, if I can defeat you as a descendant of Holmes, won’t that prove that I have surpassed my great grandpa and surpassed the first generation of Lupin?”

“Wha-what?” Aria said with disbelief. “You… you became Butei killer just because of this?”

“Just for this?” The smile on Riko’s face disappeared and she whispered like a doll. “Yeah, Aria won’t understand, won’t understand why Riko did it, and won’t understand why Riko joined IU and gained power.”

“IU.” Aria immediately reacted visibly to the name.

Even Houri was slightly squinting his eyes and looked at Riko.

Just in time, Riko also looked at Houri, met Houri’s gaze, and said. “You know what? I never really wanted to give you up to Aria?”

Such a sentence, Houri could not help but slightly stunned.

And Riko, as if lamenting something, said. “Holmes is a family that needs a partner to bring out its full power, and even the first generation of Holmes became legendary because he had a good partner around him.”

“So, in order to achieve this, Aria will have to find a partner first.” Riko said to herself. “However, in Butei High, there are not many people who can be Aria’s partner, Aria herself has not been able to find one, and Riko has only picked two people.”

“One of them is you, and the other is Tohyama Kinji.” Riko looked directly at Houri. “You are both Butei who received S-class rating in the first year entrance exam, so if it is you, I’m sure you will be able to meet the requirements of Aria’s partner.”

“After investigation, you are a step ahead of Tohyama Kinji in terms of brains and strength.” The corners of Riko’s mouth seeped out a little smile and said.

“Since that’s the case, it’s most appropriate for you to be Aria’s partner, so that Aria can bring out her full strength. Moreover, Aria just happens to have been inquiring about you, so I planted a bomb on the bus to make you two meet.”

Hearing this, Aria could not react anymore.

On the contrary, Houri finally understood one thing.

“No wonder the bomb was detonated only after Aria had defused it that day.”

During the bus hijacking incident, the Butei killer’s purpose was to lure Houri onto the bus and then detonate the bomb to kill him.

The reason why the bomb was not detonated at the first moment Houri got on the bus was because the convertible car with the surveillance camera was destroyed, so the Butei killer could not know the situation at the scene and misjudged the time to detonate the bomb.

Houri always thought so.

However, now it seems that it was just a self-directed drama by Riko.

“If you want to deepen the bond between a man and a woman, then of course you have to use the hero to save the beauty!”

Riko’s tone returned to its previous tone at once, winked at Houri, and smiled delicately. “Riko has worked very hard to get Riri to raise Aria’s favorability rating?”

“You…!” Aria turned her muzzle on Riko once again, and was furious. “So it was you all along!”

“Yeah.” Riko smiled sweetly, but her voice turned icy cold.

“So, it’s time for you to die with satisfaction, right?”

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