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Riko already knew that Aria had been tracking her, just to clear the name of her wrongly accused family.

Riko must have known very well that her usual electric wave for long-distance manipulation had already been grasped by Aria, and once she used it, it would attract Aria’s attention.

Therefore, Riko in order to achieve her own purpose, simply be tricked and deliberately released the electric wave, creating a bus hijacking incident, used to promote Houri and Aria’s encounter.

So, Riko used to say this to Houri.

“Riri and Aria will meet sooner or later.”

This is not just a casual remark by Riko.

In order to find a partner, Aria noticed Houri, who is also an S-class Butei, from the very beginning.

In order to help Aria find a partner, Riko also prepared Houri and Aria to meet from the beginning.

The meeting between Houri and Aria was almost predetermined, as Houri was not particularly wary of Aria, who had been asking for information about himself, and did not expect Riko to be the Butei killer.

At this point, Aria also seems to understand and was angry that she had been secretly at the mercy of Riko.

And Riko was provocative, as if on purpose.

“To be honest, giving Riri to Aria is really too extravagant, but you alone are completely inadequate in front of me, so you should at least increase your chances of winning a little, otherwise it’s just too boring.”

“… How dare you to say that, dirty thief family.” Aria gritted her teeth and said loudly. “The IU that caused my mother 864 years of guilt, 122 of which are yours, I’m going to arrest you today and testify for my mother’s innocence!”

“Just you?” Riko covered her mouth and laughed, the contempt in her words could be heard by anyone.

Aria, who was already not a good-tempered person, was directly triggered.

Bang Bang–!

In the next second, Aria pulled the trigger directly, causing two Colt muzzles to spray sparks and shoot bullets that enveloped Riko’s direction.

However, Riko seemed to anticipate Aria’s action, and before Aria fired her gun, she already jumped, avoiding the incoming bullets and turning the two Walters towards Aria.

Bang Bang–!

With the dull sound of gunfire, the bullets sliced through space and shot at Aria.

In response, Aria used her small size to roll on the ground, letting all the incoming bullets land on the deck with a clanking sound that stirred up the spark.

Both Aria and Riko have realized one thing.

That is, in the face of this opponent, long-range shooting is simply ineffective.

Both Aria and Riko had the ability to dodge bullets.

Realizing this, Aria and Riko made the decision almost simultaneously.

“Not at long-range…”

“Then let’s use close range!”

The two petite shoujo simultaneously stomped on the ground, with the extreme speed of a cheetah, rushed towards each other.

The weapon used is still a pistol.

The technique used, however, is no longer just shooting.

The two shoujo figures in the moment of intersection immediately aimed the gun in their hands at the opponent’s body within a short distance and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Bang Bang–!

The loud sound of gunshots was heard once again.

At this moment, Aria and Riko have been completely entangled together, launched pistol-based close-quarters combat.

That is a kind of close-quarters gun-fighting with the premise that the opponent is wearing a bulletproof vest.

Even if wearing body armor, the impact of the bullet is not completely eliminated.

Therefore, when the opponent is wearing a bulletproof vest, Butei often uses this close combat technique, using the bullet as a weapon to hit the opponent’s body at a very close distance, in order to subdue the opponent.

In Butei High’s bulletproof uniform, as long as the bullet hits, it is definitely the same as being hit with a metal rod with full force.

Therefore, after judging that simple shooting could not solve their opponent, Aria and Riko both chose to use close-range gun skills.

When Aria’s muzzle was aimed at Riko’s body, Riko struck it with her palm, causing the muzzle to be deflected and the bullet to be fired into the distance.

When Riko’s muzzle was aimed at Aria’s body, Aria also used her gun to block the aiming gun, causing the muzzle fire to bloom on her side and not being hit at all.

For a while, the two were fighting as if they were holding two short swords of light, staggering their bodies to the accompaniment of gunfire.

The dazzling close-quarters shooting technique looked like a show.

Only, the show has to end sometime.

After all, Aria and Riko’s bullets are limited.

Aria’s Colt 1911 Government pistol has a capacity of seven rounds, which adds up to 14 rounds for both guns.

Riko’s Walther P99 pistol has a capacity of 16 rounds, which is 32 rounds for the two guns combined.

In other words, Aria has an overwhelming disadvantage in terms of the number of bullets.

In such a situation, the one who runs out of bullets first is naturally Aria.


With an empty sound, Aria’s gun was completely empty.



While Aria’s face changed slightly, Riko leaned her body with a burst of somewhat wanton laughter and lunged in Aria’s direction.

However, in this instant, a flash of light suddenly appeared on the deck.


With a gunshot, a bullet swept past like a spiral, grazing Riko less than five centimeters in front of her and landing in the void.

It was not a miss, but a deliberate miss.

So, Riko stopped her body shape, the smile on her face little by little converged, turned her head, looked to the side.

The person there was Houri.

The man who is standing in the wind is Houri, who is not even holding a gun in his hand but is quietly looking at Riko, but Riko does not dare to make a move.

Because, Riko knows, for this person in front of her, not holding a gun in his hands is the most frightening.


It should be said that when you think the other party is not holding a gun, the other party’s muzzle has actually been aimed at you, at any time in a state of shooting.

Can not see the gun.

Can not see the shot.

Yes, it’s invisible bullets.

This is the Magician Gunner.

Immediately, Houri lifted his stride and stepped forward.

“Aria, you’re on guard.”

“It’s my turn now.”

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