Illimitable Until Death v3c217

In this moment, the atmosphere in the air quietly changed.

“Houri…” Aria seemed to want to say something, but she was greeted with Houri’s unquestionable gaze and shut her mouth.

Although she hadn’t spent much time with Houri, Aria could understand, even without relying on her intuition, that the Houri that had become like this was something that no one could stop.

Even Aria could understand it, so Riko, who had been with Houri for a year, couldn’t possibly not understand it.

Moreover, Riko could understand one more thing.

That is, Houri is angry.

Even if it doesn’t show, Houri is undoubtedly angry.

Angry about what?

It was something that didn’t even need to be asked anymore.

“Riko.” Houri looked directly at Riko and said slowly. “If you apologize now, then I can pretend that nothing has happened.”

That’s right.

Houri is not angry with Riko to hide something from himself.

After all, everyone has their own secrets.

In this regard, compared to Houri, the things Riko hid are nothing.

However, Houri had to be angry with Riko for standing against him.

So, what Houri is angry about is not the person, but the current situation.

“I told you, I’m a man who will retaliate when I have a grudge,” Houri said to Riko. “It’s not too late if you apologize now, otherwise, you should know that I’m not the kind of person who is used to showing mercy.”

The air became tense all of a sudden.

Even Aria, at this moment, could not help but hold her breath.

However, Riko’s performance was the same as always.

Rather, Riko felt even more excited.

“Great…” Riko licked her lips, looked at Houri with a hot gaze, and said. “Although Riko also likes the usual gentle Riri, sure enough, Riko likes Riri most when fighting.”

“The first time I saw Riri in the Assault Division, I was fascinated by the way he took down everyone who challenged him, and I couldn’t be happier to be able to fight Riri like that.”

Saying this, Riko raised the waltz in her hand and aimed it at Houri, declaring loudly.

“Come on! Show me the power of Olmes’ partner!”

As Riko’s words fell, silence began to fill the air.

Houri raised his eyes and looked at Riko, who was staring at himself with a persistent face and sighed.

“It’s true that bad kids should be punished first and then talk later?”

As his voice falls.


The sudden sound of gunfire resounded over the entire deck.

Without any warning, a flash of light burst out in front of Houri’s body.


The sparks followed the eruption.

It was a spark that blossomed from one of Riko’s hands.

Without even being able to react, a bullet landed on one of Riko’s hands, sending Riko’s Walther flying in a burst of sparks.


Feeling the strong impact from her hand, Riko couldn’t help but open her eyes wide.

There is no need to even explain, Riko can guess what has happened.

There was no doubt that she had been shot.

She’s clearly had been on alert.

It’s clearly not her first time seeing this unseen gunshot.

However, in this instant, Riko was still not able to react.

That is the invisible bullet.

Like iaijutsu, once the speed of the katana is drawn to a certain degree, it is more frightening than waving the katana at the same speed.

The invisible bullet is the pistol version of iaijutsu.

This move is even more terrifying than what Riko understood.


At that moment, Riko raised her other hand and pointed the remaining Walther’s muzzle at Houri.


The dull sound of gunshots resounded all around.

However, it was not the sound of Riko firing her gun.

The moment Riko raised the gun in her hand, the sound of gunshots already sounded.


In Riko’s hand, which had just been raised, a spark bloomed again.

The incoming bullets send flying Riko’s remaining gun, causing Riko’s double gun to completely disintegrate.

“Kuh…!” Riko covered her numbed arm and stepped back.

However, Houri’s voice also reached Riko’s ears.

“Since you can’t see my shot, you shouldn’t pull away, otherwise, you will have no chances of winning?”

Just after he spoke, the flash of light appeared again.


The unseen bullet easily reduced the distance between Houri and Riko to zero, and finally landed on Riko’s bulletproof uniform.


It was like the sound of a whip landing heavily on a human body.

“Ugh…!” Riko couldn’t help but squeeze a muffled hum out of her throat and covered her stomach as if she had been punched.

But this time, Riko listened to Houri and didn’t dare to keep her distance away again, holding her foot firmly and standing still.

However, just not keeping the distance apart will not help.

Now that she had lost her pistol, Riko had to find a way to close the distance so that she could defeat Houri.

So, what should she do?

“Just use this!”

Riko pulled out a grenade-like thing from her covered clothes and threw it in Houri’s direction.


The grenade immediately burst into a blinding light, instantly illuminating the top of the entire tanker.

“Flashbang?!” Aria couldn’t help but raise her hand to block her body.

Even Houri, that could not avoid being robbed of his vision by that intense flash.

At this moment, Riko stomped on the ground with all her might, and her whole body rushed towards Houri’s direction.

Immediately after that, an incredible scene happened.


Riko’s hair was suddenly covered with a layer of red light.

Under the red light, Riko’s hair turned into a snake and started to dance.

Riko picked up her two Walters from the ground, and her hair, which was tied high on both sides, wriggled up as if it were two hands, curled around the two dagger-like blades Riko had hidden at her waist and pulled them out.

In her hands, she held two guns.

Her hair bun curled around two blades.

It was like Aria’s title, literally Quadra.

“My win!”

Riko, in the mood of confirming her victory, stormed in front of Houri, and the two sharp blades in her hair slashed down at Houri.

However, Riko didn’t even notice.

In front of her, the figure enveloped by the flash had already disappeared.

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