Illimitable Until Death v3c218


Under the harsh cutting wind sound, the two sharp blades seemed to cut through the flash and slashed down heavily.

However, the imaginary hit feeling did not reach Riko’s nerves, making Riko’s eyes trembles.


Just at this instant, the sound of gunfire reached Riko’s ears.


Another sound is like a whip ferociously hitting the human body, causing Riko to feel a sharp pain in her abdomen.


This time, Riko finally was not able to hold it, her body was directly knocked back by the impact of the bullet. Like being kicked unmercifully by an unseen person, she stumbled backwards and finally fell to her knees on the ground.

On the deck, the blinding flash gradually began to fade away.

Feeling the light has begun to fade, Aria slowly opens her eyes.

The scene that entered her eyes told Aria that the winner had already been decided.

For, the condition of the two people facing each other was quite clear.

Houri, unharmed, stood in place, a dark tuxedo without even a wrinkle to be found as if nothing happened.

Riko is kneeling on the ground, covered her side, her face dripping with sweat, her breathing is more or less rapid. Although she does not seem to have suffered any significant injuries, she cannot even stand up.

The situation in the front is enough to explain everything.

However, looking at Riko’s hair, which looked like snake hair covered with red light, and the hair tied high at the sides was curled with two sharp blades, which seemed to give Riko two extra hands, Aria said in shock.



That incredible phenomenon can only be described as ESP.

In other words, Riko is not an ordinary Butei, but a Choutei.

“When did the Lupin family get to use ESP?”

Aria was really surprised.

As a descendant of Holmes, Aria had never heard of the Lupin family, who were in a feud with her family, having ESP.

Not to mention Aria, even Houri didn’t know.

“ESP?” Houri looked at Riko, who was on her knees, gasping for breath, and whispered. “You’re hiding so deep.”

“… This is the trump card Riko used to defeat Riri.” Riko gasped while pulling up a smile with a sweating face that was a bit forced. “Because, Riko is the person who knows Riri best, how strong Riri is, Riko knows best.”

“If that’s the case, why do you want to set me up with Aria?” Houri looked straight at Riko and said. “Putting me and Aria together will only increase your chances of failure, won’t it?”

“I want to beat Olmes with all my heart.” Riko gritted her teeth and stood up with pain in her eyes, fixing her eyes on Houri and said. “To deliberately break your partnership with Aria because you’re strong is like admitting that Riko can’t win against Olmes and can only play petty tricks from behind.”

“I don’t need such a trick!” Riko, as if completely possessed by her obsession, even though she was panting and sweating, still raised both wards with great difficulty and aimed them at Houri.

“I must defeat Olmes!”

“That will prove that I have surpassed my great-grandfather!”

“I must surpass my great-grandfather!”

“I have to!”

A sentence full of obsessive words echoed above the entire deck, making the waves sound a little sad.

“Riko, you…” Aria has been completely shocked by Riko’s obsession, half a day does not know what to say.

On the contrary, Houri, with a deep frown, asked the most crucial question.

“Why are you so obsessed with proving that you have surpassed your great-grandfather?”

Hearing this, Riko smiled.

That smile was sad and painful.

Then, Riko slowly said.

“For freedom.”

Riko then tensed her body, ready to rush out in the direction of Houri.

But at this moment, a cold laugh resounded in the ears of everyone present, and also in Riko’s heart.

“What a pity, fourth, you will not be free.”

The moment these words were passed throughout the deck, something unexpected happens.


The pounding sound provoked by the bullet hitting the bulletproof uniform resounded again.

“Ah…!” Riko let out a sad cry, could no longer hold her body up, and fell back to her knees to the ground.

Apparently, the person who was hit by the bullet in the bulletproof uniform was none other than Riko.


Aria was shocked and instinctively raised the Colt in her hand and pointed it at Riko’s back.

Houri’s eyes were likewise slightly solidified, raising his eyes and looking ahead.

In such a situation, a figure gradually came out from the door leading to the cabin and was exposed to the eyes of Houri’s group.

Seeing that person, not only Aria but also Houri could not help but be surprised.

“Sayonaki sensei?” Aria was completely stunned.

It was Sayonaki who came.

“Good evening, everyone.” Sayonaki had his usual perfect smile on his face.

However, in the hand of the man with the perfect smile on his face, he was holding a gun.

A gun with a silencer.

Therefore, just now all people did not notice that someone shot so that the bullet directly hit Riko’s back.

And, from the Sayonaki body at this moment, the atmosphere felt by the crowd is also completely different.

If the old Sayonaki was a warm, aristocratic young master, the current Sayonaki feels like a vicious beast, with a slightly ominous aura of oppression.

Of course, if this is all, then Sayonaki’s position is not enough to be judged as an enemy.

After all, this time, Riko is the enemy, Sayonaki shot at Riko, which can be interpreted as a criminal to capture Butei killer.

But the next second, in Sayonaki’s surroundings, a fierce beast appeared, is to let the crowd completely confirmed his position as the enemy.

It was a wolf with silvery-white fur.

“Caucasian Silver Wolves!” Aria was startled.

As for Houri, his eyes looking at Sayonaki had completely changed.

It became icy cold.

“So that’s how it is.” Houri had murmured out as if talking to himself.

“It was you?”

The person who sent a wolf pack to attack Houri on his way home not long ago was undoubtedly Sayonaki.

This person had already set his eyes on Houri.

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