Illimitable Until Death v3c219


The silvery-white wolves raised their heads and howled overbearingly at the moon sitting in the night sky.

Sayonaki, with a pack of white wolves, first looked at Aria, then ignored Riko who fell to her knees on the ground and turned his attention to Houri.

At this moment, the perfect smile on Sayonaki’s face finally changed.

It turned into a devilish sneer.

Then, Sayonaki said this. “It’s disgusting.”

Such a sudden statement made Aria stunned on the spot.

Houri didn’t say anything but just looked at Sayonaki.

“That’s right, that’s the look.” Sayonaki saying this, but then shook his head and said. “No, it should say that your existence is a mistake, which makes me feel really disgusted.”

“Seriously, I’ve never been so disgusted with a person before,” Sayonaki said as if helplessly and sarcastically. “But I don’t know why, but I just feel so disgusted with you, so disgusted that I don’t allow you to exist, why is that?”

“You… What the hell are you talking about?” Aria couldn’t help but take a step forward.

However, Houri stopped Aria and told her not to say anything with his eyes.

Houri then turned his attention to Sayonaki and asked directly. “Who the hell are you?”

“Me?” Sayonaki shrugged his shoulders and pointed at Riko, who was kneeling on the ground, in a joking tone. “I must say, I’m the owner of that bitch over there.”

“You…!” Riko raised her head with difficulty and looked angrily at Sayonaki.

However, Houri was keenly aware of it.

In Riko’s eyes, which were filled with anger, there was a hint of surprise and fear hidden in them.

It was a feeling that arose from the word ‘bitch’.

This feeling, in turn, brought a pleasant smile to Sayonaki’s face.

“To be honest, you’re too disappointing, Miss fourth,” Sayonaki said with a sigh. “I thought that even if you couldn’t take on the Holmes’ defective product, you should be able to make that inexplicable kid show some weaknesses and let me have a chance, so I came to this ship with a hint of expectation that I shouldn’t have had for you, but it turns out that you’re really a useless piece of shit, so I’d better put you back in the cage.”

“Locked back… cage…” Riko’s body started to trembles and she said in a shaky voice. “Don’t tell me… you are…”

“Speaking of which, you haven’t seen me ‘like this’ yet.” Sayonaki put on a fake look of dawning realization, then laughed. “But that’s okay, I don’t expect anything from you anymore anyway, so I’ll let you refresh your memory of that gesture that once made you despair later.”

“But until then, stay there and wait for me to finish off this disgusting brat, and then send that Holmes over there into the cage with you.”

From Sayonaki’s tone, anyone can hear that this person does not treat Riko as a human being.

As Sayonaki said, Riko is a creature no different from a female dog to Sayonaki.

“Human beings are genetically determined, and a human being without good genes will reach their limit immediately no matter how hard they try.” Sayonaki, as if chanting the truth of the world, said this to Riko very naturally.

“Lupin IV, you have not inherited any of the merits of your ancestors, genetically speaking, you are a useless waste. But in any case, you are a breed with a good bloodline, at least I’ll let you stay in a cage so I can use you later to produce a good breed.”

Under the speech that was so bad that no one could listen to it, Riko, however, like was sure of something, hugged her body and shaking like crazy.

“Wha-what the hell is going on?” Aria really didn’t know how to react.

Houri, on the other hand, remembered what Riko had just said.

“For freedom.”

Houri can hear that this sentence is not half false.

That is to say, Riko really wanted to be free, so she paranoidly wanted to defeat Aria and prove that she could surpass her great grandfather.

In this case, combined with Sayonaki’s speech and Riko’s fear of Sayonaki, Houri finally came up with a bold guess.

I’m afraid that Riko has really lost her freedom and has been kept in a cage by someone in the same way as she was treated like a bitch.

And this person is Sayonaki.


That’s not right.

It should be said that it was a monster hiding under Sayonaki’s mask.

“You are…. Vlad…”

The first to respond to Riko’s full of fear with trembling voice was Aria.

Aria’s eyes widened slightly, and the gun in her hand was pointed at Sayonaki, shouting. “So, you are Vlad!”

Houri asked immediately. “Do you know him?”

“Of course I know him, one of the criminals who made my mother suffer injustice,” Aria replied without any hesitation. “He is the number two person in IU, and in IU, besides the leader, the highest-ranking person is this person, known as Vlad of Infinite Sin!”

But just as Aria’s voice fell, Sayonaki also said.

“Unfortunately, I’m not Vlad, or to be more precise, I’m not Vlad yet.”

“Not Vlad yet?” Aria was completely stunned.

“Then, let me teach you a lesson.” Sayonaki grinned.

“In fact, in this world, there was once a creature that could modify its own genes by sucking blood in order to obtain evolution, that kind of creature is what people know as a vampire.”

“But the aimless blood-sucking makes vampires almost all dead. Only one vampire because of the preference for human blood, get human’s wisdom, with a plan to suck the blood of various creatures, evolved into a strong individual, and finally survived.”

“However, in order to retain his intelligence, this vampire had to continue to feed on human blood, which resulted in the human genes being continuously rewritten into his body.”

“Finally, the vampire is hidden by the human shell, and will only appear when the spirit of the shell generates intense excitement, causing the secretion of a large number of neurotransmitters in the brain.”

Sayonaki said, the smile on his face gradually became ferocious, then said.

“And I, I am the human shell.”

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