Illimitable Until Death v3c220

With the fall of Sayonaki’s words, the surrounding silver wolves began to walk slowly, with a little low growl sound, surrounded Houri and Aria quietly.

“Kuh…!” Aria couldn’t help but take a step back, the gun in her hand didn’t know where to aim.

“Ah… Ah…!” Riko was as if she had completely lost her heart to fight, clutching her shoulders and trembling with fear.

To Riko, Vlad is definitely the equivalent of a psychological shadow.

Now, the fact that the culprit who had imprisoned her for almost her whole life had been hiding around her in human form, and had even stayed in the same school with her, was enough to break Riko.

Under such circumstances, Sayonaki’s expression becomes more and more pleasant.

For this vampire with a human shell, the anxiety on Aria’s face and the fear on Riko’s face was the perfect spice.

“Because I love to see such an expression on a human’s face.”

With such a dark mood, Sayonaki turned his attention to Houri.

As a result, only Houri remained calm and didn’t even look at the surrounding silver wolves, but just gazed at Sayonaki without any fluctuation in his eyes.

“… It’s really worthy to be called S-class Butei, the magician gunner.” Sayonaki smiled in a heartfelt way, and the gun in his hand was raised to Houri, saying. “It seems that you will not feel fear until you see my vampire stance.”

Hearing this, Houri’s brow raised and laughed instead.

“Fear?” Houri said leisurely. “If you have a way to make me feel fear, then I would give you my gratitude, but I don’t think it possible.”

“A vampire?” Houri said with a laugh. “It’s true that I’ve never seen a vampire, but I have seen too many similar things.”

For example, in the world of ‘Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress’, Houri has encountered many bloodthirsty undead monsters.

For example, in the world of ‘God Eater’, Houri also encountered many mysterious creatures stained with human blood just for predation.

What’s more, Houri also killed these monsters with his own hands.

It is not polite to say that, compared with those two worlds, although this world has countless criminals and superhumans, it was much more peaceful.

And living all the way from those two worlds, does Houri still need to be afraid because of an unwarranted existence?

“Instead, you, Sayonaki.” Houri lifted his eyes and looked at Sayonaki, saying. “I finally understand why you have been targeting me so far.”

Sayonaki’s eyes narrowed slightly.

In the presence of such Sayonaki, Houri softly said.

“In your eyes, the value of humans is the genes that can be used for heredity, that’s why you imprisoned Riko because she has the blood of the Lupin family in her body.”

“You, who believe in the supremacy of genetic inheritance, must not have put those people in your eyes, thinking that they are not even qualified to live, living in this world is a waste of natural resources.”

“But in front of such you, I appeared.”

“Because I have neither inherited any excellent bloodlines nor any distinguished background, but as a human being, I have ascended to the throne of S-class Butei and possessed uncommon strength.”

“Therefore, my existence is simply like proving that your theory is simply nonsense. Making you intolerant of my existence, targeting me at every turn, even going so far as to send wolves to attack me, coming here in order to get rid of me, and obliterating me as a person who contradicts your philosophy.”

“In light of this, you are not inexplicably disgusted to my existence, but because my existence is simply getting in the way of your long-held philosophy, making you see me as a thorn in your side.”

“Am I right?” Houri faintly smiled at Sayonaki and said. “Self-deceiving Genetics instructor-sama?”

The smile on Sayonaki’s face completely disappeared, and a gloomy mood appeared in his eyes.

It was clear that Houri had struck a painful chord in Sayonaki’s heart.

But Houri’s calm and composed appearance and sarcastic words gave courage to Aria and Riko.

“That’s right!” Aria turned her muzzle to Sayonaki again and said in her own distinctive baby voice. “The value of humans is not just genes, as Houri’s existence proves, so you are absolutely wrong!”

“It’s not just genes…” Riko’s body no longer trembled, and looked at Houri, unable to stop murmuring. “It’s not just genes… it’s not just genes…”

But in the face of this situation, Sayonaki also smiled abruptly.

“No, the value of humans is genes. Just like domestic animals, only good breeds are welcomed, and crossbreeding is filth that makes people want to vomit when they look at it.”

“It’s just that in the crossbreed, there are occasionally one or two good-selling individuals, Houri-san, you are one of them.”

Sayonaki put away the gun in his hand, and the smile on his face gradually became cold.

“However, a hybrid is still a hybrid. If you think you can be promoted to a good breed just because you look good, you are dreaming.”

“Even if you sell well, you still can’t cross the limit brought by inferior genes after all, and can’t challenge the existence of a higher class.”

“Now, let me prove it.”

“In the name of Count Dracula and Vlad the Infinite Sin.”

After saying that, Sayonaki actually pointed the muzzle in his hand at his temple.

“As I just said, Vlad will only appear when my spirit is particularly excited and a large amount of conduction substance is secreted in my brain.”

“However, over the long years, I had long since become accustomed to all sorts of stimuli, making myself unable to secrete enough nerve-conducting substances.”

“It was at this time that a clan came into my view.”

“That clan, the Tohyama clan.”

Hearing this, Houri was suddenly reminded.

Isn’t the Tohyama clan’s Hysteria mode the physique that allows them to secrete a large amount of brain-conducting substances?

“Vampires are the ones who can rewrite blood genes, and I have successfully rewritten this gene.” Sayonaki’s voice rang out clearly.

“The Hysteria savant syndrome is a power derived from the instinct to reproduce offspring.”

“And no matter which individual, this instinct will be stimulated when falling into a dying state.”

“In other words, the Hysteria savant syndrome can also be triggered by entering a state of dying.”

Saying this, Sayonaki pulled the trigger of the gun in his hand.

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