Illimitable Until Death v3c221


The loud gunshot sound was extremely unexpected to pass out on the deck.

This time, however, it was accompanied by a splash of blood.

In front of Houri, Aria and Riko, Sayonaki sent a bullet into his head, causing blood to flow out of his temple like a fountain.

Sayonaki, who was staggering from the impact of the bullet, stopped strangely, like a puppet with a broken string, his entire upper body hung down.



Around them, as if sensing something, one silver wolf after another howled, their voices filled with submission and excitement.

In the next second, Sayonaki’s body suddenly expanded.


The tight dress was split.


The expensive fabric spilled out all around.

Sayonaki’s entire body swelled up, muscles bulging out one by one, and body hair starting to grow gradually.

When Sayonaki raised his head and opened his eyes, the pair of eyes had become beast-like, and the fangs were slowly poking out of his mouth.

It didn’t take long for Sayonaki to completely transform.

Transform into a monster.

The hair on his body was black in color.

Standing taller than two meters.

The muscles were as tall as iron.

The fangs were like sharp blades flashing cold lights.

Patterns resembling eyes appeared on several parts of the monster’s body.

At this moment, Sayonaki completely transformed into a tall werewolf.

Looking at the incomparably tall werewolf, Riko’s eyes were wide open, and the most fundamental fear came out of her eyes.

Even Aria, at this time, could not help but grit her teeth and said with a low voice.


In the history of Romania, the vampire known as Count Dracula, the number two figure of IU.

Now, finally, it was appearing in front of everyone.



The surrounding silver wolves finally bowed their noble heads with howls in the direction of Vlad.

And Vlad let out a howl.


The terrifying growl sound turned into a substantial wave of sound, like a fierce wind, blowing across the deck and attacking the surroundings.


Aria and Riko both let out a wailing sound at the same time, and their petite bodies were blown away by the sound wave of the gale, turning them into rolling gourds, rolling several times on the deck before finally stopping.

Even the silver wolves around, under that substantial growl sound, were blown away and smashed on the deck or hit the guardrail one after another.

In the end, only Houri was left to stop in the gale-like sound wave, looking at the wolves who kept growling and sighed.

“So noisy.”

Voice fallen.


At the sound of the gunshot, a flash of light burst out in front of Houri’s body, and the invisible bullet, which could not be caught by the naked eye, turned into a sharp blade and shot violently in Vlad’s direction.


The bullet penetrated Vlad’s mouth, causing blood to splash up again and stain the deck red.

The growling sound, which was enough to become a sound wave, came to a screeching halt.

But Houri didn’t stop there.

Bang Bang–!

Under the sound of continuous gunfire, a flash of light appeared in front of Houri’s body one after another, causing a round of bullets to break through the night sky, enveloping the front and landing completely on Vlad’s body.

Puchi– Puchi– Puchi–!

Vlad’s body was penetrated by bullets one after another.

However, before that, Vlad’s head was already raised, and a pair of beast-like pupils bloomed with a fierce light.

In his mouth, the wound that had been penetrated had disappeared in a puff of red smoke.

“Wha…?!” Seeing this scene with her own eyes, Aria, who had struggled to get up from the deck, could not help but be shocked.

“No…” Riko, who seemed unable to get up any longer, lay on the ground and said with difficulty. “Vlad has an undying body, there is no way to kill it…”

As Riko said, Vlad’s wounds gradually emitted red smoke, discharging the bullets that had entered his body and recovering rapidly.

Like the legendary vampire, it will quickly recover even if wounded.

“A special weapon must be used to defeat him!” Aria said this almost by intuition.

“Garlic, sunlight and silver weapons, these are the vampire’s weaknesses!”

However, just as Aria had fallen, a sarcastic laugh rang out.

“Weaknesses? That no longer exists in my body!”

The person who said that was Vlad.

Unlike the magnetic voice of the Sayonaki, Vlad’s voice is a low, husky voice that is frightening in its vampire form.

“After hundreds of years of rewriting human genes and collecting a lot of good blood in the human form of Sayonaki, I now have the abilities of hundreds of great men in history without any weaknesses!” Vlad growled loudly.

“That’s right, now I’m truly undying!”

With such a growl sound, Vlad stepped on the deck.


The strong and powerful soles of his feet landed heavily on the deck, crushing the fragile deck.

With a furious stride, the tall werewolf rushed towards Houri’s direction.

In an instant, the deck shook frequently under the trampling of the berserk werewolf.

Each of Vlad’s footsteps caused the landing spot to completely shatter and crumble down into one pothole after another.

In the blink of an eye, Vlad rushed to Houri’s front, raised a thick arm, and blasted heavily in Houri’s direction.


An amazing whistling sound resounded.

That was the wind of the punch.

Vlad’s fist, where it passed, turned the whistling wind into a vortex, like a heavy hammer, and smashed into Houri in front of him.

Looking at the momentum, it is not difficult to imagine how amazing the damage will be once it is hit.

The vampire’s undying nature and the physical ability that comes from drawing on hundreds of excellent genes have allowed Vlad’s strength to evolve to an inhuman level.

It is not a level of monstrous power, but a destructive blow that can shatter all objects.

In the face of such a blow, Houri seemed to be unable to react and remained still in place.

“Watch out!” Aria cried out in alarm.

“—!” Even Riko could not help but close her eyes and turn away.

None of them could see.

At this moment, Houri’s eyes had already closed.

When it opened again, the pupils turned into an ice blue color, reflecting a cold light.

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