Illimitable Until Death v3c222

At that moment, the world in Houri’s eyes changed.

As if suddenly built from a patchwork of building blocks, the world became ragged.

A crack-like line spreads all over the world, separating all the objects unevenly.

In such a world, the first thing that rushed to Houri’s body was a sense of fear.

The fear of being in a world that could break down at any time, compared to the feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff can be called heaven.

However, this sense of fear could not be transmitted to Houri’s mind.

Because Houri has no fear of death at all.

The next thing that came to Houri’s whole body was the feeling of omnipotence.

Because Houri only needs to gently cut the crack-like line in front of him, then all those objects will perish in front of him.

So, weapons are necessary.


In a small sound that only Houri could hear, the crescent moon-like dagger flashed in his hand and was held tightly by Houri.

The ice blue mystic eyes were slowly raised and gazed at the werewolf who was snarling and throwing down thick fists at his body.

“Undying body?”

That’s not for Vlad to decide.

Of course, it wasn’t for Houri to decide either.

“It’s up to these eyes.”

After all, these are the mystic eyes that look death in the eye.

“If this pair of eyes cannot see your death, then you are really undying.”

On the contrary, that is no different from a human being.

So, is the monster in front of him immortal?

The answer is naturally no.

“Obviously it’s that clear.”

That’s right.

It was so clear.

The crack-like lines that represent death are clearly spread all over Vlad’s body.






The line of death, clearly spread across Vlad’s body.

Although it was the death of a vampire he had never seen before, Houri understood his death almost instantly.

For Houri, who has a soul that can instantly record the death of things he has seen, the vampire in front of him is not immortal.

Then, there was only one fate left for his opponent.

That is…


His figure disappeared from the scene.

The sharp dagger was instantly turned into a flash in Houri’s hand.

At this moment, countless flashes of light intertwined into a deadly and destructive sword formation, allowing a flash of light to appear in front of Vlad’s body and move across the front.

Each flash was a strike.

Each flash was a fatal blow.

Now, the numerous strikes that were unleashed in almost the same second, enveloped Vlad.

“Flash Sheath Lost Prison Shramana…”

The next second, countless blade light sword shadows fell on Vlad’s body.

Puchi Puchi Puchi Puchi Puchi–!

Numerous tearing sounds resounded.


The tall and incomparable werewolf groaned in pain.

This second, as if there are countless knives cutting through Vlad’s body so that Vlad’s whole body was viciously sliced, bringing up large blood.

By the time the blade light all disappeared, Vlad had become scarred and covered with ferocious wounds, leaving no inch of intact skin.

It was only then that Houri, as if out of nowhere, turned his back on Vlad and slowly floated down from Vlad’s back, landing on the ground.

The whole room, suddenly quiet.

Looking at the back-to-back and standing opposite each other, the one holding a blood-dripping dagger, a bruised and battered Houri and Vlad, Aria and Riko’s eyes were both shocked.

Immediately, Vlad moved.

As if blown down by the wind, Vlad slowly fell to the ground.

A pool of blood bloomed beneath him.

“Thi-this is…” Aria’s mouth was wide open, unable to react for half a day.

“Vlad… was knocked down?” Riko was even more frozen on the spot.

As if he didn’t notice Aria and Riko’s shock, Houri turned around and looked at Vlad who was on the ground.

There, Vlad’s entire body began to shrink, his fangs disappeared, his body hair dissipated, and eventually, he reverted to his human form, leaving Sayonaki in a pool of blood.

“You should be glad I’m Butei now.”

Houri glanced at Sayonaki, who was lying in a pool of blood and simply said.

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t be as simple as killing your vampire form.”

So, Vlad was dead.

The only person left here now is Sayonaki.

This is a very incredible thing.

Even though they are different forms, Sayonaki and Vlad are still the same people after all, and killing Vlad and leaving Sayonaki behind is something that can’t be explained even by ESP.

However, to be able to do such a thing, that is the death perception mystic eyes.

With death perception mystic eyes, Houri can kill the virus in the human body without harming the body itself.

With death perception mystic eyes, Ryougi Shiki can kill the disease in the human body without harming the human body itself.

This is because they are targeting the dead line, not the individual, giving the death perception mystic eyes a specific focus.

As said previously, theoretically, death perception mystic eyes can kill everything.

But first, one has to understand the ‘death’ of the object to kill it.

As long as it can be understood, then any living thing can be killed.

Even if it is God, even if it is the world, it is the same.

In other words, the object that death perception mystic eyes can kill depends mainly on whether the mystic eyes user can understand the death of the object.

If you can understand, then you can kill anything.

If you can not understand, then even an ant can not be killed.

Houri naturally is not yet powerful enough to understand the death of God and the world.

However, if it is just a vampire, Houri can still kill it.

Therefore, Houri only killed Vlad and let Sayonaki live.

In this way, Houri did not violate the Butei law, the title he was wearing would not be invalidated, and even Main Mission 4, which is to arrest inhuman criminals, could be successfully completed.

“Of course, from now on, there will be no more Vlad in the world, and you will no longer be able to take on the form of a vampire, so you will live on with the human shell you despise.”

“In a prison that will never see the light of day.”

With these words, Houri shook the dagger in his hand, throwing the drops of blood on the dagger to the ground.

That scene seems so natural in the eyes of Aria and Riko.

At this moment, both Aria and Riko, have a feeling.

That is, the man in front of them is best matched with blood.


It’s pure nonsense.

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