Illimitable Until Death v3c223

The tanker hijacking ended successfully.

After that, the Butei Bureau and the Police Department sent a rescue helicopter to the location of the tanker at the notice of Reki.

At that time, the tanker was already heading back towards Gakuen island.

The speedboats with submachine guns all followed behind, unmanned and remotely controlled, back to Gakuen island.

In other words, this incident, for the people on the tanker, can only be considered a frightening experience.

Houri and Aria, who had infiltrated the tanker beforehand, were not rewarded, but rather condemned.

After learning the whole story, the famous people on the tanker condemned Houri and Aria for not informing the organizers in advance and canceling the party, and putting them in danger.

However, when confronted with the situation, Aria directly declared.

“The warning letter has been sent to the organizer’s residence. But unfortunately, the organizer did not take it to heart, so if you intend to pursue responsibility, it is your own fault!”

In fact, Houri had asked Aria to send a warning letter three days earlier when he learned that the tanker was being targeted by Butei killer.

But as Aria said, the organizers didn’t even care.

And rightly so.

Without any evidence, it was not convincing to ask them to cancel an expensive ball for the upper classes that had already been scheduled.

Unfortunately, Aria did send a warning letter, but the organizers did not take it to heart.

In this way, the responsibility can only fall on the public figure itself.

Now, the public figures have nothing to say.

If it was just an ordinary Butei, then the public figures with some power had the means to deal with it, so that the Butei who could not prevent them from being in danger became the object of their anger.

However, Aria was a British aristocrat, and the foreign ministry could not let her become the target of the public figures in the country.

As a result, the group upper classes not only had to swallow their bitterness but also had to pay an objective fee for the fact that they were saved by Houri and Aria.

These people are all-powerful people in various fields, who have nothing but money.

Plus a lot of people, this payment adds up, really enough to make any rich and powerful people drool.

The British aristocrat ojou-sama was in a very good mood because of Vlad’s capture, she directly waved her hand and let the money be transferred to Houri’s account, resulting in several more zeros in Houri’s account instantly.

In other words, this time, Houri gained a large amount of money, while Aria caught a big fish, finally allowing her mother’s sentence to be reduced, and the outcome of the trial was also reopened.

As for Riko, she was admitted to the hospital under Houri’s arrangement.

“Let me talk to Riko for now, you can deal with the Butei killer later, okay?”

When Houri told Aria this, Aria pondered for a while and then agreed.

“Although the Butei Killer has also put my mother on the hook, since Vlad has been caught, I’ll put Riko’s matter aside for now.”

“Besides, that child seems to be quite pitiful, so you should talk to her.”

With these words, Aria left the hospital to contact her lawyer and deal with her mother’s affairs.

With that in mind, Houri went to Riko’s hospital room.


At the sound of the door opening, Houri opened the door of the ward and walked into the individual ward.

It was a rather spacious ward.

On the bed, Riko was sitting on the bed in her hospital gown, as if she didn’t notice Houri’s arrival, looking out of the window.

Looking at Riko like this, Houri fell silent.

In fact, Riko was not seriously injured, just a few bullets through the bulletproof uniform, equivalent to a few blows from a metal bar.

As a Butei, who has not been shot by bullets?

Even Houri, during his training in Assault, sometimes received a few stray bullets, let alone Riko.

Therefore, Riko’s injuries were not so severe that she needed to be hospitalized.

However, after Vlad was defeated by Houri, Riko was in a dazed and confused state, which made Aria worried and Houri had to send her to the hospital first.

Thinking about Vlad, Houri took a deep breath and was just about to say something to Riko when Riko suddenly spoke up.

“Do you remember when I said that no one has helped me on my birthday since I was eight years old?”

Houri was immediately stunned.

“Eight years old, that’s when my parents died,” Riko said as if talking to herself. “After that, Vlad came to my house, claiming to be a friend of my parents, and said he wanted to take me in as a foster daughter, so I went with him.”

Houri’s brow creased.

Houri was able to guess that the reason why Vlad had set his eyes on Riko was so that he could get the excellent genes of the Lupin family.

Since this is the case, Riko followed Vlad and left, it would not end well.

Sure enough, Riko’s next words confirmed Houri’s thoughts.

“Vlad is just trying to get my genes, but as Sayonaki said before, I don’t have the ability to inherit my ancestors’ excellence, I’m just a waste in genetics.” Riko turned her back on Houri and said in a voice that was almost inaudible. “In order to obtain excellent genes, Vlad kept me in a cage, intending to use me to breed good pets, using me purely as a tool to produce excellent offspring.”

“For years after that, I stayed in a cage.” Riko picked up the uniform she kept at her bedside and laughed mockingly. “Vlad said that domestic animals do not need clothes, so he did not give me clothes to wear, I had to wear a rag at that time, and just stay like that… like that…”

Hearing this, Houri already sighed in his heart.

That’s why Riko was so keen on pretty and cute clothes, even her uniform was so fluffy and beautiful, right?

“Later, I escaped from Vlad’s cage and joined IU in order to get rid of the waste evaluation. But Vlad immediately chased me to IU, like an evil spirit, didn’t even try to let me go.” Riko bit her lip and said.

“Vlad promised to set me free if I could prove that I had surpassed my great-grandfather and crossed the limits of my genes.”

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