Illimitable Until Death v3c224

Riko’s words made Houri finally understand why she was so obsessed with beating Aria and proving that she could surpass her great-grandfather.

As Riko herself said, it’s all about freedom.

But poor people have their own guilt.

No matter what, Riko is a Butei killer, and has killed many good Butei so far, which is still a crime.

After all, this world is not like the first two Transcript worlds that Houri had experienced, where order collapsed due to the threat of external creatures.

Even though there are many superhumans in the shadows of this world, the law is still in effect.

Houri is not a good person, in the first two worlds also killed many people, his hands are stained with blood, and even the skills and abilities he has learned can be said to exist for the sake of killing.

But that doesn’t mean Houri thinks he’s special.

In fact, in the history of MainGod space, there are many MainGod envoys who were unable to adapt to the difference between each word and did not get out of the environment of the previous world, which eventually led to their own consequences.

Just like Houri, if Houri keeps killing in this world as in the previous two worlds, the final result is definitely to be crushed by those superhuman people who exist to maintain the order of this world and die.

Therefore, in different situations, the response must also be different.

Although Houri is very arbitrary, that does not mean that Houri is second-hand goods without IQ, what method should be used to better survive in this world and to obtain benefits, Houri knows very well.

In the words of MainGod space, the nature of MainGod envoy is very simple.

“We are transmigrators, but not transcendent.”

Therefore, if you think you can do whatever you want just because you know everything about the Transcript world, you will never end up in a good place.

In this case, Riko naturally had to pay the price for what she had done.

Perhaps she guessed what Houri was thinking, Riko turned her head, looked straight at Houri and said.

“I have not killed anyone, this statement of being a Butei killer is wrong.”

Hearing this, Houri raised his head and looked at Riko with shock in his eyes.

Didn’t kill anyone?

That’s not right, is it?

The good Butei who disappeared because of the Butei killer is almost always recorded and reported in the news, right?

If Riko didn’t kill anyone, then where did they all go?

Thinking about this, Houri’s mind suddenly flashed with thought and muttered.


Houri’s words were clearly heard by Riko.

“You guessed it right away.” Riko sighed and said. “Do you know what kind of organization IU is?”

“I’ve heard Aria talk about it a little,” Houri said. “It’s said to be a terrorist organization that is feared by all major countries, right?”

“Not exactly.” Riko shook her head and said. “It is true that there are many lawless people in the IU, but in the beginning, the IU was really just a breeding institution.”

“In the second world war, the two Axis countries, Japan and Germany, created a superhuman breeding institution in order to win the battle.” Riko’s voice unconsciously began to lower, as if saying something taboo, said with a lower voice. “It was originally a superhuman corps, but after the end of World War II and the defeat of the Axis powers, the original members relied on the submarine to escape, and after that, according to its special philosophy, the IU has existed for the purpose of nurturing human resources.”

“In the IU, all of us exchange our special skills, share our abilities and improve our power, and in this way, an endless number of superhumans have been cultivated from generation to generation.” Riko looked at Houri and continued. “For their own improvement, everyone in IU wants more superhumans to join in and share their abilities.”

However, under such circumstances, IU’s power became stronger and stronger, and because it was free from the restrictions of the state, there was no order, so naturally it gradually became lawless.

“As a result, in order to improve themselves and the organization, IU began to collect talented people, even those with judicial ties like Butei, as long as they have special powers, they will want to absorb,” Riko said. “However, Butei will not easily join a lawless organization, in that case, the only way to recruit as companions is by kidnapping, and only when it does not go well, it will be killed.”

In other words, those Butei who were thought to have been killed by the Butei killer in the past were not really dead but were all kidnapped by Riko and brought into the IU.

“No wonder even the major countries are afraid of this organization,” Houri said in amazement. “If it’s an organization that doesn’t care about enemies, and can recruit anyone for the sake of mutual promotion, and whose members are all terrifying beings beyond human, then indeed anyone would be in fear.”

“That’s why I joined IU.” Riko lowered her head and said softly. “If it is in such an organization, learning all kinds of superhuman skills, then I will be able to defeat Vlad.”

Unfortunately, Vlad also joined IU and became the number two person in the IU. While Riko was improving her strength, the vampire also absorbed the genes of various great people in the organization in his own way, so that his power was also improved.

“However, the current Vlad has been defeated by you.” Riko looked at Houri with a somewhat complicated gaze.

“From now on, Vlad won’t even appear in my life anymore.”

In other words, Riko has been set free.

It can only be said that Vlad’s luck is really bad, who can’t help but offend Houri.

With death perception mystic eyes, Houri is this vampire’s greatest nemesis.

At this point, Riko suddenly looked at Houri with a serious expression and said.

“In fact, this time it’s not just me, there are also people in IU who are out to kidnap the famous ESP user and specifically pick this time period when you are not around the target.”

This statement made Houri’s heart begin to have a sense of foreboding.

The next thing Riko did was to make Houri’s bad feelings come true.

“The other party’s goal is the top student of Butei High Supernatural Selective Research.”

“–Hotogi Shirayuki.”

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