Illimitable Until Death v3c225

In the corridor of the hospital, Houri leaned against the wall and pressed the phone to his ear, only to be greeted by a busy tone echoing in his ear.

After a moment, Houri hangs up and closes the phone, but with a more or less unsightly expression.


The face of that gentle shoujo of Yamato Nadeshiko came to mind, and Houri finally had to admit that Shirayuki had been kidnapped.

Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible for Shirayuki not to answer Houri’s phone calls.

“No wonder I haven’t received many SMS from Shirayuki since recently…”

If it was in the past, Shirayuki would send SMS to Houri almost every day, and she would not stop until the number of SMS that Houri’s phone could receive was full.

Previously, during the bus hijacking incident, Shirayuki also sent an SMS to make Houri realize that the bomb might explode, and only then did he use an invisible bullet to bounce the bomb from Aria’s hand.

However, in the last few days, Shirayuki basically did not send any SMS, and yesterday there was not even a single SMS.

Houri thought that Shirayuki was busy with training and that’s why she didn’t bother him.

Now it seems that Shirayuki is probably in trouble.


Houri’s hand holding the cell phone strongly.


With a crisp sound, the fragile phone was shattered in Houri’s hand.

At the same time, Riko, dressed in a hospital gown, came out of the hospital room, looked at Houri leaning against the wall, and then looked at the broken phone in his hand and said. “It looks like Durandal has succeeded.”

“Durandal?” Houri turned his gaze to Riko and said. “So, Durandal is a member of IU?”

Houri had heard of this name.

Because it was a famous urban legend.

It was said that there was a person who had been secretly kidnapping various ESP-possessing beings.

This person is Durandal.

Since no one has ever seen Durandal with their own eyes, this person is considered to be an urban legend by anyone.

It now appears that Durandal really exists.

Moreover, this Durandal is also a member of IU, who kidnapped Shirayuki while Houri was not with her.

“Because Durandal is a tactician, not a fighter, who thought it’s unlikely to succeed get near the target with magician gunner, then naturally have to do it when you’re not around.” Riko met Houri’s gaze and said. “From this time period, Durandal should take the target back to IU, I’m afraid Hotoki Shirayuki would never come back.”

Hearing this, Houri closed his eyes.

A moment later, Houri reopened his eyes, looked at Riko, and said.

“Tell me how to get to IU.”

“Wha-what?” Riko was stunned, then surprised and startled. “Do you want to go to IU to save Hotoki Shirayuki?”

Houri didn’t answer, just looked at Riko and expressed his voice silently.

“Impossible,” Riko said directly, without thinking. “Even if you can defeat Vlad, it’s impossible to save someone from IU. There are too many people stronger than me, and there is also the professor, you can’t succeed.”

“Professor?” Houri ignored Riko’s statement and picked out a keyword in Riko’s words.

“The professor is the current leader of IU.” Riko also did not hide, or at this point, it is useless to hide, simply reveal it, said. “The reason why Vlad is only No.2 is because he can’t beat the professor, that person is too scary.”

Saying this, Riko’s eyes not only emerged with a fearful look but also a somewhat complicated look.

But, anyone would agree with Riko’s words.

What is IU?

It is a terrible organization that has been cultivating superhuman since the second world war, and is still fulfilling this philosophy.

Nowadays, there are many superhumans in this organization, and there is even an existence that can defeat Vlad, so it can imagine how terrible the power of this organization is.

Although Houri easily defeated Vlad, it was because Houri firmly restrained Vlad.

In IU, the current leader defeated Vlad, who has an undying body, without any restraint, which is a clear indication of the strength.

In addition to the many superhumans, Houri alone to save Shirayuki?

I’m afraid, by then, even Houri can not come back.

But that didn’t matter to Houri.

So what if it’s dangerous?

He has been through a lot of danger, isn’t he?

Anyway, after a year of semi-peaceful life in this world, it’s time to take a risk.

At least, for the shoujo who has always taken care of himself with all her heart and soul, he would rescue her even with the cost of his own life.

At that moment, Houri did not say anything more, just looked at Riko, his eyes was calm as always.

Looking at this Houri, Riko opened her mouth, but in the end was not able to say anything, lowered her head and said softly. “It seems that Shirayuki is very important to you.”

Houri smiled faintly and said. “Because, that girl is one of the few friends I have in this world.”

“Few?” Riko was slightly stunned.

“Yeah, few.” Houri glanced at Riko and said without much care.

“So do you.”

Hearing this, Riko was really stunned.

The next second, Riko’s face was finally a smile once again.

That smile, just like before, i.e. cheerful and lively.

“Riko is really satisfied to hear you say this, Riri.”

Saying this, Riko brought her petite body to Houri’s side, and her mouth to Houri’s ear, and slowly spoke out in a voice with a burning breath.

“Riko will send all the information Riri wants to your computer.”

“So, don’t forget to pay Riko for the information when you get back.”

“Riko won’t let you go if you don’t pay it back.”

Leaving these words, Riko turned around and went straight back to the ward.

Houri knew that Riko did not want to create unnecessary hesitation.

Because if she did so, she would be betraying IU.

However, Houri also had no more energy to say anything else.

Because the system prompt also sounded in his head.

“No. 11273 A Rank Side Mission triggered: Attack superhuman breeding facility.”

“Mission content: Invade the IU’s headquarter and defeat the IU’s current leader.”

“Mission reward: 20,000 CP.”

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