Illimitable Until Death v3c226

After leaving the hospital, Houri immediately went back to his dormitory and opened his laptop.


Almost at the same time Houri opened his laptop, an email came in, causing the computer to emit a pleasant prompt.

Houri immediately clicked on the email.

However, the imagined information did not appear in the email.

What appeared in the e-mail was a slideshow.

In the slideshow, a cartoon character who looks like Riko is dancing and singing at the same time.

The appearance, the voice, all of them are the same as Riko.

“This is really…”

For a moment, Houri was also a bit dumbfounded.

He was already prepared to see some amazing information, but he didn’t expect to see something like this after opening the computer.

“Is this Riko’s own creation?”

It’s really Riko’s style.

Riko is very fond of this kind of anime and cartoon elements and even loves to play bishoujo games, in short, she is a fujoshi.

Of course, it’s no surprise that she knows how to make such a slideshow.

“It’s not bad, but this isn’t the time for this, is it?”

Houri was a bit confused.

At this point, even Riko should know that he is serious and wouldn’t send this kind of stuff to blow him off, right?

While Houri was wondering, a cartoon of Riko singing and dancing came into Houri’s eyes in the slideshow.

In a flash, Houri’s heart moved.

“Could it be about that?”

Houri finally remembered.

In the past, Riko once softly asked Houri to play a game with her.

It was a dance game.

In this game, the dance steps are not performed by manipulating the character, but by tapping the letters.

Each letter is a fixed dance step.

And what the player needs to do is to manipulate the keyboard to make the letters edit at the beginning of the music, so that the dance steps are established and the game character dances.

Eventually, the player who can keep dancing until the end of the music would then get scores, and the party with the highest score is considered the winner.

There is no doubt that it is a very laborious game.

Not only did the player need to remember which letter of the alphabet could be used to perform that dance step, but also need to memorized letters to edit the dance with the random music.

At that time, Riko bullied Houri for not knowing the rules and kept brutalizing Houri in various disguises and eventually angered Houri. After going home that day, he thoroughly studied the rules of the game and then memorized the order of the letters and dance steps with the intention of getting revenge the next day.

Unfortunately, even though Houri remembered the letters and the corresponding dance steps, he was still no match for Riko, the fujoshi.

However, the rules of the game at that time were completely memorized by Houri.

Now, the slideshow Riko sent included a dance step that kept repeating itself.

“If these steps are translated into the letters of the game, can the letters form useful information?”

With this in mind, Houri immediately took a pen and paper from the table and translated the dance steps in the slideshow into the corresponding letters he had written down.

About ten minutes later, Houri looked at the paper in his hand and the corners of his mouth slowly raised.

“This Riko, she’s really like to have fun…”

On the paper in Houri’s hand, the letters had formed useful information.

“Is this French?”

After all, Arsene Lupin was French, and as his great-granddaughter, Riko was also half French.

“And the information is not over yet.”

Riko was probably really planning to tell Houri everything she knew, and there was more than one email sent to Houri’s computer.

Each one of those emails had a slideshow.

Riko was probably really planning to tell Houri all the information she knew, and there was more than one email sent to Houri’s computer.

Each one of those emails had a slideshow.

If all of them were translated, Houri would have a lot of work to do.

“But it’s also safer this way.”

Anymore, Riko was passing on information about a secret society that even the major countries of the world had to be afraid of.

It would be too risky to carelessly send it by mail.

At that moment, Houri clicked on the next slideshow and continued to translate.

In this translation, Houri directly translated the whole day.

It was only in the evening when Houri finished translating that Aria barged into Houri’s room and saw a copy of Houri’s information piled up on the table.

“This… This is all IU’s information?”

Looking at the information in her hands, Aria was really stunned.

“Don’t tell anyone.” Houri put all the information together and reminded. “If IU’s people know that Riko sold them out, then Riko will be in big trouble.”

“What about yourself?” Aria said with a serious expression and some concern. “If the people of this country know that you have secretly collected so much information about IU, you will definitely be targeted as well.”

“Let’s wait until they are on my back.” Houri pursed his lips, stood up, and said to Aria. “In short, I’ll go and make preparations, you just stay at home honestly.”

After saying that, Houri was just about to leave when Aria grabbed his clothes.

“Are you really going to break into IU’s headquarter?”

Aria looked at Houri with an unprecedentedly serious expression.

However, Houri was also not likely to back down.

“I’ve made up my mind.” Houri met Aria’s gaze without flinching and said. “Don’t stop me.”

Aria was silent for a moment.

After a long time, Aria, as if she had given up on something, returned to her carefree expression and said this to Houri.

“In that case, I’ll come with you.”

“Come with me?” Houri was immediately stunned.

“It’s a good opportunity,” Aria said unceremoniously as if she had made up her mind. “IU’s people have caused my mother to bear so many crimes, this time I’ll arrest them all, clear my mother’s name and set her free.”

“You told me not to stop you, right? Then you don’t stop me either!” Aria’s scarlet eyes sparkled with determination and she said word by word.

“We’re partners.”

This time, it was Houri’s turn to be silent.

Half a long time later, Houri said. “This time, our enemy is not a certain criminal, but a whole criminal organization, in which every person has the power to rival Riko, or even surpass Riko?”

“It’s okay,” Aria said with a meaningful smile on her lovely face. “I’ll be ready to play my trump card too.”

“Trump card?” Houri didn’t know exactly what Aria was talking about.

However, since Aria also had her own reasons, Houri had no right to stop her.

With that, the attackers were set.

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