Illimitable Until Death v3c227

According to the information given by Riko, IU’s headquarter is actually a nuclear submarine.

This nuclear submarine is always moving in the sea, so no one can clearly grasp its location.

However, in order to allow IU members to return, the submarine releases a secret signal every once in a while to let those who receive the signal know the location of the headquarter.

Since the signal is different every time, the IU members must always keep in touch with the headquarter and know from the headquarter the form of the brand new signal.

Now, Riko, the Butei killer, has lost to Houri.

Therefore, it is no longer possible for IU to communicate with Riko and tell her about the new signal.

So, before IU can replace the new signal, Houri has to leave. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to find IU’s location.

However, IU is in the sea and a submarine.

Therefore, Houri had to prepare the transportation.

Knowing this, Aria drops a sentence straight away.

“I’ll take care of it.”

After saying that, Aria then left directly.

Although the reasoning ability is not good, Aria’s motor ability has always been superior.

The matter should be left to Aria without much problem.

In view of this, Houri began to make other preparations.

“Is it finally here?”

In the dormitory room, Houri was sitting in front of the sofa, looking at the table in front of him.

On the table, an object that looked like a chalk box was resting on it.

Houri reached out his hand and opened the lid of the box.

In the next second, the scene inside the box was exposed to Houri’s view.

Inside the box, a round of bullets is neatly arranged.

This box contains a magazine.

However, the bullets in the box were not ordinary bullets, but colorful bullets of all kinds.

“Is this the D-A-L?”


The full name is Detective Armed Lethal.

The common name, Butei bullet.

It is a kind of bullet with many special functions, and only bullet craftsmen with special skills can make it, so the quantity is small and the price is high, only circulates among the top tier Butei.

At this time, such a round of bullets containing special functions was placed in front of Houri and was neatly placed in the magazine.

“This stuff is so expensive …”

Even a single round of Butei bullet, without a million yen, is absolutely impossible to get.

So, in order to get these Butei bullets, Houri spent all of his savings.

Without the payoff from the tanker hijacking, Houri would not have been able to get his hands on these Butei bullets.

What’s more, these are bullets circulating among top-tier Butei, so without being an S-class Butei, even if you have money, you can’t buy them.

At that moment, Houri took out the Butei bullet from the magazine and used the MainGod space function to transmit the bullet’s effect information into his brain.

Blast bullet: When used, it produces a violent explosion, which is powerful enough to rival anti-tank rocket launchers.

Flash bullet: When used, it produces a strong flash of light that takes away the vision of people in the surrounding area.

Flame bullet: When used, it produces a fierce flame that covers a 30-meter diameter area centered on the bullet.

Sound bullet: When used, it produces ear-piercing sound waves, causing the eardrums of the surrounding area to suffer excessive vibrations.

In addition to these bullets, there are other bullets with special effects.

Each kind of bullet with different effects, the color will be different. The effects can be easily distinguished by remembering the color.

In this regard, Houri only wants to say.

“Really good stuff.”

After all, what Houri lacks most is a ranged attack.

If he used these Butei bullets, it would make up for that to some extent.

“If only they weren’t so expensive.”

Houri thought, somewhat greedily.

At that moment, Houri’s newly purchased cell phone suddenly rang.

Houri back to his senses picked up the phone and looked at the caller ID.

“Kinji?” Houri was slightly surprised.

The caller was none other than Tohyama Kinji.

Houri picked up the phone and said, somewhat jokingly. “It’s really strange, Kinji, that you would call me.”

This is not a casual remark.

Although he has known Tohyama Kinji for a year, it can be counted on five fingers for how many times he has called Houri.

That’s why Houri would poke fun at him.

However, at the end of Houri’s sentence, there was no response from the other end of the phone.

It was only after a while that Tohyama Kinji’s voice rang out from the phone.

“I’m at Empty island, come over here.”

After leaving this sentence, Tohyama Kinji hung up the phone.

Listening to the busy tone coming from the phone, Houri was puzzled.

“What the hell?”

With this confusion, Houri got up from the sofa, put the magazine full of Butei bullet into the bracelet space, and went out of the room.

The shape of Gakuen island is like a runway, two kilometers long and 500 meters wide, which is quite strange for an artificial floating island.

This is because Gakuen island was originally built as a taxiway for the airport, but it was later abandoned and transformed into an academy base by Butei High for the cultivation of Butei.

On the other side of Gakuen island, there is another artificial floating island of the same size, like a twin.

The artificial floating island is usually used as an open space for special training by Butei High and is therefore also called Empty island.

The place where Houri was appointed to meet with Tohyama Kinji was this Empty island.

“Why did he choose to meet here?”

With such doubts, Houri came to Empty island and walked slowly along the large wind turbines set up on both sides of the road.

Until a certain moment, Houri only saw it.

In front of the open space, Tohyama Kinji was standing there in his uniform, looking in Houri’s direction.

Houri’s footsteps stopped instantly, and his expression began to freeze little by little.

Because the Tohyama Kinji standing in front of him, all of his body released an extraordinary sense of presence, and the eyes were not the usual lazy look, but filled with an excess of light.


“Hysteria mode…”


Houri, who had faced such a Tohyama Kinji not for the first time, knew it clearly.

Tohyama Kinji had entered Hysteria mode.

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