Illimitable Until Death v3c229

With a chi sound, the blown Glock that festering muzzle, smoke began to float up and was blown away by the wind.

Houri looked at the destroyed gun in his hand and was speechless for a while.

As Tohyama Kinji said, in the Assault Division, the two had fought against each other a lot.

At that time, Tohyama Kinji had lost many times to Houri’s invisible bullet.

To this day, Tohyama Kinji quit Assault Division and joined Inquesta, not only learned the invisible bullet but also developed Mirror, an offensive and defensive move.

This makes Houri realize.

In this year, not only himself, but Tohyama Kinji has also become much stronger.

Even if it was a strength that could only occur in Hysteria mode.


“Now that you’ve become so strong…” Houri looked out in the direction of Tohyama Kinji and said. “So, what are you still confused about?”

Hearing this, Tohyama Kinji said with a self-deprecating smile. “Even if I am strong, I can’t be stronger than Nii-san.”

“Your Nii-san?” Houri asked with a frown. “What the hell is going on?”

“… It has nothing to do with you.” Tohyama Kinji took a deep breath, looked back at Houri, and said. “Anyway, you’ll stay here tonight and don’t try to leave.”

“Is that so?” Houri let out a sigh, followed by an indifferent smile. “You don’t think that because you cracked the invisible bullet and destroyed my gun, I’ve lost my fighting ability, do you?”

Hearing this, Tohyama Kinji’s heart tightened.

“I said that a year ago during the entrance exam,” Houri said. “Just because I don’t have a weapon doesn’t mean I can’t fight.”

Houri suddenly disappeared into thin air.


Tohyama Kinji reacted instantly.

However, Tohyama Kinji did not hesitate, pointed the Beretta in his hand steeply at the ground, and pulled the trigger with determination.

Bang Bang–!

Tohyama Kinji kept pulling the trigger and under the sound of continuous gunfire, causing the muzzle to erupt with a strong muzzle fire.

A round of bullets was shot to the ground, and then with a clanking sound, turned into a ricochet and bounced around.

The bullets that bounced around once again met each other and bounced off each other in a clash.

In such a situation, the bullets actually wove around Tohyama Kinji’s body to form a curtain of bullets that flew at great speed and surrounded Tohyama Kinji firmly inside.

No, that’s not an encirclement, but protection.


As if countless bullets were flying around Tohyama Kinji, Tohyama Kinji was completely protected by the bullet screen formed by the bullets.

Houri, who was rushing towards Tohyama Kinji with great speed and was about to take Tohyama Kinji down like he did during the entrance exam, stopped in his tracks and his body appeared at Tohyama Kinji’s side.

Tohyama Kinji immediately aimed his muzzle at Houri.


Without hesitation, Beretta’s trigger was pulled directly by Tohyama Kinji, causing the bullet to fly out, rushing to Houri’s direction through the bullet shield called Billard in an extremely smooth manner.


With a metal-like clash sound, the bullet was deflected by Houri.

The crescent moon-like dagger was finally held in Houri’s hand.

Bang Bang…!

Tohyama Kinji pulled the trigger again, and this time in a two-shot mode, sending two bullets into Houri at the same time.


Houri swung the dagger and deflected the two incoming bullets completely.

But just as Houri was about to counterattack, Tohyama Kinji’s surrounding bullet screen, which was constantly clashing and bouncing, suddenly changed.

That’s because in this Billard, the three bullets that Houri had just bounced off had joined it.

Just like in the entrance exam a year ago, Tohyama Kinji calculated the trajectory of the bullets Houri deflected so that the three bullets were added to the surrounding Billard.

At once, the curtain of bullets with the three new bullets suddenly changed direction under a collision, no longer hovering around Tohyama Kinji’s body, but like a stream of light, cutting through an incredible trajectory and shooting towards Houri’s direction.

The scene of the bullets shot together towards Houri in an irregular trajectory was like a lightning bolt.

“Bullet thunder…”

Under Tohyama Kinji’s voice, the Bullet thunder enveloped Houri and shot Houri’s whole body.

Now, Houri can’t ignore the threat of bullets.

At that moment, Houri stomped on the ground with force, his body retreated, and the dagger in his hand was suddenly lifted.

“Flash Sheath Eight Flower Mirrors…”

The next instant, the dagger in Houri’s hand swung up extremely fast, turning the strikes into a blade light, like a blade light sword shadow, to meet the incoming barrage.

Clank Clank Clank Clank–!

With the crisp clash sound, the dagger and the bullets collided with great speed, making a spark in space.

Houri while retreating like this, while swinging at high speed, deflecting the round of bullets.

By the time the last bullet was deflected by Houri, Houri had withdrawn nearly ten meters away.

This distance allowed Tohyama Kinji to displace Beretta’s empty magazine and replace it with a new, loaded magazine, and the muzzle was directed at Houri.

Invisible bullet.



Bullet thunder.

Tohyama Kinji’s unbelievable gun skills were displayed in his hands, forcing Houri back with his real skills.

Compared to the time of the entrance exam, Tohyama Kinji has really become much stronger.

The reason why Tohyama Kinji has become so strong is probably that 80% of the credit goes to Houri.

“During my year in Assault Division, I didn’t just take a beating as your sparring partner.” Tohyama Kinji’s eyes went straight to Houri and he said to him. “In the beginning, you let me enter Hysteria mode in disguise in order to make me your training partner, and thanks to that, I also got full exercise.”

In Hysteria mode, Tohyama Kinji’s thinking speed is increased to another dimension.

With this speed of thinking, Tohyama Kinji has been able to develop many techniques.

Houri used to try to get Tohyama Kinji to enter Hysteria mode to keep up with him in order to practice with him.

Now, Houri is finally getting what he deserves.

“But I’m not a push-over either…”

With Houri’s words, the Beretta in Tohyama Kinji’s hand suddenly emitted a strange sound.


With a slight sound, the Beretta in Tohyama Kinji’s hand suddenly broke.

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