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Seeing his Beretta’s entire gun body neatly disconnected, Tohyama Kinji finally couldn’t help but show his shocked face.

“When did…?!”

The way the Beretta was broken off neatly, Houri ferociously made a cut on it, right?

But when did that happen?

Tohyama Kinji did not find out at all.

If he concentrates in Hysteria mode, Tohyama Kinji can even see the trajectory of the bullet.

However, when Beretta was sliced, Tohyama Kinji didn’t even notice it, let alone see it.

“Obviously before launching Bullet thunder, Billard has been protecting me, how in the end did he attack the gun?”

Tohyama Kinji immediately reacted to this thought.

“So that was the moment when Billard transformed into Bullet thunder?”

Only at that moment did Houri have a chance to attack.

After that, Houri was forced back by the Bullet thunder and moved away from Tohyama Kinji.

Before the Bullet thunder was unleashed, Houri could not have hit Beretta with Billard’s protection.

So, it could only be in the moment when Billard turned into Bullet thunder.

In that short moment, Houri attacked, and while Tohyama Kinji was concentrating on launching the Bullet thunder, he took the opportunity to wave an extremely fast slash, cutting Beretta.

That slash is called Nanaya.

“Flash Sheath Nanaya…” Houri looked at Tohyama Kinji and said. “That was the fastest strike in the moves I have mastered, even for you, it would end like this if don’t pay special attention.”

“So, here’s the question.” Houri lifted the Moonblade in his hand and said with a faint smile. “What would have happened if I had aimed that blow at your neck instead of Beretta’s?”

This sentence made a chill run through Tohyama Kinji’s heart.


If the slash just now, not for Beretta, but for the neck, then what would be the result?

Simply, Tohyama Kinji’s head would have fallen to the ground.

“So, stop stopping me.” Houri turned the Moonblade in his hand towards Tohyama Kinji, and in a slow tone, said. “I don’t know what happened to you to choose to stand opposite me, but my patience is limited, and I don’t have time to tangle with you now.”

After saying that, Houri then put the Moonblade in his hand back into the space.

Just as Houri was about to leave, Tohyama Kinji, who was silent, suddenly said.

“Even if I don’t have a weapon, that doesn’t mean I can’t fight.” Tohyama Kinji tossed the Beretta out of his hand and looked closely at Houri, saying. “That’s what you said.”

“… Is it?” Houri raised his eyes, looked at Tohyama Kinji and said again. “So, you’re going to stop me here today?”

“Because it’s the only thing I can do.” The confusion in Tohyama Kinji’s eyes had disappeared and was replaced by the unique light of Hysteria mode.

“The Tohyama family is a clan with ‘justice’ at its heart, and for generations, they have been known as allies of justice.”

“To be honest, in this day and age and still call themselves an ally of justice, it really makes people think that there is something wrong with their heads.”

“However, our family is the kind of guy who has had problems with their head for generations, so there are a lot of people who die early.”

“I don’t want to die so soon, so I don’t want to keep being a Butei.”

“But I’m a member of the Tohyama family anyway, so let me at least act for this ‘justice’ word.”

Saying this, Tohyama Kinji pulled out his stance.

It was a stance where he tensed his whole body, clenched his fists and closed them at the waist, like a horse stance.

“That’s…” Houri’s face couldn’t help but condense.

After a year of dealing with Tohyama Kinji, Houri had already had some understanding of the Tohyama clan.

The people of this clan have not only Hysteria mode, but also an extremely sophisticated martial arts heritage.

Like Tohyama Kinji, with the mind under the Hysteria mode, was able to develop such moves as Mirror, Billard and Bullet thunder. The Tohyama family has been passed down for hundreds of years, not only generations of excellent samurai, with the Hysteria mode this trump card, is also the development of the martial arts belonging to this clan.

So, just as the Nanaya clan has the assassination arts that exercise the human body to the extreme, the Tohyama clan also has the secret skill that brings the physical abilities of the Hysteria mode to the extreme.

When Houri heard about this, he once asked Tohyama Kinji to show himself, but he was never able to do so.

Now, is Tohyama Kinji finally willing to use it?

However, just when Houri thought so, Tohyama Kinji denied his suspicions.

“At first, my dad divided the skills of the Tohyama family into two parts and gave them to me and my Nii-san.” Tohyama Kinji said. “Because our personalities are different, Nii-san learned the 48 types of attacks and I learned the 52 types of defenses and counterattacks, so the only move I can use to attack is the one I developed.”

“A body technique that links all parts of the body and accelerates them.” Tohyama Kinji’s stance was slowly pulled back and his gaze was fixed straight on Houri’s body.

“Using the reflex nerves under Hysteria mode, the instantaneous bursts of speed that I am able to deliver are one hundred kilometers for the toes, two hundred kilometers for the knees, three hundred kilometers for the waist and back, five hundred kilometers for the shoulders and elbows, and one hundred kilometers for the wrists.”

“By moving these parts at the same time, even if only for a split second, the sum of the speeds would reach one thousand two hundred and thirty-six kilometers per hour, making my next blow a supersonic one.”

“This blow will cause my arm to suffer great damage, or even directly lose the ability to fight.”

“If you want to leave, then take it next.”

At this moment, the presence of Tohyama Kinji’s body swelled up.

It was as if his entire body became taller.

Feeling that swelling presence, Houri knew that Tohyama Kinji was definitely not pretending.

“In that case…” Houri met Tohyama Kinji’s gaze and declared.

“I’ll take your blow with all my might.”

No obvious posture was struck.

There was no response.

Houri just naturally stood in place, but his presence began to swell with Tohyama Kinji.

The next second, Houri and Tohyama Kinji stepped on the ground at the same time and rushed towards each other at an unprecedented speed.

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