Illimitable Until Death v3c231


In this one moment, a sound like an explosion was heard from Tohyama Kinji’s body.

It was the sonic boom caused by the speed reaching the extreme and breaking the sound barrier.

Tohyama Kinji, who shot out like a bullet, clenched his fist so hard that the speed of his front end exceeded the speed of sound.

The moisture in the air touched the front of the fist that broke the sound barrier, causing the moisture in the air to condense and form a cone of steam that floated around Tohyama Kinji’s arm.

At such extreme speed, Tohyama Kinji’s arm was directly torn apart by the supersonic shockwave, causing blood to fly out and mix with the cone of steam, hovering.

The scene was like a piece of cherry blossom petals fluttering around Tohyama Kinji’s arm, unusually dazzling.

Therefore, this move, named –

“Cherry Blossom!”

With a shout, Tohyama Kinji threw a mortar-like punch.

The punch was so fast that it was impossible to catch.

That punch was so powerful that it could not be overpowered.

Even before it touched, Houri’s skin was stinging under the wind of the punch, as if there was an invisible blade cutting through his body.

Frankly speaking, the power of this punch has more or less exceeded Houri’s expectations.

Houri did not expect that Tohyama Kinji, who had always lived a lazy life with no motivation at all, would still have such a hidden skill.

However, when it comes to the best moves, today’s Houri is also not half as weak as Tohyama Kinji.

For a year, Houri has been practicing his Nanaya assassination arts during his difficult Commissioned Mission.

The Tohyama clan has the skills to bring their strength to the limit in Hysteria mode, and the Nanaya clan also has the killing technique to bring their bodies to the limit.

The use of such assassination arts, with death perception mystic eyes, even the so-called undying body of Count Dracula, still die in Houri’s move, vampire form completely wipe out by Houri.

Now, although Houri did not use death perception mystic eyes, and did not hold Moonblade in his hands, Nanaya assassination arts, in addition to the Flash Sheath representing the ‘arm’ move, there is also the Flash Step representing the ‘foot’ move.

Even without weapons, holders of Nanaya assassination arts are still able to transform into satsujinki and strangle demons with their physical bodies alone.

There is no Tohyama Kinji that striking movement.

There is no beautiful scene like the cherry blossom scattering.

In the face of the terrifying mortar-like approaching blow, Houri’s eyes closed and then snapped open.

“Flash Step Full Moon!”

The whistling wind gathered under Houri’s feet.

Like the light shining from the full moon in the night sky, Houri’s figure turned into a flash of light, like a meteor, moving across the front.

Immediately after, a strike like a stream of light was unleashed under Houri’s feet.

On one side was a supersonic punch with a scattering of cherry blossom.

On the other side was a super speed kick like a descending moonlight.

In the next second, the mortar-like fist and the flowing light-like kick collided in mid-air.


With a thunderbolt roar, a violent shockwave turned into a strong wind, centering on Houri and Tohyama Kinji, and expanding out wildly.

Kacha Kacha Kacha–!

Under the violent shock wave, the solid ground cracked open very crisply, like broken glass, gradually crumbling, making a crack like a spider web.

The shock wave was still sweeping like a gale, so that the surrounding windmills were all driven by the strong wind formed by the shock wave, rotating at high speed.

In the blink of an eye, in the open space where the shock wave was passing, the ground began to tremble slightly, making the dust flying haphazardly.

In that scene, as if a small tornado fell on one of the corners of Empty island, the sound is very powerful.

It didn’t take long before the two figures flew out of the center of the shock wave, rolled to the ground, and very miserably flipped several times before stopping.

The great commotion gradually began to dissipate.

The shock wave gradually disappeared.

The strong wind gradually subsided.

The dust gradually drifted down.

The windmill gradually stilled.

By the time all the commotion disappeared, all that remained was an empty space covered with cobweb cracks.

Across the cracked open space, Houri and Tohyama Kinji seem to return to their original confrontation scene, stopping there in the east and the west.


This is the sound of blood dripping on the ground.

Moreover, such a sound was heard from both Houri’s body and Tohyama Kinji’s body.

The condition of the two men had become very bad.

Houri was on one knee on the ground, not knowing what kind of impact he had received, blood was dripping from the corner of his mouth.

Tohyama Kinji was standing crookedly, one hand was like a tattered rag, the bulletproof sleeve was torn, and the skin on it was as if it had been put into a meat grinder and churned over, becoming miserable, and blood was oozing out.

Houri raised his head and looked across at Tohyama Kinji, who had a badly damaged arm, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and slowly stood up.

Looking at this scene, Tohyama Kinji smile wryly, then said.

“You win.”

Tohyama Kinji was then directly paralyzed on the ground, lying into a large font, pale face panting, his chest keeps on rising and falling.

Houri although feels some tightness in the chest, but the injury is not as serious as Tohyama Kinji.

After all, Tohyama Kinji’s injury was not only the part he suffered during the collision but also the side effects he had to suffer when he launched the cherry blossom.

Therefore, Tohyama Kinji’s injuries are significantly more serious than Houri’s.

In other words, Tohyama Kinji is no longer able to fight.

Houri, on the other hand, is also injured but can still fight.

It was clear who won and who lost.

“Sure enough…” Tohyama Kinji, not knowing if he was relieved or not, laughed spontaneously. “I still can’t win against you.”

“Who told you to quit Assault halfway through.” Houri laughed. “If you had stayed in Assault and trained, maybe it wouldn’t have been so easy for me to beat you.”

At least, that’s the case, and without death perception mystic eyes, Houri is not confident that he can beat Tohyama Kinji with his true strength.

In response, Tohyama Kinji just closed his eyes and turned to Houri and suddenly said.

“You go to Kanzaki-san.”

“My Nii-san want to kill her.”

Those words made Houri’s eyes to freeze.

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