Illimitable Until Death v3c232

“Hu… Hu… Hu…”

The sound of panting echoed in the space, making the air a little warmer.

In one of the abandoned buildings of Gakuen island, Aria knelt on the ground, panting uncontrollably.

The hands holding the two guns were trembling.

The bulletproof uniform on her body is also a bit messy.

At first glance, Aria looked like she had been through strenuous exercise and was physically exhausted.

In fact, if the students of Butei High had seen Aria’s current state, they would have understood.

Aria had not collapsed because of strenuous exercise, but because she had been hit hard by a bullet in her bulletproof uniform and was in a state of intense shock.

In other words, Aria was fighting.

And, still, it had been a while.

At that moment, a voice sounded around.

“Exodus chapter 9 verse 34: As long as we raise our hands to the Lord and pray, thunder will stop and there will be no more hail.”

With the sound of such a voice, a figure came out from the shadows in front of Aria and looked at Aria, who had collapsed on the ground, expressionlessly said.

“Unfortunately, people can’t rely on God to save them, they still have to rely on themselves to save the world and crush evil.”

The one who said such a sentence was a shoujo who seemed to come out of a poster.


If it had to be described, it would be more appropriate to describe it as a shoujo that came out of someone else’s dream.

The reason is that the shoujo has a beautiful face.

The beautiful appearance feels a bit unreal, can’t make people fascinated, but can be captivating.

However, the fascinating beauty that can captivate people is with a trace of melancholy that no one else can detect.

As if feeling helpless about the current situation, and sympathizing with the rather miserable Aria in front.

Looking at this shoujo, who had an illusory beauty, Aria bit her lip and asked while gasping for breath. “Who the hell are you?”

“You don’t need to know.” As if disguising herself with a mask, the shoujo said softly. “All you need to know is that no one will come to your rescue tonight, and for justice, you must die.”

The shoujo’s hand, which was casually dangling, moved abruptly.


The sound of gunfire immediately rang out.

In front of the shoujo, a flash of light actually appeared out of nowhere.


In the next instant, the sound of a whip hitting the body of Aria, who had collapsed on the ground, was heard.

Aria immediately fell down as if she had been struck hard on the chest.

There is no doubt.

Just at that moment, Aria was shot.

Because of the invisible gunshot.

“Ugh…” Aria couldn’t help but squeeze out a muffled hum from her throat.

But even so, Aria still clutched the gun, raised her head with difficulty, looked at the shoujo standing in front of her, and said through clenched teeth. “That’s really an invisible bullet, why would you use this?”

For the invisible bullet, Aria can not be called a stranger.

“That clearly is my partner’s move.”

Aria’s words were clearly heard by the shoujo.

“If you’re referring to the Magician gunner, I did hear that he was using a similar gun skill with me.” The shoujo lightly opened her red lips and said. “However, I was already using it before the title of Magician gunner appeared, so even if you think I stole your partner’s technique, I can only say sorry.”

“And…” The shoujo focused on Aria and said in a tone as if it had deep meaning.

“Do you really think that invisible bullet is that magician’s stance?”

“What?”. Aria couldn’t help but be stunned and blurted out. “What do you mean by that?”

“Exodus chapter 17 verse 8: Joshua killed King Amalek with a sword, and Amalek’s people were killed and fled.” The shoujo sighed and said quietly. “Although it is just a hunch, I know that the most powerful thing about that man is not the gun, but the knife.”

After saying that, the shoujo stopped paying attention to Aria and moved her fingers slightly again.


Under the sound of a gunshot, a flash of light appeared in front of the shoujo again.

The gunshot called invisible bullet once again blossomed in the shoujo’s hands.

However, the bullet did not fall on Aria’s body.


Almost at the same time as the shoujo fired the invisible bullet, the sound of gunshots and flashes erupted once again.
Only this time, it appeared in a different direction.


With the crisp clash sound, two bullets that could not be caught by the naked eye collided with each other in mid-air, stirring up a spark, and then bounced off each other.

Seeing this, the shoujo’s good-looking eyebrows trembled slightly, and then turned her head and looked at the entrance of the abandoned building.

There, there was a man standing there.

“Although I had to improvise, I tried a little bit, but I didn’t expect that I could do the same thing with bullets, so I should be considered lucky, right?”

Houri, holding a pistol that he seemed to have temporarily borrowed from Butei, whom he met on the road, looked at Aria, who had fallen to the ground, and shrugged his shoulders.

“It seems that I was lucky to catch up after all.”

“Houri!” Aria’s joyful expression could not help but appear on her tender face.

“… You finally here?” The shoujo was silent for a long time and then sighed. “Sure enough, Kinji alone can’t stop you.”

Hearing this, Houri raised his head and looked at the shoujo.

“Are you Tohyama Kana?”


That is undoubtedly Kinji’s family name.

In other words, the shoujo in front of him was a blood relative of Tohyama Kinji.

“Tell Kinji,” Houri said to Tohyama Kana. “You’re not dead yet.”

“So, Kinji has told you everything?” Tohyama Kana murmured, then turned her gaze to Houri and said. “Since there is no way to kill Aria before you arrive, it is my failure.”

“However, I think we would meet again.”

Leaving such a sentence, Tohyama Kana directly turned around, as if out of a dream, and now intend to return to the dream world, stepping steadily, gradually leaving the scene.

Houri squints his eyes, finally did not choose to strike, leaving Tohyama Kana alone.

“This person, is it an enemy or friend?”

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