Illimitable Until Death v3c233

Gakuen island, the third boys’ dormitory.

In Houri’s room, Aria sipped a cup of hot water and her face seemed to finally look a little better.

“How’s it going?” Houri asked, leaning against the wall in the living room. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, that woman kept aiming her blows at my bulletproof uniform,” Aria said, holding her glass of water and looking a little uncomfortable. “It’s just that, as time goes by, the bullets are getting closer and closer to my vital part. At first, it was just the abdomen, then the chest, and then the clavicle, moving towards the position of my head.”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but that woman is serious.” Aria’s pair of scarlet eyes showed indignant emotions. “If you hadn’t come in the end, that woman would have shot me in the head.”

Hearing Aria, Houri also frowned and fell silent.

After defeating Tohyama Kinji on Empty island, Tohyama Kinji told Houri that Aria was in danger.

So, Houri will directly use the phone’s positioning system to find Aria’s location and to the fastest speed.

So even now, Houri is still unclear why Aria would encounter danger.

Even though Houri had just called Tohyama Kinji while Aria was resting, Tohyama Kinji’s cell phone was unreachable and even the person had disappeared.

“That person’s name is Tohyama Kana, isn’t it?” Aria looked at Houri and asked. “Who is she? How can she be so powerful?”

Aria was an S-class Butei, one of the top tiers in the Butei world.

However, Tohyama Kana was able to defeat Aria effortlessly.

“With you, she’s also using an invisible bullet.” Aria looked at Houri with suspicion and said with some difficulty. “Then… That woman, sho-shouldn’t be your old girlfriend or something, right?”

Hearing this, Houri’s whole body was shaking violently, denying it outright.

“That’s something that couldn’t happen even if the sky was falling!”

This statement, Houri said in a tone of voice as strong as ever.

There was no way.

It would be fine if he didn’t know, but Houri knew what kind of person Tohyama Kana really was.

In a nutshell, he was Tohyama Kinji’s big brother.

That’s right.

Not her, but him.

Not a sister, but a brother.

That’s right.

Tohyama Kana is a man.

To be more precise, Tohyama Kana is the name of Tohyama Kinji’s older brother when he is disguised as a woman.

So, although Tohyama Kana has extraordinary beauty, that beauty is as unreal as a dream.

Houri also heard of Tohyama Kinji’s older brother by chance when he was in first grade and was told about it by Tohyama Kinji with a subtle look on his face.

Tohyama Kinji’s elder brother is Tohyama Kinichi, the eldest male of the current Tohyama family.

Tohyama’s Hysteria mode is a constitution that allows people to obtain superhuman abilities in a limited time.

And the medium to enter this constitution is sexual excitement.

However, this kind of thing does not have to be for the opposite sex.

Among some people who have strange fetishes, there are some who are aroused by specific factors that can trigger lust.

Tohyama Kinji’s older brother is one such type.

This person will naturally enter this state when wearing female clothes and disguised as a woman.

In other words, Tohyama Kana is the Hysteria mode of Tohyama Kinichi.

As long as he disguises himself as Tohyama Kana, then Tohyama Kinichi will be able to maintain the Hysteria mode and perform beyond his imagination.

Therefore, Tohyama Kana is a man.

Houri can’t have anything to do with Tohyama Kana no matter what.

“Is-is that so?” Aria seemed to be intimidated by Houri’s momentum and said with a little retreat from her usual capricious image. “Since it’s not, then that’s good.”

“Then again, why are you there?” Houri asked, scratching his cheek as if trying to change the subject. “If you had stayed home honestly, you wouldn’t have been attacked, right?”

“I was there because I received an anonymous call.” Aria gave a light hum and said. “I thought it was someone who wanted to entrust me with some mission, but I didn’t think it was actually an attack.”

Butei is a profession with thousands of businesses.

As long as the pay is substantial, even if it is on the verge of breaking the law, some people will be willing to do it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are some more or less unseen commissions.

For example, Inquesta is often commissioned to investigate whether there is any third party outside their significant other, and this type of commission can not be directly posted on the bulletin board for people to take.

Therefore, the famous Butei often receives anonymous phone calls and is invited to go out and accept such commissions.

It was because Aria thought it would be this type of commission that she was asked out without much caution and ended up being attacked.

“Of course, since it’s anonymous, there’s a chance that I might encounter a trap,” Aria said with a tone of indifference. “It’s not the first time this has happened to me, either.”

For Butei, shootings and explosions are a common occurrence, and being called out anonymously and being attacked is also a common occurrence.

In view of this, Aria did not complain much about her defeat to Tohyama Kana, although she was a bit upset about it.

Only Houri was deep in thought.

“Why did this man suddenly come back and target Aria, and why did he go out of his way to bring Kinji into the fold, and then deliberately not kill Aria right away?”

According to Tohyama Kinji, Tohyama Kinichi should already be dead.

That’s why Tohyama Kinji fell into a state of depression and tried to quit his job as Butei.

But now, Tohyama Kinichi is suddenly back, not only not dead, but also disguised as Tohyama Kana, against Aria, there must be some reason for it.

“After all, Butei is not allowed to kill under any circumstances, and Tohyama Kinichi clearly does not want to abide by this law.”

Tohyama Kana did not kill Aria immediately, but rather than being confused with Tohyama Kinji about the matter of harming people, he seemed to be testing something that was very purposeful.

“Why is that?”

While Houri was in such a state of contemplation, Aria said.

“Let’s leave this matter aside.” Aria turned her scarlet eyes to Houri and said. “We should focus on IU for now.”

“That’s right.” Houri could only nod.

And so, as this inexplicable episode passed, the day of the attack on IU gradually arrived.

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