Illimitable Until Death v3c234

That night, Houri went to bed early and woke up early for the first time in a long time, so that he could show himself in perfect condition for the next attack.

Moreover, because the Glock was destroyed by Tohyama Kinji with Mirror, Houri asked his acquaintance in Butei High Amdo to purchase a new gun for him, and he modified it overnight to make the Glock perform the same as the one he used before.

To do so, Houri spent the last of his money in his account and returned to his bachelor status.

However, Houri has never been concerned about the problems that can be solved with money.

After all, when IU’s business was over, Houri was almost done.

During his year at Butei High, Houri has completed Main Mission 1 and Main Mission 2.

In the battle with Vlad, Houri also completed Main Mission 3 and Main Mission 4.

It’s important to mention here.

The completion of Main Mission 3 was a pleasant surprise.

Originally, Houri defeated Vlad and arrested the vampire, the completion of Main Mission should only be Main Mission 4.

However, Houri did not expect that Vlad had been collecting the genes of various great men for hundreds of years in order to improve himself so that his body had gathered a lot of great men’s blood.

So, when Houri used death perception mystic eyes to kill Vlad’s vampire form, his own centuries of time spent collecting the blood of great men were all lost and collected by Houri.

In view of this, Houri not only completely completed Main Mission 3, but also exceeded it, which was an unexpected surprise.

In this way, the Main Mission that Houri did not complete is only the last Main Mission 5, which is the CP acquisition mission.

If he can successfully invade IU, defeat the IU leader, and complete the Main Mission, Houri will be able to get 20,000 CP.

At that time, Houri’s last Main Mission will be completed.

In other words, no matter in public or private, this Time IU journey is a must.

With such a feeling, Houri finally ushered in the day of the attack.

Gakuen island, port.

Houri and Aria arrived here before it was fully bright.

They were still wearing the bulletproof uniforms of Butei High.

The difference was that Houri was basically empty-handed, while Aria had not only put on her holster, but also her belt full of magazines, and even a backpack-like case on her back.

Looking at the case, Houri couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked. “What’s in this case?”

Hearing this, Aria showed a ‘you finally asked me that’ expression, but smiled at Houri and said with a cute smile. “This is a secret.”

Houri directly turned up a supercilious look.

It’s already this late, and she’s still keeping it in suspense.

It must be some kind of secret weapon anyway, right?

After all, Aria had mentioned this when she decided to attack IU together.

Just as Houri prepared the Butei bullet for this attack, it seems that Aria knew how formidable the enemy would be this time, and had prepared for it.

Since this hot-headed nobleman ojou-sama was prepared, Houri could also feel more or less at ease.

It didn’t take long for the two to arrive at the port’s dock.

After arriving here, Houri immediately saw this time’s transport.

It was a small submarine.

It was shaped like a bullet, with heavy armor and a black body, and its size was smaller than a speedboat, so it could only take two or three people.

Looking at the small submarine that appeared in the port, Houri said half admiringly and half helplessly. “I’m glad you could get something like this.”

“That’s because you underestimated the Butei High Logi,” Aria said. “I didn’t spend much time finding this submarine.”
In fact, during the bus hijacking, Aria was able to borrow Logi’s helicopter with a phone call.

It seems that Aria, a British student who only transferred here in the third semester, was able to make better use of Butei High’s professional expertise than Houri.

“But do you know how to drive this thing?” Houri asked. “I know you have a driver’s license, but you don’t know how to drive a submarine, do you?”

Because of the special nature of the Butei, anyone who can successfully obtain a Butei license, even if they are a student, can obtain a license at a very young age.

This is a common international regulation.

So, when Aria was in the UK, she got her license and transferred it to this country immediately after she transferred to another school.

However, even the Logi Butei may not know how to drive a submarine, let alone Aria has never taken Logi.

In response, Aria said in a tone of disinterest.

“Don’t worry, I’ve read the driving instructions that came with the Logi beforehand, it will be fine.”


Then there’s no problem.

“You think I’d say that?” Houri almost turned around and walked away.

“Since it’s a Butei, this level of difficulty is a matter of perseverance.” Aria was showing her unreasonable personality at this time.

“The next invasion is the real main event, who would waste time on driving.”

That’s true.

But Aria, if we don’t think about driving, we might have to die at sea before we reach IU?

Anyway, Houri naturally can not back out since they are already here.

So, with Aria taking the lead, Houri got into the cabin of the mini-submarine.

As expected, it was a cabin that could only accommodate two people.

There was only one pilot’s seat in the cabin.

In front of the pilot’s seat, there were various sophisticated instruments.

Aria sat directly on the pilot’s seat, as a commander, giving orders to Houri.

“IU signal form has been input into the radar, we just need to follow the radar instructions to drive over. Hopefully not in the deep sea, this small submarine can not go down too deep. Houri, close the hatch, we are ready to go.”

Houri silently closed the hatch and carelessly said.

“Is it too late to turn back?”

Aria laughed at once, a lovely and heroic laugh.

“Unfortunately, I will rarely turn back, because I am stubborn.”

Aria then took hold of the joystick and slowly pulled it into motion.

On the dock, a small submarine began to sink into the sea and eventually disappeared.

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