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This is the sound caused by the bubbles emerging from the water and gushing to the surface.

Of course, this sound is very subtle, if not in the surrounding area, simply can not be heard.

Only, in the deep bottomless sea, there are many such bubbles, from time to time emerging from a corner, rising to the surface, which looks quite beautiful.

And in the midst of such a sea bottom, a small submarine just like a torpedo, moving forward at an uncommon speed.

Inside the submarine, the only light in the cabin was provided by a single signal light and a table of instruments.

Houri was at the back of the cockpit, watching the outside scene through the electronic binoculars while Aria maneuvered the stick.

It wasn’t until then that Houri finally understood why Aria had the confidence to drive a submarine with a manual that came from Logi.

“The piloting is fully automatic, you just need to steer according to the radar, it’s a biker level of difficulty.”

“Open a hole!”

Houri’s tsukomi just came out in less than a second and was immediately blocked by Aria’s word.

However, Houri’s tsukomi was not wrong.

This submarine has been modified long ago, not only the speed is very high, even the piloting is almost fully automatic, which provides a lot of convenience to the user.

Only, there are shortcomings.

For example, the fuel consumption is faster, the maintenance cost is higher, and the diving depth is not much improved.

However, this level is enough.

“From the radar, it seems that IU’s submarine is not too deep under the sea, probably because Durandal just took your friend not long ago and came up to meet Durandal or the rest of the members, right?”

Aria’s judgment should be considered accurate.

Therefore, the situation is quite favorable for Houri and Aria.

“It will take a long time to reach the destination, and it will be impossible to reach it without ten hours,” Aria said with a rare thoughtfulness. “If you have nothing to do, then you can sleep for a while to refresh yourself.”

“I’ll sleep for five hours, and then I’ll replace you.” Houri also did not say more nonsense, directly decided. “Take turns to rest and save the energy until the attack.”

“Got it.” Aria’s reply sounded like a perfunctory response, but it really should have been heard.

Now, Houri leaned against the cold wall, closed his eyes, and began to enter light sleep.

The bullet-like mini-submarine continued to move forward at the bottom of the sea.

With the passage of time, the light has basically not reached this depth, making the cabin appear darker and darker.

Houri slept for three hours, then woke up with his stomach growling, and filled his stomach with a simple nutritious meal and drink with Aria, then Houri replaced Aria and let Aria rest.

Maybe Aria was just trying to be brave, but she didn’t have much confidence in piloting the submarine, so she was a bit too nervous during the piloting period, and consumed a lot of energy for nothing.

Houri took over Aria’s piloting and let the submarine move forward in an almost fully automatic manner, paying attention to the radar display from time to time.

In such a situation, all sound was lost in the cabin, and only Aria’s sweet breath echoed around, making the temperature inside the cabin seem to rise a bit.


Suddenly, a strange sound rang out from behind Houri, who was sitting in the driver’s seat.

Houri immediately turned his head in some confusion and looked behind him.

A small booklet fell out of Aria’s arms, who was sleeping soundly against the wall.

“Butei manual?”

Houri immediately recognized this object.

Butei manual, like a police officer’s manual, is a notebook that is usually used to record small reports of cases and records of investigations.

Basically, every Butei carries it with them.

Because, in this Butei manual, there are also a lot of small tools attached to it.

For example, open the lock using the key, a syringe of painkillers and cardiac drugs in case of injury for emergency treatment bandages, as well as small tablets to increase concentration can all be packed in the Butei manual compartment.

In really important times, these small tools can be of great use.

“Something so important is left lying around, no wonder it will fall.”

Houri picked up the Butei manual that had fallen on the ground.

However, in the Butei manual, a photo actually fell out.

“Hmm?” Houri blinked and picked up the photo as well.

The next moment, Houri saw it.

There is a man in this photo.

A handsome man wearing a coat and suit, wearing a detective’s cap, with a cigarette holder in his mouth.

The handsome man in the photo seems to have been quite some age.

Because this photo is not only black and white but also a little old.

Looking at the handsome man in the photo, Houri more or less felt some familiarity.

After a while, Houri finally remembered.

“Sherlock Holmes.”

The character whose picture was included in Butei High’s textbook is considered to be the pioneer of Butei.

“I never thought that this child would carry around a picture of her own great-grandpa.”

Thinking about it, it’s not that surprising.

As a descendant of the Holmes family, Aria’s greatest admirer is undoubtedly her own great-grandpa.

The photo of him is carried around with her, probably to urge herself to work hard and follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, right?

“The person has already dead anyway, will catch up sooner or later.”

Houri, who has no way to feel any emotion towards death, can only have this level of thought.

And at this time, Aria actually turned over, sleeptalking-like mumbling. “Great-grandpa…”

Hearing this, Houri smirked. “Even dreamed about the person she admired most?”

As Houri smirked, tears suddenly appeared in Aria’s eyes, and she murmured uncontrollably.

“I’ve found my partner… no more defective products… great-grandpa … I will save mother…”

Such dreamy words made the smile on Houri’s face fade away.

Looking at Aria who shed a single tear, Houri couldn’t help but sigh.

“It seems that Aria’s life is quite a bit more bitter than I imagined.”

Houri put the photo back into the Butei manual and gently tucked it back into Aria’s arms.

Di– Di–!

Suddenly, the submarine’s radar sounded.

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