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It is already a scientifically proven fact that atomic energy can generate enormous amounts of energy.

The so-called nuclear submarines, which are submarines equipped with atomic furnaces, are guaranteed to provide semi-permanent and almost unlimited power.

In this way, in strategic terms, a nuclear submarine can always remain operational.

After all, with unlimited electricity, then not only can instruments and the like run smoothly, but also electricity can be used to desalinate seawater to make unlimited freshwater, plus freshwater, in turn, can produce oxygen through the decomposition of electricity, so oxygen is also unlimited.

So, as long as a nuclear submarine is equipped with sufficient food, then basically it is possible to always stay inside the ship and live without worrying about the rest of the problems.

“Even so, this is the headquarter of a big-name international criminal organization.”

In the water tank where the foreign ships are accommodated, Aria looked around while releasing her hand from the holster and said somewhat unconvincingly. “It’s strange that there’s not even half a patrol and guards.”

“It’s not strange at all.” Houri also looked around but made a voice of understanding. “This is an institution dedicated to the cultivation of superhuman, each member is the best with powerful abilities, how could such people be doing patrol and guard work?”

“That’s true.” Aria nodded and said. “In other words, this nuclear submarine’s navigation and functions are fully automated?”

“At least, I don’t think IU will be hiring a dedicated pilot and crew.” Houri rubbed his chin and said. “However, there might be a lot of strong technicians, or else it will be troublesome if there is a problem.”

“Forget it, we’ve already infiltrated smoothly anyway.” Aria’s mood seemed to be a bit high, saying. “As long as IU is defeated and all the people here are arrested, mom’s crime will be completely cleared.”

However, this purpose was the most difficult one.

Even if they had successfully infiltrated, this was still the lair of the most powerful criminal organization in the world.

There are many superhumans like Riko and even inhuman beings like Vlad. With the power of Houri and Aria, it would be extremely difficult to defeat IU.

However, Butei often faces such dangerous missions that require raiding the headquarter of criminals.

Therefore, Houri and Aria had a very clear idea of what kind of action they needed to take in this situation.

“There is an old saying in the East that says destroy the leader and the gang will collapse,” Houri said. “We have to conduct a covert operation first, find the location of the IU leader, then carry out a strong attack when the opponent is alone and arrest the IU leader, so that the rest of the members would surrender obediently.”

This is the most basic tactic.

However, this is also the most real tactic.

“But, who is the IU leader?” Aria asked a legitimate question. “The information provided by Riko mentioned almost all the members of the IU, but not the true face of the IU leader.”

Yes, this is the most fundamental problem of this raid.

That is, Houri and Aria did not know the IU leader’s real identity.

“Riko can’t possibly not know who the IU leader really is, right?” Aria’s expression looked more or less serious and said. “But the information she gave us didn’t mention it, so it feels like a cover-up, but it doesn’t seem to be.”

Houri also had some doubts about this matter.

As a matter of fact, since Riko had already revealed the information of IU to this extent, there was no reason to hide anything.

However, in the information about the IU leader, Riko only used one sentence.


In French, that means ‘be careful’.

At this point in time, Riko naturally knows how dangerous it is to invade IU, there are too many things to be careful about.

However, in such a situation, Riko still told Houri to be careful, so one has to be concerned about what is the origin of this leader that needs to be repeatedly reminded.

As Aria said, it feels like Riko is not covering up, but for another reason, not to let Houri and Aria know the real identity of the leader.

Maybe it’s not a good thing for Houri to know the leader’s real identity?

“No…” Houri turned his eyes to look at Aria in deep thought, murmuring in a low voice.

“Maybe it’s for Aria?”

In any case, it’s pointless to think about these clueless things now.

“Anyway, let’s act as we discussed at the beginning,” Houri confirmed the course of action.

“This time, we have two objectives.”

“One: To arrest the IU leader and subdue the IU members.”

“Two: To rescue the captured hostage, Hotoki Shirayuki.”

To do this, Houri and Aria need to rescue Shirayuki first.

After rescuing Shirayuki, they will gather all their forces and arrest the leader.

Houri took out a map, pointed to a location on the map, and said. “According to Riko’s information, the person who was taken by IU and kidnapped to this place will be kept in the detention room here until successfully persuaded, and Shirayuki must be there.”

“Then let’s hurry.” Aria pulled two Colt M1911s from their holsters and smiled at Houri. “You’ll have to do your partner duty, Houri.”

Houri smiled back.

As mentioned before, because IU is full of superhumans with powerful abilities, there is no one in charge of patrolling and guarding the nuclear submarine.

Although the IU is a fearsome organization that scares all the major countries, it is in fact an unexpectedly loose organization. Except for the basic concept of sharing skills, the members are not restricted and are free to move around.

With this in mind, Houri and Aria followed the map and made their way unhindered to the location of the incarceration room, without encountering anyone on the way.

When they arrived at their destination, Houri and Aria saw a room.

Looking at this room, Houri and Aria looked at each other but did not directly break-in.

Because the two have heard the sound of conversation from inside.

“Do you still refuse to give in?”

A rather pleasant voice reached Houri and Aria’s ears.

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