Illimitable Until Death v3c238

The voice that came out of the room was a voice with a bit of heroic aura in it as if it were a knight.

The voice is very pleasant, so it can be judged to be a woman.

Moreover, with this person’s voice, the surrounding temperature is even slightly lowered, so that people can understand that the other party is an extraordinary existence.

Houri and Aria just looked at each other, but both did not make a sound, lowered their breathing, lightened their footsteps, and noiselessly posted to the ends of the door.

Aria is already holding the gun.

Houri is still empty-handed, slightly turned his head sideways, and cast his eyes into the room.

Because, the door has a small window, like a prison iron door, so that the taller Houri can peek inside.

Houri can see very clearly, behind the door is a very simple room, only a bed with no other furniture.

At this moment, a shoujo is standing in front of the bed.

It was a shoujo wearing knight-like light armor and wearing a gleaming broad-bladed sword at her waist.

The shoujo has silver hair that looks like an ice flower, and a pair of eyes that glow like sapphires, with a look that is not so much beautiful as justness.

And in front of such a shoujo, another shoujo is sitting paralyzed in a simple bed.

Looking at the shoujo sitting on the bed, Houri’s eyes instantly condensed.


It was Shirayuki.

(So, the other one is Durandal, right?)

Houri turned his gaze to the knight-like shoujo who was confronting Shirayuki.

Unaware that she was being watched, she just stared at Shirayuki with a pair of sapphire eyes and said with a pleasant but calm voice. “It’s time for you to give up your resistance, you’re already here, do you still think you can get out?”

Hearing this, Shirayuki said softly with a serious expression not often seen in the past, meeting the knight shoujo’s gaze. “The Miko of Hotogi shrine is the Miko of guardianship, and we will never join the IU, Durandal.”

“Don’t call me Durandal, I don’t like that nickname.” The knight shoujo said this with an unquestionable tone.

“I have the name inherited from my great ancestors, Jeanne d’Arc.”

–Jeanne d’Arc.

This name, even among the general people, is called a thundering existence.

Because, the owner of this name, once known as saintess, has led the French army in the history of up to 600 years ago, confronted England many times from invading Orleans and liberated Orleans, known as the hero of France.

But in history, this French saintess ended up being framed by a traitor and was sentenced to be burned alive on the cross.

At the time of her death, saintess Jeanne was only 19 years old and left no descendants.

However, Durandal is indeed a descendant of Jeanne.

In the information provided by Riko, it was mentioned that the Jeanne who was burned in history was only a substitute, and the real saintess Jeanne had been secretly rescued long before that, and had been hidden behind history for generations, and was a very famous tactician family.

Durandal is the 30th generation of Jeanne.

So, it is only natural that this shoujo inherits the name Jeanne d’Arc.

It’s even more logical that Jeanne is a tactician.

Faced with Shirayuki’s stubbornness, Jeanne did not look discouraged at all, but showed a winning smile and said. “I thought you were just a girl who didn’t know the evils of the world, but I didn’t expect you to be so stubborn. But it doesn’t matter, you’ve come to IU, and no one who comes here leaves, do you know why?”

“Because they can become stronger.” Jeanne looked straight at Shirayuki and said in a loud voice. “IU is a place that no one who wants to get stronger can refuse, where you can learn techniques you never thought of before and grow at a rate you can’t even imagine.”

“But I will not compromise,” Shirayuki said without hesitation. “I don’t desire to become stronger.”

“Oh? You really don’t want to be strong?” Jeanne said to Shirayuki with a somewhat impersonal expression. “Don’t you want to be able to protect that magician gunner?”

“…!” Shirayuki’s face changed slightly.

“You said yourself that Hotogi’s Miko is the Miko of guardianship, and as far as I know, you seem to have very special feelings for the Magician gunner.” Jeanne, as if confirming her victory, said. “So, you will definitely want to protect him, no matter what, this is the destiny of Hotoki Miko.”

“But Magician gunner is very strong, even I know that you are with him every day, you can’t not know, right?” Jeanne suddenly smiled, with a seductive tone, slowly said. “If you still want to protect him, the only way is to become stronger, and IU can make you stronger, why do you still refuse to join IU?”

Shirayuki’s lovely lips moved slightly as if she wanted to say something, but she couldn’t say a word.

Clearly, Shirayuki was beginning to waver.

As expected of Jeanne the tactician clan.

From the very beginning, Jeanne had a firm grasp on Shirayuki’s weakness – ‘guardianship’.

Just as Jeanne said, Shirayuki would do anything to protect Houri.

Even though Houri is clearly not in any danger, as Hotoki’s Miko, Shirayuki’s heart is deeply engraved with the concept of guardianship, and no matter what the situation is, she will always think of how to protect him first.

“And this is the place where you can get your wish, Shirayuki.” Jeanne held out a hand to Shirayuki and said.

“Follow Me.”

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became heavy.

Looking at the hand in front of her, Shirayuki’s expression finally showed a hint of hesitation.

At this moment, Jeanne suddenly turned her head in the direction of the door and shouted. “Who?!”

Unfortunately, it was too late to find out at this time.

Because the door opened quietly before that.

Immediately, a figure swipe past from the door and rushed to Jeanne’s front with an alarming speed.

So Jeanne found out after she spoke.

A dagger was already attached to her neck.

Immediately after, a slightly mundane face came into Jeanne’s eyes.

Who else besides Houri?

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