Illimitable Until Death v3c239

“Houri-kun?!” Shirayuki couldn’t help but be surprised.

“You…?!”Jeanne didn’t expect to be attacked at the headquarter, so her eyes widened.

“Wai-wait !” Aria barged in through the door and stared at Houri. “Didn’t we agree to act stealthily?”

“Butei law number five: Act like the wind and aim to win with one blow.” Houri looked at Jeanne, whose face was constantly changing, and smiled lightly. “Since there is a single enemy here, why don’t we just take her down, so we don’t have to bother to find the professor, and let Miss Jeanne lead the way for us?”

“Mi-miss?” Jeanne was flushed with such a common vocabulary, but she finally regained her composure and said with mockery. “I didn’t expect you to invade IU, how stupid.”

Faced with Jeanne’s ridicule, Houri did not have time to say anything, Aria then said.

“We were not smart enough when we decided to fight against you vicious criminals, but we will still fight.” Aria turned the muzzle towards Jeanne, and the scarlet eyes showed stubborn feelings, saying. “Durandal, you are also one of the criminals who caused my mother to bear groundless charged crimes. 107 years of her sentence are yours, and I want you arrested.”

“Try it if you can.” Jeanne glanced at Aria, the emotion that appeared on the heroic face was actually a pity, said. “Kanzaki Holmes Aria, you shouldn’t have come to IU’s.”

This statement made Houri’s eyebrows slowly creased.

What does this mean?

Aria also seemed to be a little unclear, just when she wanted to say something, Shirayuki in the bed also opens her mouth.

“Jeanne is right, Kanzaki-san.” Shirayuki looked at Aria with a slightly bitter expression and said. “You shouldn’t have come here.”

“Wha-what?” Aria finally said loudly with a confused look on her face. “Why can’t I come to IU? Are you trying to scare me?”

“Shirayuki.” Houri turned his attention to Shirayuki and asked. “What the hell is going on?”

“… IU is a very scary place,” Shirayuki said with some hesitation. “Besides, the IU leader is Aria’s…”

Before she could finish her sentence, something unexpected happened.

Pa… Papa…

The temperature in the room suddenly dropped, in a condensation-like sound, the water in the air condensed into ice particles and fell down.

Seeing this scene, Houri’s eyes snapped and the dagger in his hand suddenly moved.


The sharp dagger in front of Jeanne’s neck immediately slit Jeanne’s throat and cut all the way to the bottom, sending Jeanne’s head flying into midair.



Aria and Shirayuki were both taken aback.

But in the next second, they saw it.

Jeanne’s head, which had been severely cut down by Houri, gradually froze in mid-air, and even Jeanne’s body, which had lost its head, was frozen.

No, that is not Jeanne’s body in the ice, but this body is originally ice.

This scene made Aria and Shirayuki finally react.

“This… Is this a substitute?”

That’s right.

This is a substitute.

A substitute made of ice.

Maybe because the first Jeanne almost died by fire, after that, Jeanne’s family has been studying ice magic for generations.

So, Jeanne is not a saintess, but a witch.

By the standards of Butei High’s Supernatural Selective Research, Jeanne is a Choutei.

A Choutei who uses the ice magic.

“This is the deep sea, a place where I can use my abilities to the fullest. You have chosen the wrong target.”

Jeanne’s voice resonated like an echo from the surrounding space.

Immediately, the door of the room suddenly began to freeze.

“You can stay inside.”

In such a word, the door of the room was slowly frozen.

Until then, Aria’s anxious voice sounded from inside the ice door.

And outside the door, Jeanne slightly lifted at the corners of her mouth, with a somewhat arrogant voice. “Trivial Butei, really can’t be Choutei’s opponent.”

Just as she spoke, another voice came steeply.

“Is that so?”

“…!” Jeanne suddenly taken by surprise, turned around in a hurry and looked behind herself.

There, Houri was looking at Jeanne with the expression of a faint smile, and the dagger in his hand moved flexibly between his fingers, making the cold light of the sharp blade shake incessantly.

“You…” Jeanne couldn’t help but take a step back, one hand on the sword handle of the sword at her waist, subconsciously said. “Since when…”

“If you are asking me when I came out, then I can answer you that it was when I chopped your substitute’s head off.” Houri naturally said. “Since I have the means to rush in and subdue you before you find out, I naturally have the means to rush out in an instant, right?”

However, that’s not the point.

“Jeanne d’Arc.” Houri looked towards Jeanne and suddenly said.

“Take me to see the professor.”

Once the words came out, Jeanne immediately stupefied on the spot.

In response, Houri was unconcerned, as if talking to himself, said. “Riko hid the real identity of the professor, and you and Shirayuki reacted subtly to Aria’s arrival at the IU. All these signs tell me that although I don’t know what’s going on, it’s not good to let Aria meet the professor.”

This time, Jeanne was silent.

“Take me to see the professor,” Houri said with unusual calmness. “Anyway, this is your headquarter, I’ve given up on hiding, you don’t dare to let me meet with the professor?”

“… No need to provoke me like that, Magician gunner.” Jeanne put away her hand on the sword handle and looked at Houri, saying. “Well, if it were you, the professor would be happy to meet with you.”

With that, Jeanne turned to Houri and said. “Follow Me.”

Houri nodded, then turned his gaze, looked in the direction of the ice door, and said. “Shirayuki, you stay here with Aria, don’t ever let Aria out.”

“I … Got it.”

Shirayuki’s voice came out from inside the ice door.

“Wait! Why is this happening?!”

Aria’s shrill doll voice also rang out loudly.

However, Houri had already followed Jeanne and left the place.

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