Illimitable Until Death v3c240

Da… Da… Da… Da…

In the dimly lit corridor, the clearly audible footsteps rang out rhythmically, sending echoes around.

Houri followed Jeanne along the corridor, and while looking around, he inquired in a careless manner.

“Although I know that IU is unlikely to be patrolled by guards because all of them are superhuman, I haven’t seen anyone until now, so if I don’t give up lurking, this situation is too favorable for us, right?”

“That’s true for strategic and tactical purposes.” Jeanne didn’t even turn her head back but said so in a provocative tone. “But, as you said, IU is full of superhuman, no fool would choose to infiltrate here, you are definitely the first person to do so, so if the people here know about this, they will not feel shame, but will find it very interesting.”

“It’s true that being a superhuman also means being a weirdo.” Houri grinned and continued. “If that’s the case, where are the interesting people?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll see soon enough.” Jeanne glanced at Houri and said. “If you want to escape, you might have a chance to do so now, at least, I can’t keep up with that terrible speed of yours, and I definitely can’t stop you.”

“Unfortunately, since I’m here, I won’t escape until I achieve my goal.” Houri shrugged his shoulders and said. “Miss Jeanne, just continue to lead the way.”

“Mi-miss…” Jeanne blushed once again because of this word, and hurriedly took a deep breath and said in a calm manner. “Just try to be brave while you can.”

While speaking, under Jeanne’s guidance, Houri came to the end of this corridor.

With a ray of light ahead of him, Houri slightly narrowed his eyes and realized that he had come to an extremely spacious hall when he stepped out of the corridor.

This is a hall similar to an arena.

The hall is circular in shape.

There is no audience around, but there is a corridor in the place that can be considered the second floor.

Houri’s footsteps have stopped.

Because Houri clearly saw.

On the second floor of the corridor, many figures stood there at some point, looking down at the hall from above, and focused their gaze on Houri’s body.


In this one moment, an atmosphere of unprecedented terror expanded in the air.

Jeanne was already unconsciously retreating.

Houri was the only one left in the whole hall.

The eyes that were focused on Houri’s body were curious, inquisitive, scrutinizing and measuring, as if Houri was a white mouse, unrestrainedly observing.

However, in addition to these eyes, there is a part of the people cast to Houri’s gaze that carries a skin-tingling murderous aura.

This is where the feeling of terror in the air comes from.

There is no doubt that at this moment, Houri was treated as prey.

It’s obvious that the people on the corridor are all members of IU.

These members with the ability to be called superhuman all gathered together and focused their eyes on one person, and the level of oppression that could be brought about was something that could be understood with one’s knees.

If a different person to face these superhuman, now, I’m afraid even can not move, the whole body is covered with cold sweat, right?

The person who can ignore this sense of terror has never appeared so far.

But at this moment, there is one.

Houri very simply ignored the murderous aura in the air. When others focused their eyes on him unscrupulously, he also relied on the information provided by Riko, to identify the true identity of the superhuman here.

Until he saw a person.

“Kinji?” Houri couldn’t help but be surprised.

In a corner of the second-floor corridor, the person who met Houri’s gaze was impressively Tohyama Kinji.

Tohyama Kinji showed a bitter smile to Houri, but did not say anything and stood there quietly.

Next to him, there was a beautiful bishoujo who seemed to have come out of someone else’s dream.

It was Tohyama Kana.

Seeing this, Houri finally understood.

He understood why Tohyama Kinji was here.

Just as Riko said, some of the world’s excellent Butei, who was thought to be dead, were actually kidnapped to IU and joined here.

Apparently, Tohyama Kana is one of them.

Only, Tohyama Kana did not really want to join IU.

Otherwise, Tohyama Kana would not have wanted to kill Aria.

Aria must have had some kind of relationship with the IU leader.

Tohyama Kana wanted to kill Aria in order to keep Aria away from the IU.

Therefore, Tohyama Kana and Tohyama Kinji have always used the word ‘justice’ in response to the assassination of Aria.

However, the appearance of Houri turned things around.

Tohyama Kinji must have been aware of this because he acted together with Tohyama Kana.

“Then let me take a look…”

“The famous IU leader, who is it…”

Houri turned his gaze forward.

There, there was an entrance.

Houri already heard it.

A sound of footsteps was approaching this way.

And while these footsteps were getting closer, the voice of its owner had come out.

“Although there is a slight deviation, as I reasoned, you have arrived here without any problems, Houri-kun.”

With these words, a figure slowly walked in from the front entrance and caught Houri’s eyes.


When seeing the full face of the person who came, even Houri, within the dark eyes, a pair of pupils were shrunken, gradually shrinking to the size of a needlepoint.

From the front entrance came a handsome man.

Wearing an overcoat.

Wearing a detective hat on his head.

With a pipe in his mouth.

There was a wise gleam in his eyes.

There’s no way Houri can’t recognize this man.

Just an hour or so ago, Houri had seen the other man’s picture in Aria’s Butei manual.

“Sherlock… Holmes…”

The world’s most powerful detective who was active in British history more than 100 years ago, known as the Butei ancestor.

Aria’s great-grandfather.


IU leader, known as the existence of professor, is Sherlock Holmes.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

The famous detective named Sherlock showed a handsome smile and declared.

“Today is the day that open a new page of history.”

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