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If this is was a joke, presumably, all those who know the history would want to see the scene in front of them as a joke.

After all, even with age, Sherlock Holmes is definitely over 150 years old.

Such a person, now actually still alive, can not be said to be impossible.

But such a person appears as a handsome young man, which makes people have to treat it as a joke.

Unfortunately, Houri will not do so.

Because, as a MainGod envoy, even if Houri is a newcomer, it is also considered to have seen a lot of incredible things.

Compared to those things, a 150-year-old man still maintains the appearance of a young man in his 20s, which is not a thing worth shocking.

At this moment, there is only one thought that rises from Houri’s mind.

“So it is…” Houri fixed his eyes on Sherlock and said in a low voice. “Is that why Shirayuki said that Aria shouldn’t come here?”

Aria would be devastated if she knew that her most admired ancestor was the leader of a criminal organization, the same one that IU, the criminal organization that has caused her mother to bear hundreds of years of crimes, right?

“What a big joke.” Houri didn’t hide his sarcasm. “The world’s most famous detective has become the leader of a criminal organization, how much of a stir must this cause in the world?”

Hearing this, Sherlock smiled slightly.

That smile, just like a naughty child.

Then Sherlock said in a meaningful way. “It seems that Lupin IV did not tell you about my information because she was concerned that Aria would fall into confusion because of me, with my reasoning.”

This guy, did he even know that Riko had already betrayed IU?

No, it should be said he reasoned it out.

Moreover, he even deduced that the leader’s information had not been revealed.

“The so-called reasoning, although it is only an ability to think analytically when the accuracy rate is at the level of 100 percent, then it is already equivalent to precognition.” Sherlock naturally said. “And the accuracy of my reasoning has always been 100 percent, and the accumulation over the years has allowed it to develop into an ability, so I call it methodical predictions.”

“In other words, I have foreseen all of this.” Sherlock turned his gaze straight to Houri, suddenly with a smile.

“Including the fact that you would come here.”

Houri was silent.

After Jeanne had brought him here, Houri had known that he had probably been exposed.

Otherwise, Jeanne hadn’t informed anyone along the way, so why would the entire IU membership have gathered here?

It must be because these people have already gathered.

So, Houri was already exposed.

Only, Houri didn’t expect that he was actually exposed before he even invaded this place.

“You are an excellent talent. Although your origin is somewhat inexplicable so that those who have investigated you will have a question. As an ordinary foreign student in China, why you have the strength to rival superhumans, although I like to reason, I do not like getting every answer in this world.” Sherlock showed a pleasant smile and said.

“After all, if the world has no more secrets for me, wouldn’t it be too boring?”

At this moment, from Sherlock’s words, a kind of transcendental natural boldness was casually emanating.

That boldness, firmly pulling everyone present, enveloped Houri.

Houri knows.

This is the kind of boldness that only a legitimate great man can possess.

Not a descendant, not an heir, but a real hero himself who is recorded in history.

Such a person, now in front of Houri, made Houri’s heart and soul begin to shake.

Realizing this, Houri’s heart could not help but tighten.


It can’t go on like this.

Otherwise, he will definitely be led by Sherlock’s nose in the next confrontation, becoming a clown dancing in his palm.

Must disrupt Sherlock’s rhythm.

But how to do it?

How to do it?

What can he do to surpass Sherlock’s methodical predictions and disrupt the rhythm of the famous detective who has foreseen everything?

It’s simple.

Use something Sherlock could never have foreseen.

What is it?

Things that don’t belong in this world.

Houri happens to have one.


The moment Houri looked up, a pair of ice blue mystic eyes suddenly appeared in his eyes.

The next second, the world in Houri’s eyes changed.

It became a patchwork of a broken world.

There were crack-like dead lines all over the world.

Of course, the superhuman of IU standing on the corridor also has.

Sherlock’s body naturally has them.

However, when Houri saw the dead line on Sherlock’s body, Houri a pair of ice blue mystic eyes instantly widened.

No other reason.

There are too many dead lines on Sherlock’s body.

It was so densely packed all over his body that even with a light touch from Houri, this person will immediately die.

Houri understands after seeing this.

In the world of death perception mystic eyes, the less the dead line, the stronger the undying nature of the opponent.

Conversely, the more dead line, it proves that the more vulnerable the other party, the closer to death.

Sherlock’s whole body is covered with a dense dead line.

This represents only one meaning.

“You, the end is near?”

Once these words came out, the atmosphere of this space, which was filled with the huge presence of Sherlock, finally changed.

And Sherlock’s face, the grin that mastered everything is finally gone for the first time.

“… I’m so surprised.” Sherlock’s expression is more or less silent, said. “According to my reasoning, in this time period, you should not be able to know this matter.”

Hearing these words, Houri then knew.

Sherlock’s rhythm was smoothly disrupted by himself.

So, what should be done next?

Again, it was simple.

Let the disrupted rhythm gather in his own hands.

“Sherlock Holmes.” Houri looked directly at Sherlock and declared.

“I’m going to kill you right here.”

The completely changed atmosphere, under Houri’s words, became directly terrifying.

Sherlock was really completely stunned.

Because, Houri’s declaration, completely exceeded his reasoning.

Because, Butei shall not kill.

Houri’s declaration, that is impossible to appear.

However, Houri was not lying.

“If I show mercy to you, I will definitely fail.”

“So, I will kill you.”

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