Illimitable Until Death v3c242

When Houri’s declaration echoed extremely clearly throughout the hall space, not only Sherlock but even the people in the corridor were completely stupefied on the spot.

No way.

Houri’s declaration, rather than being overconfidence, it’s more like too unexpected.

In just such a situation, no one could expect that Houri would suddenly issue such a declaration.

Even Sherlock, that is.


In this instant, Houri stepped on the ground, and in a very crisp stepping sound, his whole body was like a bullet, shooting out.

Nowadays, Houri’s speed has become extremely frightening.

At least, in Tier 5 of MainGod space, it is almost impossible for someone faster than Houri to exist.

This is not because Houri is so special, but the way Houri adds points is so extreme that all the APs are added to the AGI, so it is impossible not to be fast.

If it wasn’t for the fact that MainGod space has simplified the adding points for attributes, and in order for MainGod envoy to develop the full power of the attributes while adding points, the most basic implicit reinforcement would have been carried out for the full play of the attributes of the added points. I’m afraid that with Houri’s extreme way of adding points, his body would have collapsed because he couldn’t withstand the abnormal burst of speed.

In this case, coupled with the increase in skills and equipment, Houri’s speed is already on top of the Heavenly Father Dyaus he once fought. As a result, all the superhumans belonging to IU in the hallway on the second floor only saw Houri’s figure suddenly disappear from the spot.

By the time it reappeared, it was already in front of Sherlock.


The next second, with a blade light up, sharp dagger turned into a flash, as a round curved moon appeared and slashed towards Sherlock’s direction.

This slash, aimed at Sherlock’s body.

More accurately, it was on the dead line of Sherlock’s body.

Houri’s pair of ice blue mystic eyes fixed on Sherlock’s body, the Moonblade in his hand show no mercy.

At this moment, Houri is serious.

Facing this genuine great man, and facing the many superhumans in IU, Houri’s chances of winning are the greatest only in this one moment.

Therefore, the moment he swung his knife, Houri already took off the title of ‘Butei (S-class)’ and put on the title of ‘Newbie leader’ instead.

If he continued to wear the ‘Butei (S-class)’ title, then once Houri violated the Butei law of murder, the title would be immediately invalidated and could not be recovered permanently.

Since this is the case, it is necessary for Houri to change the title.

So, Houri is serious and is definitely not trying to show mercy.

Unfortunately, his opponent was not that easy to deal with.


A clear, crisp sound rang out again with clarity.

It was the sound of a hand gripping another hand.

Under Houri’s flash-like strike, Sherlock suddenly extended his hand and grabbed the wrist of Houri’s dagger-wielding hand without a moment’s notice.

As a result, Houri’s unexpectedly fast strike was actually blocked by Sherlock.

Houri’s pair of ice blue mystic eyes solidified.

Sherlock was looking at Houri with a calm face, but there was no focus in his eyes.

“The timing is good, after using unexpected speech to make me appear a momentary delay in reaction, and then launch a killing strike with extraordinary speed, really dangerous. If it was sixty years ago, I should really be killed by you, right?” Sherlock spoke with a sigh. “Unfortunately, I’m blind, and I became so after I was almost poisoned sixty years ago. So now I only rely on sound, airflow and sensation to understand everything around me, not just by sight. And because of this, when you rushed out, I noticed the change in the airflow around you and reacted in time. Your killing strike failed, Houri-kun.”

Voice fallen.


A gunshot sounded abruptly.

That was the sound that appeared after a flash of light appeared in front of Sherlock’s body.

This scene was all too familiar to Houri.

It was an invisible bullet.

Moreover, the invisible bullet was launched at a very close distance.

At that moment, the distance between Houri and Sherlock was less than one meter.

In such a situation, even Houri could not have reacted to the invisible bullet.


The next moment, a heavy muffled hit sounded in front of Houri’s body.

The powerful force made Houri like being hit a heavy blow, his body involuntarily fell backward.

If not for his bulletproof uniform, Houri would have been seriously wounded.

Sherlock Holmes.

The world’s most powerful detective was already known for his proficiency in gunplay, and even got the title of marksman.

Now coupled with the gun skill of an invisible bullet, Houri was directly forced back.

Then, Sherlock said.

“Although the situation was more or less unpredictable, my methodical predictions are still in operation, after all, the possibility of the battle was reasoned out by me long before that, but now it’s just advanced.”

“Houri-kun, you are an interesting person, even if it was only for a little while, but you did make statements and actions that took me by surprise, it was remarkable.”

“But it’s more or less too early for you to challenge the IU leader.”

“Well, to show my respect to you, let me show you the power of IU.”

Saying this, Sherlock spoke out to everyone in the second-floor corridor.

“In the name of the current leader of IU, I give you my orders.”

“To show respect to the opponent, fight.”

After saying that, Sherlock turned around and walked in the direction of the entrance of the hall in front of him.

Seeing that Sherlock actually ignored himself and exposed his back to his view without minding, Houri did not rush forward again, but raised his head and looked at the second-floor corridor.

There, each of the IU members’ eyes became sharpened.

Murderous aura firmly enveloped in Houri’s body.


With such a sound, a dark muzzle was directed at Houri on the second floor’s corridor.

Dada Dada–!

A roaring muzzle fire blossomed in a corner of the second-floor corridor, causing countless bullets to rain down and envelop Houri.

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