Illimitable Until Death v3c243

Before the muzzle fire blossomed like fireworks and bullets rained down from the second-floor corridor, Houri had already seen the full face of the person who launched the attack.

It was a shoujo wearing a Chinese Qing Dynasty official uniform and holding a sturdy machine gun in her hand.

The shoujo had an innocent smile on her face, but there was no hesitation in pulling the trigger. The shoujo was clearly small in size, comparable to Aria, but the recoil of the huge machine gun was as if it had been completely ignored, roaring madly and letting countless bullets pour down.

That is no longer a level that can be blocked.

Although Houri was able to block the pistol’s bullets, then again there is no way to block the machine gun’s bullets with a dagger.

Of course, it’s impossible with a dagger, but it’s not impossible with the rest of the stuff.


Houri suddenly showcased his skill with the bullet-proof uniform, removed the jacket of the bullet-proof uniform instantly, and flung it into the air, blocking it in front of himself.

Papa Papapa–!

The countless bullets that fell from the sky fell on top of the bulletproof uniform as if they had landed on some hard object, provoking a sound like marbles hitting the ground, and the bulletproof uniforms that were thrown into the air were knocked away like a ball.


At the moment the bulletproof uniform was knocked away, a flash of light suddenly appeared.

The invisible bullet, which could not be captured with the naked eye, cut through the air and landed heavily on the petite shoujo’s body, causing the petite shoujo to cry out in pain and collapsed.


Almost at the same time, the sound of electricity running through suddenly sounded.

Houri, who had just struck an invisible bullet, turned his head hard and looked in another direction.

There, a hand holding a parasol, wearing noble gothic lolita, with a pair of bright red eyes, vampire-like shoujo looking down at Houri, with an arrogant look on her face, but electric current around her body become more and more intense.

In a short time, an electric current was gathered in the vampire shoujo’s hands into a huge ball of lightning, which was held high by her, as if dancing, with a fling, thrown in the direction of Houri.

The dazzling lightning instantly illuminated the surroundings.

This time it was not a tiny bullet that fell from the sky, but a huge ball of lightning with a diameter of about two meters, enough to envelop Houri’s whole body.

In the face of this huge ball of lightning, Houri’s pair of ice blue mystic eyes flashed with rainbow light, Moonblade clenched in his hand, he moved forward and jumped high to meet it directly.

Under the gaze of death perception mystic eyes, a dead line began to appear in the huge ball of lightning.

As if to meet the thunderbolt, Houri rushing up in mid-air, his expression became extremely cold under the rendering of ice blue mystic eyes, without a trace of emotion.

Immediately, the sharp dagger cut through space, passing by the huge ball of lightning.


As if cutting off the human body, the huge lightning ball was cut into two halves by the sharp dagger.

Houri just grazed the halved thunderball, swept through the middle of the two semicircular thunderballs, opened a pair of ice blue mystic eyes, and rushed to the vampire shoujo, whose face had changed slightly.


Suddenly, the sound of the wind picked up.

When Houri rushed in the direction of the vampire shoujo, a hurricane appeared in the space around him, and in a moment it turned into a tornado, which surrounded Houri directly.

Houri’s body immediately paused in mid-air, under the hurricane, he seemed to be struck by the tornado and flew back to the ground with the wind.

In the wind, Houri while flying backward, turned his head with difficulty and looked at the source of the wind.

What he sees is a shoujo wearing a gray suit-style uniform, tied with an aqua blue bow, about twelve years old, with a very beautiful long and smooth silver straight hair, is holding a bow larger than her own height, a cute face without any expression is standing there.

One hand of the silver-haired shoujo was stretched out straight in the direction of Houri, and the wind was blowing in her hand, proving the fact that this wind was the work of this shoujo.

In this gust of wind, Houri only felt that his whole body was squeezed by the strong wind pressure, and even his body was hard to move.

Seeing that the ground was getting closer and closer to Houri’s back, Houri took a deep breath of the turbulent airflow and swung his dagger hand as hard as he could.


With a sound of a leather ball being poked through, the hurricane wind wrapped around Houri’s surroundings was sliced open by a sharp dagger.

No, it should be said to be killed.

It was only then that Houri’s body finally regained its freedom, with a spin, landed on the ground in the form of one knee.

Everything turns into silence.

On the second floor corridor, each and every IU member looked at Houri who was on one knee in the hall below, and their eyes changed completely.

“… Seriously?

“Cao Cao, Hilda, and Sarah all attacked together, but they couldn’t take him down?”

“Is this the magician gunner?”

“This title is a big joke.”

“Even with Cao Cao, to actually cut off ‘purple thunder witch’ and ‘Hurricane’s Sarah’ ESP with just a dagger, this kind of thing has never been heard before.”

“No wonder he dares to break in here.”

Each of the IU members voiced their opinions, with a strong sense of disbelief in their voices.

In particular, the three shoujo, known as Cao Cao, Hilda and Sarah, who took a shot at Houri, viciously glared at Houri with a look that wanted to eat Houri alive.

Immediately after, many people spoke again.

“Guys, let’s take him down together.”

“This man seems to have some strange power.”

“It’s a bit dangerous to take on him alone.”

“Let’s strike together.”

“Let’s do it together.”

One by one, the members of IU began to make such claims.

With such a proposition, the murderous aura that enveloped Houri’s body also swelled with a breath, making the atmosphere extremely sinister.

Now, Houri finally couldn’t help but be speechless.

It’s not difficult to win against one or two people with Houri’s current strength.

However, if the superhuman’s group here attacked together, Houri would really have no chance of winning.

Seeing that every IU member came forward and raised their hands, seemingly ready to make a move, Houri gripped the dagger in his hand, also ready to fight to the death.

At this moment, something unexpected happens.

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