Illimitable Until Death v3c244


The sharp tip of the sword sank deep into the ground, emitting a fierce sound that echoed all around.

The sudden sound caused many of the IU members on the second-floor corridor to be stunned instantly.

Houri was also stunned.

The sword that made such a sound was being held tightly in the hand of a silver-haired shoujo wearing light armor and stuck upside down on the ground.

Impressively, it was Jeanne.

Jeanne stood in front of Houri, raised her head, looked at the second-floor corridor, and said aloud.

“This is the end!”

As Jeanne’s words fell, some of the IU members on the second-floor corridor suddenly turned around and turned their weapons towards their companions.



“Shit, actually choose to do it at this time?!”

A chagrined expression appeared on the faces of the IU members who were targeted, and they also turned around and faced their fellow members.

In a moment, the entire IU members actually split into two groups and began to confront each other.

“This…” Houri really couldn’t react.

What’s going on?

Is this an internal conflict?

Why is there an internal conflict all of a sudden?

While Houri’s mind was asking this question, a beautiful voice answered him.

“Not suddenly, this situation is destined to happen.”

The one who said this was an illusory bishoujo.

It was Tohyama Kana.

Tohyama Kana jumped down from the corridor at some point and came to Houri’s side.

Beside him, Tohyama Kinji also followed.

“Has it finally come to this?” Tohyama Kinji said helplessly, holding Beretta in his hand. “It’s just like you said, Kana.”

“I’m sorry, Kinji, for getting you involved.” Tohyama Kana gently stroked Tohyama Kinji’s head, then turned his head, looked in Houri’s direction, and said softly. “Only, the time is also ripe, and it is time to enter the final stage.”

“The final stage?” Houri frowned and questioned. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I think it was mentioned in the information Mine Riko gave you, right?” Tohyama Kana didn’t answer personally but asked rhetorically. “In IU, there are actually two factions.”

Hearing this, Houri immediately understood.

“So that’s it, a faction war between Research faction and Pro-war faction?”

The IU is a truly lawless organization that ignores all the laws that exist in the world and does not even have many internal rules.

Members of the IU can be as strong as they want and achieve their goals in any way they want. As long as they provide their own skills, others have no right to control what they want to do.

In such a situation, this organization naturally gathered people with different ideas.

Basically, these people are divided into two factions.

One is the Research faction.

The other is the Pro-war faction.

The Research faction’s philosophy is to seek purely for the means to increase their own power and nothing else.

The Pro-war faction’s philosophy is to lead a fighting group in the organization that no military nation can resist, to conquer the world, to launch attacks around the world at will, and to expand war and massacre.

Undoubtedly, under the two completely different ideas, these two factions are destined to oppose each other.

Only, Sherlock, as the IU leader, was himself a supporter of the Research faction, which is why he did not let the IU become a real terrorist group.

“Now that Sherlock-dono’s life span is running out, IU has come to a time of change.” Tohyama Kana said to Houri. “In such a situation, the conflict between the Research faction and the Pro-war faction is unavoidable.”

“It is said that the people of Pro-war faction have been eyeing to start the fight for the throne of IU leader immediately after Sherlock’s death.” Tohyama Kinji seemed to have learned the whole story from Tohyama Kana’s mouth and likewise speak to Houri. “Research faction is hoping to elect a leader who can succeed Sherlock’s position, like Sherlock, continue to lead the IU in research technology.”

Hearing this, Houri suddenly felt a burst of clarity.

“The person chosen by the Research faction is Aria?”

That’s why Tohyama Kana wanted to kill Aria.

The Tohyama family’s justice messenger must have learned about the horror of IU, so he infiltrated as an undercover agent, looking for an opportunity to dismantle the entire IU.

And Sherlock’s death is an opportunity.

Once Sherlock dies, the conflict between the Research faction and the Pro-war faction will break out completely, and both sides will definitely engage in a civil war, which will greatly weaken their power.

However, if Aria has inherited the IU leader position, the conflict between the two factions will not break out, and Tohyama Kana’s plan will not be completed.

For this reason, Tohyama Kana even approached Tohyama Kinji, and both parties acted together for ‘justice’ that the Tohyama family had been following for generations.

“Magician gunner.”

At that moment, Jeanne turned her back on Houri and said to Houri without looking back. “I am a member of Research faction, so I am also planning to make Aria become IU leader and crush Pro-war faction’s ambition, but Sherlock-dono told us Research faction people that even if Aria becomes IU leader, without the power to suppress everyone here, then the people of the Pro-war faction will definitely not give up, and eventually it may even lead to the emergence of usurpation.”

“In order to avoid this situation, Sherlock-dono said that your presence is essential,” Jeanne said. “I said that Aria should not come to IU, because once she came to IU, it is absolutely impossible to leave, and now only you are left.”

“The Pro-war faction wants to get rid of Aria and put themselves in the leader position, and of course they want to get rid of you as well.” Jeanne glanced at Houri and resolutely said.

“We Research faction will not let you die here, so you can go to Sherlock-dono, Pro-war faction people will be held back by us.”

“I’ll do my part too.” Tohyama Kana smiled sweetly and said to Tohyama Kinji. “Kinji, you just take your companions first.”

Tohyama Kinji nodded heavily and looked at Houri.

Houri was silent, and after a while turned around, without saying anything else, and ran directly to the entrance ahead.
Tohyama Kinji immediately followed.

After that, gunshots and booms began to ring out in the hall, kicking off the civil war.

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