Illimitable Until Death v3c245

In the dimly lit corridor, Houri and Tohyama Kinji ran on, all the way forward.

“That…” Tohyama Kinji said while running and stammering a bit. “Houri …”

“You don’t need to say anything,” Houri said with a sigh. “Now, I already understand why you stopped me at that time.”

“… I’m sorry.” Tohyama Kinji with a deep tone said. “Kana… when Nii-san found me and appeared in front of me, and told me everything, I was also very hesitant. Even though I knew that what Nii-san did was for justice, but to sacrifice Kanzaki-san’s life for justice, to be honest, I also struggled a lot.”

“But killing Aria is also a shortcut to destroy IU, right?” Houri grinned and said. “You didn’t kill Aria in the first place because you were concerned about your feelings, did you?”

“No, Nii-san actually does not want to sacrifice Kanzaki-san in his heart?” Tohyama Kinji shook his head and said. “That’s why Nii-san made a bet to himself that you could make it before he killed Kanzaki-san.”

Aria had said that Tohyama Kana had been avoiding the vitals when dealing with her.

However, as time went on, Tohyama Kana gradually began to have the intention to kill.

The reason for this is this.

As long as Houri was able to make it within the time frame set by Tohyama Kana, then Tohyama Kana would give up on killing Aria.

And if Houri did not make it in time, then Tohyama Kana would kill Aria.

“Nii-san knew that the IU was a very scary organization. To split them up, the leader who was keeping them in check must be removed first.” Tohyama Kinji explains. “The only two options for Nii-san were to kill Aria while Sherlock was dead, leaving a vacuum in the IU leadership, or to assassinate the current leader, Sherlock Holmes.”

However, Sherlock is very strong.

Although only once, Houri in an unexpected situation launched a full-force attack and with the death perception mystic eyes, but was easily resolved by Sherlock.

The famous British detective is not only strong in reasoning but also strong in combat, which is why he became the originator of Butei.

Gunsmithing, fighting skills and Western swordsmanship, these are all Sherlock’s best skills.

Not to mention, this was only during the time when Sherlock was still active.

Now, after more than a hundred years, Sherlock has continuously drawn strength in superhuman training institutions such as IU to enhance his own strength, his fighting power must have reached an extraordinary level.

Otherwise, Sherlock could not have managed to subdue so many superhumans in IU, so that the conflict between the Research faction and the Pro-war faction did not break out until this time.

Therefore, even Tohyama Kana, who is more powerful than Tohyama Kinji, is probably not Sherlock’s opponent.

It is for this reason that Tohyama Kana will try the first option, which was to kill Aria and let IU enter the leader vacuum period after Sherlock’s end of life so that the internal conflict broke out.

“Do you know why Nii-san gave up killing Kanzaki-san after you got to him in time?” Tohyama Kinji looked at Houri and said word by word. “It was because he wanted to gamble on you to see if you could defeat Sherlock.”

Tohyama Kinji was brought to IU, probably to strengthen his side, and if necessary, to take action against Sherlock, right?

The puzzle is finally all solved.

“All solved?”

Houri’s heart rose with a very uncomfortable feeling.

Clearly, all the puzzles have been solved, but why does it still feel like there is a very big answer missing?

Although not Aria, Houri’s intuition is sometimes unusually accurate.

Today, Houri feels a sense of discordant.

With this thought in mind, Houri ran forward until the end of the corridor appeared and a brightly lit exit appeared ahead.

Houri stopped in his tracks.

Tohyama Kinji also stopped in his tracks.

The two stood side by side, looking at the bright exit in front of them, silent to each other.

Only after a long time, Tohyama Kinji took the initiative to speak out.

“I will stay here, if someone comes, whether it is Pro-war faction or Research faction, I will stop them.”

In other words, Tohyama Kinji intended to leave Sherlock in Houri’s hands to deal with alone.

This is a wise choice.

Because, the current Tohyama Kinji is not in Hysteria mode, but just an ordinary person.

Such a Tohyama Kinji, against any person in IU will certainly lose, let alone against Sherlock.

Of course, staying here is also extremely dangerous.

If someone really barges in, Tohyama Kinji will probably be beaten in a minute with his current strength, right?

In response, Houri just suddenly laughed.

“No matter what your purpose is, you have hurt Aria after all, and it would be better to die here at the hands of the criminal so that Aria’s anger will be smoothed out?”

“If I can, I hope I can get out of this without dying.” Tohyama Kinji, with a bitter face, scratched his head and finally couldn’t help but complain. “I’ve already decided not to become a Butei, but why is this still happening?”

“In your words, it’s the fate of the Tohyama family, isn’t it?” Houri said. Anyway, if you die, then I won’t feel sorry for you.”

“To each other.” Tohyama Kinji said this, but a smile spread across his face.

Immediately after that, Tohyama Kinji’s voice rang out softly.

“Don’t die.”

Hearing this, Houri also couldn’t help but smile and said.

“Do your best.”

Leaving those words behind, Houri took a step and rushed out of the corridor under Tohyama Kinji’s watchful eyes.

As Houri rushed out of the corridor, an unbelievably spacious hall immediately came into his view.

Unlike the previous hall, this hall looked like a palace for an audience with a king, not only more or less luxurious but also surrounded by a solemn atmosphere.

And in the forefront of such a hall, the world’s most famous detective turned his back on Houri, but his voice gradually rang out.

“The new era is always led by young people in the charge.”

“I, on the other hand, am just an old man who is about to die.”

“Veterans should just disappear and go.”

“The next era should be mastered by you.”

Saying so, Sherlock turned around and looked at Houri.

“Let me light the first fire of the new era.”

“With my life as the price.”

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