Illimitable Until Death v3c246


Under such a slight sound, Sherlock took a gentle step forward.

The pipe bitten in his mouth has disappeared.

In his hand, a walking stick appeared at some point.

Sherlock is like a real old man, step by step towards Houri.

But as Sherlock got closer, a near-horror sense of presence swelled up in his body.

Feeling that abnormal presence, Houri’s eyes widened slightly.

“This is…. Hysteria mode?!”

“The correct name would be Hysteria savant syndrome.” Sherlock laughed leisurely. “No need to be surprised, IU is supposed to be a place where all technology is shared. I learned Tohyama Kana… or rather, Tohyama Kinichi’s invisible bullet. Vlad was once a member of this place, he brought us the technology to copy genes from other people’s blood, by this technology, I also have the same Tohyama clan’s physique.”

“But, there are conditions to enter this mode.” Houri subconsciously said, and then reacted by clicking his tongue. “So that’s it, just like Vlad, you triggered Hysteria mode by going into a dying state?”

“Yes, the Hysteria savant syndrome of the Tohyama clan has many derivatives besides the basic type, one of which is this dying outbreak,” Sherlock said with a fearless smile. “And as you can see, I am an old man who is nearing the end of his life, in which case I can enter this state anytime and anywhere, which is what you call Hysteria mode.”

“Of course, I am also the IU leader, not only the invisible bullet and Hysteria mode, but I also I have learned the rest of the skills.”

“At least, I have basically learned all the abilities of all the members of the current IU.”

What a horrible fact.

As a genuinely great man, Sherlock was already an authentic superhuman in the era of more than a hundred years ago.
And in these 100 years, Sherlock also became the IU leader, acquired a large number of abilities.

In addition, Sherlock does not only have strength, even the mind is the world’s top-level, reasoning ability has almost become the ability to foresee, certainly not the type of fighting with brute force alone.

Such Sherlock was already very scary.

Now, after the increase of Hysteria mode, this IU leader has become a monster.

At least, from Sherlock’s swelling presence, Houri is sure that even Heavenly Father Dyaus may not be his opponent.

In other words, in the MainGod space, Sherlock is a Tier 4 existence.

(No wonder Side Mission’s difficulty is A Rank.)

Houri really can’t help but secretly smile bitterly in his heart.

(I’m clearly just a Tier 5, so why am I always up against higher-level opponents than me?)

Transcript world’s Mission difficulty is Tier 5.

However, that is only the difficulty of the mission at best, not the difficulty of this world.

Like in the previous world, Houri also confronted Heavenly Father Dyaus and Aphrodite before and after, these two opponents are not the target of Houri Main Mission completion but do not mean that Houri will not encounter such opponents.

This time, too.

Defeating the IU leader is only part of the Side Mission.

Houri’s Main Mission does not require him to defeat Tier 4, Sherlock.

Therefore, Houri’s Mission difficulty is indeed Tier 5.

Seeing Sherlock looking at him with a smile on his face, Houri began to hesitate.

At this moment, Sherlock suddenly said.

“If you want to use it, just use it.”

Houri couldn’t help but be stunned by this statement.

“What? Aren’t you thinking about it?” Sherlock said with a faint smile. “Considering whether to use your hidden trump card on me.”

This time, Houri’s heart couldn’t help but rise up with a bad chill.

“According to my reasoning about you, you should have a hidden trump card that can be turned into a victory in a critical moment.” Sherlock naturally said. “Only, once that trump card is used, it will have serious consequences, such as powerful side effects and so on.”

Houri’s hand held Moonblade completely tight.

“It’s okay, you can use it if you want,” Sherlock said with a smile on his face. “No matter what, this is the last battle, if you don’t do your best, you’ll regret it.”

“… Maybe that’s true, but right now, I can be sure that once I use Stigma, then I’ll regret it.” Houri took a deep breath to calm himself down and said indifferently. “For you who possesses the ability like methodical predictions, this kind of ability with powerful side effects will only be unable to pose a threat to you, and maybe used by you in turn to make me destroy myself, and it is because of this that I hesitate.”

“Now, your performance confirms even more that my idea was correct.” Houri lifted the dagger in his hand and pointed it at Sherlock.

“So, I’ll use my full strength in this state to beat you.”

“Quite a wise choice, worthy of the hottest S-class Butei.” Sherlock’s smile gradually became dangerous.

“Then let me meet you head-on.”

With that, Sherlock tapped the cane in his hand.


With a cracking sound, the walking stick in Sherlock’s hand directly broke apart, exposing the weapon inside.

It was a sword.

The hilt had narrowed over time and had a shape close to a straight blade, a strong European-made sword.

“This is an imperial treasure that I borrowed from Her Majesty the Queen of England, and it is said to be the sword used by the former Knight King.” Sherlock smiled slightly and said. “I won’t tell you the name so that you don’t lose your confidence against this sword straight away.”

“Don’t worry, no matter how powerful a weapon you have, I won’t lose my confidence against it.” Houri closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, ice blue mystic eyes were already visible in his pupils.

“For me, as long as it is a sword that will break, then there is no difference.”

“Whether it’s you or that sword, I’ll kill it.”

“Interesting.” Sherlock lifted the sword in his hand and said with an arousing tone.

“Then try it.”

The moment the words fell, Houri and Sherlock moved at the same time.


With the sound of breaking wind, both of them disappeared at the same time.

When they reappeared, they were already in the middle of the hall.


In a crisp sound, the sharp dagger and the famous holy sword collide together, stirring up sparks.

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