Illimitable Until Death v3c247


The blades were interlocking.

In the court-like hall, the dagger and the long sword heavily collide into a silver flash, sending fierce sparks flying through the space.

It was an exceptionally dazzling scene.

However, underneath such a dazzling scene, there was unmistakable killing intent.


At this moment, Houri’s body has completely transformed into a blast of wind, as if shifting, flashing around Sherlock’s body.

The ice blue mystic eyes fixedly stared at the famous detective holding the sword.

The dagger in his hand was moving with a deadly colds light.

Houri flew back and forth around Sherlock at such an amazing speed, and the dagger in his hand was like torrential rain, constantly slashing ahead, making blade light constantly appearing around Sherlock’s body.

Clank Clank Clank Clank–!

The fierce clash sound resounded.

In the face of the storm strike from all directions, Sherlock did not dodge but swung his long sword with minimal movement, and his body was turning with Houri, as if dancing, taking the coming strike one by one.

If Houri is the wind, then Sherlock is the breeze.

Even though it seems to be at a disadvantage, the strikes from all directions are all caught by Sherlock, making the sparks and clash sound burst around, which looks exceptionally beautiful.

In this case, Sherlock’s mouth has been carrying a faint smile.

On the contrary, Houri, although like a raging storm attacking Sherlock, his expression looks more and more dignified.

“This guy…”

As the battle progressed, Houri really became more and more terrified.

Because, in front of this blade light sword shadow-like intense combat, simply not scientific.

Under the ability of death perception mystic eyes, Houri can clearly see the dead line of the object.

Not only Sherlock’s dead line, but also the dead line of the weapon in Sherlock’s hands can be clearly seen.

So, at the beginning of the battle, Houri was trying to kill the sword numerous times after Sherlock set up the long sword.

As a result, they all ended up in failure.

This is where Houri is terrified.

It is true that it is more difficult to aim at the dead line of the sword than the human body, which is a larger target.

As in the case of Konochi Kurusu, the sword’s dead line is not only thinner, but it’s also very hard to hit with precision with a very fast swing, so it’s not easy to hit.

However, Houri is not a fledgling MainGod envoy anymore.

Now, Houri has mastered the Nanaya assassination arts and has greatly improved in terms of skill, plus far more foul agility than the Tier 5 presence, it is no longer a difficult task to cut through a weapon that is swinging at breakneck speed.

However, in the battle so far, Houri already does not know how many knives have been swung, but not once cut Sherlock’s weapon in the dead line.

It was as if he could sense Houri’s intention, Sherlock just waved his long sword with a very subtle movement, and the long sword not only deflected Houri’s strike but also made the dead line deviate from Houri’s target by a subtle margin.

This was incredible.

When such a thought flashed through Houri’s mind, Sherlock’s faint smile voice rang out once again.

“Not that it’s anything unbelievable.”


The words that read Houri’s mind made Houri’s heart tightened.

Sherlock was still dancing in the same place in a circle, flicking away Houri’s strike, while leisurely said.

“If my reasoning is correct, you should have some very special ability, I don’t know what the effect of that ability is, but it should be an ability that requires a hit to be effective.”

Houri’s pair of ice blue mystic eyes trembled slightly, and the strike in his hand couldn’t help but slow down a bit.

Sensing that Houri’s attack was slowing down, Sherlock laughed. “Don’t ask me how I know, that’s something that can be easily deduced.”

“After all, from the beginning, your sight was very explicit, always staring at the places that needed to be attacked, but the rest was not at all concerned, so I naturally had the question of why you would be so obsessed with attacking these places, and combined with your previous performance, it was easy to reason out something of this magnitude.”

Sherlock is already a blind person, it will naturally become very sensitive to other people’s sight.

“Moreover, I can also reason from the fact that you are staring at the part of the attack with the sight,” Sherlock said with extreme certainty. “Your ability definitely has something to do with the eyes.”

Saying such a phrase, Sherlock made a fierce effort to turn defense into offense, with the twisted of his body, the long sword in his hand suddenly stabbed.


With an unknown number of strikes, Sherlock’s stab was blocked by Houri.

However, Sherlock’s long sword flashed and unleashed an aurora-like stab attack.

The speed of the stab was not only very fast, but the trajectory was also extremely tricky.

Houri, who is familiar with the exploits of Sherlock Holmes, knows that this is Western swordsmanship.

According to the book, Sherlock was not only a good marksman with a pistol but also a connoisseur of combat and Western swordsmanship.

Seeing the storm-like stab keep coming in his direction, Houri’s face was slightly tight, but his body was like a mirage, dodging frequently.

However, every time Houri dodged a stab, the next one would come in front of him with an even stronger and faster trend.

“I told you, right? I can sense your position even with the flow of air?”

Sherlock, who was able to make his explanation with ease, once again unleashed his extremely fast stab, making the tip of his sword look like a laser and shooting in Houri’s direction.


Houri finally raised his dagger and blocked the incoming stab when he couldn’t avoid it.


However, the next moment, an even more tricky stab cut through space and struck Houri’s chest.


The tearing sound resounded.

That was the sound of Houri’s clothes being pierced in front of him.

In the nick of time, Houri tried his best to turn sideways and dodge the incoming attack, leaving his clothes pierced in front of him.


But at that moment, Sherlock’s whole body sprang up with electric light.

Biri Biri–!

With the sound of the electric clash, a strong burst of lightning stormed through Sherlock’s body.

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