Illimitable Until Death v3c248


With a roar, the violent lightning suddenly exploded in the entire court hall, setting off a shocking impact, sending an electric shock run in all directions, wreaking havoc.

Within the lightning, Houri’s body was bounced like a ball, with electric arcs running all over his body.

“Guh…!” Houri couldn’t help but let out a muffled hum from deep in his throat.

But not long after, Houri was able to control his body and landed on the ground with a backflip.

Even so, Houri’s body still slid on the ground, until after sliding out of a distance of more than ten meters, only then stopped.

The arc of lightning is still running on his body, so Houri’s frown.

And in the midst of the raging lightning, Sherlock’s half-surprised, a half-complimented voice came out.

“I have tried to do the surprise, but I did not expect you to react at the last moment, and jumped out of the distance to avoid suffering a direct hit, reducing the damage by half, really remarkable.”

However, it was Houri who really didn’t expect it.

No, rather than not expecting it, it was only now that he reacted to the fact that Sherlock could actually use ESP.

It’s only natural that Sherlock would use ESP.

After all, Sherlock had already said that as the IU leader, he had learned the skills of almost all the members of the current IU.

Among them, ESP is also included.

It can be said that Sherlock is the one who absorbed the most knowledge and power in the whole IU.

The IU leader has learned almost all the members of the IU, including ESP.

This is a type that has not been encountered so far.

Since entering MainGod space, Houri has fought all kinds of existences, and even fought Tohno Shiki, Nanaya Shiki and Ryougi Shiki in the training ground of MainGod space, so his combat experience is not small.

However, Sherlock is a type that Houri has never encountered before.

Little by little to see through Houri’s bottom.

One by one, reveal Houri’s trump card.

Then predict Houri’s movements, forcing Houri to a dead end, and inflicting a sure win.

Fighting not only with great strength but also with an excellent mind.

Houri has never encountered this type of opponent before.

To calculate the degree of difficulty, it is not only Heavenly Father Dyaus, I am afraid that even Aphrodite is not as good as this famous detective.

How can he defeat such an opponent if he can’t use Stigma on Sherlock?

“I’ll just have to try…”

Houri holds the dagger in reverse, like a cheetah with fangs outstretched, and gradually crouches down, until the empty hands are pressed on the ground.

That look, like a beast about to pounce on its prey.

“Oh?” Sherlock seemed to feel something, the lightning gradually began to converge on his body, and the long sword in his hand was slowly lifted.

Looking at this Sherlock, Houri took a deep breath, and his death perception mystic eyes shone with an icy light.

The next moment, Houri suddenly stomp on the ground, like a stray arrow, shot in the direction of Sherlock.

But before that, Sherlock, as if he had predicted Houri’s movement, suddenly made a stab and let the long sword in his hand turn into an electric aura and thrust towards Houri’s throat.

Faced with this blow, this time, Houri moving forward, speed skyrocketed, as if trying to get himself into that stabbing sword tip, extremely fast rushing forward.

Then, as he was about to hit the tip of the sword, the dagger in Houri’s hand turned into a blade light.

“Flash Sheath Four Cross!”

In this instant, the blade light turned from one to four, like a wind blade, to meet the incoming long sword.


The first blade light deflected the incoming long sword, sending sparks flying.


The second blade light cut through the atmosphere, but Sherlock’s whole body burst a strong wind pressure and was severely cut by the sharp dagger.

Then, the third blade light and the fourth blade light are directly swept towards Sherlock, one swept towards Sherlock’s neck and one swept towards Sherlock’s heart, directly hitting the vitals.

“That’s a bit of a dangerous move.” Sherlock let out a bitter smile.

However, in the face of the incoming deadly strike, Sherlock did not have a trace of panic.

Sherlock knew that even if he had entered Hysteria mode, 80% of the time he would not be able to beat Houri’s speed.

Therefore, Sherlock did not dodge Houri’s extremely fast strike, not arrogant, but knew he could not dodge.

Since this is the case, Sherlock can only choose to defend.

The previous attack and defense were like this.

This is also the case now.

In such a situation, the temperature around Sherlock dropped steeply.

Kacha… Kacha… Kacha…

In the clearly audible sound of condensation, a cold current suddenly gushed out from Sherlock’s body, causing the two blade lights to seemingly freeze and be covered with ice particles.

No, it was not the blade light that froze, but the waved blade light weapon, namely Houri’s Moonblade.

Feeling the icy chill, Houri’s pair of ice blue mystic eyes flashed again, and his dagger-wielding hand completely shook, shattering the ice that had gradually condensed on it.

It just for a moment, but still bought Sherlock a precious time.

Clank– Clank–!

Under the two clash sound, Sherlock withdrew the long sword that was just bounced away, like a wind wheel, two rounds of up and down swings, blocking the two blade light that had its speed greatly reduced.

But almost at the same time, a deadly flash of light sweeps past.

“Flash Sheath Nanaya!”

That was the fastest move in the Nanaya assassination arts that Houri had learned.

It was only a single slash, but it was like a flash that cut space in half, passing Sherlock’s eyes in a flash.

The speedy slash made Sherlock barely able to react and put his sword in front of his face.


A clash sound like ringing a bell rang out.

Sherlock’s sword, known as Britain’s greatest treasure, flew high into the air.

Sherlock’s weapon was finally bounced off.


Houri’s pair of ice blue mystic eyes lit up brightly.


The next second, under the pleasant sound of swords chirping, high-speed flash once again appeared, through space, but also through time, like a thunderbolt, violently cut-down.

The goal is Sherlock’s head.

This blow, even the airflow is cut.

So, even though Sherlock sensed it with his sense of airflow, he couldn’t avoid it at all.

Just as the fatal blow was about to land on Sherlock’s head, Sherlock suddenly raised his head.


A scarlet light bloomed on his body.

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