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As that scarlet glow blossomed from Sherlock’s body, Houri’s pair of ice blue mystic eyes that are a short distance away were rendered in a bright red hue.

“What is this?”

Houri was suddenly started.

Because from that scarlet light, Houri felt an unprecedented terrifying power.

That power was definitely the strongest level Houri had seen so far.

It can’t be compared to anything else.

This caused a sense of foreboding to rise in Houri’s heart.

Houri’s premonition proved to be accurate.


Just as Houri’s flash-like slash hurtled past, Sherlock’s figure disappeared without any warning.


The extremely fast strike landed in the air, slicing through the air and leaving a dazzling slash in space.

However, Houri spoke with an unbelievable voice.




Sherlock disappeared right in front of Houri’s eyes.

Not because of speed, nor any kind of obstruction, just disappeared suddenly.

It wasn’t until a while later that Sherlock’s voice came slowly.

“It’s called an instantaneous movement, so I don’t need to explain what kind of ability it is, right?”

With the sound of such a voice, Houri suddenly found.

In the space in front of him, Sherlock’s figure appeared to be a coalescence of light particles, gradually taking shape.

“You…” Houri’s pair of ice blue mystic eyes could not help but start to change.

Sherlock, actually also has the ESP of instantaneous movement?

In other words, the attack and defense battle just now, Sherlock has been letting off steam?

“No, no, no.” Sherlock shook his head and once again, as if seeing through Houri’s mind, explained. “You’ve got two things wrong, Houri-kun.”

“One: That ESP was indeed an instantaneous movement, but it can only be used once in a day, otherwise I wouldn’t have had to work so hard to defend against your attack and think about how to avoid your inexplicable ability, so it doesn’t count.”

“Two: This ESP doesn’t belong to me, I didn’t learn it from anyone, I got it from something else.”

Saying this, Sherlock spreads a hand in Houri’s direction.

In that hand, a bullet was lying.

A bullet with a scarlet hue, as if there were flames burning.

“This bullet, I will call it Hidan,” Sherlock said to Houri. “It is made of a metal that gives the bearer an extremely powerful ESP, and the name of the metal is Hihi’irokane.”

This name, Houri knows.

Because there is a legend in Japan that there is a fantastic metal in this world, like a perpetual motion machine, belonging to the crystallization of human fantasy.

He never thought that this thing actually exists.

Moreover, it can also give people ESP.

“To be honest, compared to the ESP given by Hihi’irokane, the ESP held by humans is like a child’s play, the difference is like a nuclear bomb and a bullet. Like this Hidan in my hand, if I can fully control the ESP given by it, it is not difficult even to wage war all over the world.”

Sherlock said. “I was able to command the entire IU by its overwhelming power. Moreover, I was able to live until now because Hihi’irokane was able to extend my life span.”

That’s how it is.

Houri also thought that Sherlock was able to extend his lifespan until now by copying genes from a long-lived species like Vlad into his own body by way of copying genes.

“Unfortunately, the extended life span using Hidan is only as long as it is today, and according to my reasoning, my life span would have run out recently anyway,” Sherlock said with regret. “Frankly speaking, I do not wish to die so soon, Hidan is a substance beyond the world, many mysteries have not yet been solved. When Her Majesty commissioned me to study Hihi’irokane, and now I have not yet solved all the mysteries of Hihi’irokane, I can only let my ‘scarlet research’ come to an end here, really very regretful.”

For this famous detective with the strongest mind, it seems to be a real regret that he has not been able to research all the secrets of Hihi’irokane.

And Houri is also finally understood.

Understand why he felt a sense of discordant and dissonance when he thought all the mysteries were solved.

The answer lies with Sherlock.

“This time, the Pro-war faction, the Research faction, and the Tohyama clan all have their own purposes.”

The Pro-war faction wants to win the leader position and conquer the world with the power of IU.

The Research faction wants to select a good leader so that the IU philosophy can be maintained.

Tohyama Kinichi and Tohyama Kinji want to disintegrate IU and eradicate this criminal group.

Even Houri and Aria have their own purposes so they have invaded IU and come here.

Only one person, since the beginning but has not shown his own purpose.

That is Sherlock.


Sherlock’s purpose has been very clear, is to make Aria his heir.

However, this heir is definitely not the heir of IU.

“You…” Houri looked at Sherlock with great surprise and said.

“You want Aria to inherit your mission and complete your research on Hihi’irokane?”

“The answer is yes.” Sherlock suddenly smiled and declared.

“I want Hidan to become Aria’s property so that Aria can continue my legacy and continue my ‘Crimson Research’.”

“So, from today, Aria will no longer be ‘Quadra’s Aria’, but ‘Hidan no Aria’.”

After saying that, Sherlock then raised his head, looked at the entrance in front of him, and said. “According to my reasoning, Aria should also be almost here.”

Sherlock’s words just fell, Houri immediately noticed a movement.


This is the sound of the thrusters and ejectors at work.

In the direction of the entrance, a figure carrying a jet of light, like a flying fighter jet, came flying at great speed and stopped in mid-air.

That person was none other than Aria.

The back of the bullet-proof uniform and the outer side of the perimeter is equipped with armor-like leg plates of metal, making Aria seem to be equipped with an unfurled battle skirt.

The lower end of each of the seven variable wing machines emits a jet of inflammation that glows in the air.

Those are high-powered small rocket thrusters and posture control wings.

The case that Aria carried before she left, contained this thing.

So, Aria gained the ability to fly.

And when such Aria turned her gaze downward, a pair of scarlet eyes instantly opened to the maximum.

Shocked, filled Aria’s heart.

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