Illimitable Until Death v3c250

“Great… grand… pa…?”

Looking at Sherlock, who was confronting Houri, Aria was completely frozen in mid-air.

Really completely dumbfounded.

It was disorientation that Houri had never seen before.

It was as if even her soul was completely lost in this moment, and as if her mind had suffered the greatest degree of trauma, Aria’s tender face had no more blood, and she was completely frozen there.

That’s natural.

Seeing her most respected ancestors actually appear here is only one of the reasons.

More importantly, before coming here, Aria had already seen the Research faction and Pro-war faction at war, and had even seen Tohyama Kinji and learned that Houri was fighting against the IU leader.


“Great-grandpa is the leader?”

Aria’s voice was trembling.

IU is the one who caused Aria’s mother to go to prison.

Not to mention, Sherlock, as the world’s most famous detective, has always been on the side of justice, and now he has suddenly become a criminal, so how can Aria accept it?

In response, Sherlock was all smiles, looking at Aria’s eyes full of softness, said. “Finally, Aria, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

“Ah… Ah…”

Aria slowly descended from mid-air as if her whole body had lost its strength, and finally landed on the ground, she knelt down directly.

At this time, Shirayuki also rushed in from outside.

“Houri-kun.” Shirayuki took a complicated look at Aria, who was lost in thought, and then lowered her head to Houri, as if she was about to cry, and said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know Aria had flying tools, and as a result she smashed the ice door and rushed out.”

“She comes in the wrong time.” Houri finally also smiled bitterly and said to Shirayuki. “In any case, Shirayuki, you hurry to take Aria away first.”

This statement was immediately rejected by Sherlock.

“That’s not going to happen.” Sherlock shook his head and said. “I’ve come to the end of my life, my chance is only today, I can’t let you get in the way.”

With that, Sherlock pointed in the direction of Houri and Shirayuki.


Water vapor emerged in Houri and Shirayuki’s bodies immediately without any reason.

Under the loss of the water vapor, Houri felt that his body was losing strength, his throat became extremely thirsty, his skin became extremely dry, and even his blood seemed to have stopped flowing, and he fell to his knees on the ground with his eyes blackened.

“Ah…!” Shirayuki also could not help but let out a soft cry and fell to her knees on the ground, her whole body smoldering.

In such a situation, Shirayuki aside, Houri only felt that he was losing the strength to even hold the dagger, and his body was terribly heavy.

This is the result of the loss of water in the body at an alarming rate.

“Sherlock…” Houri hung his body helplessly, raised his head with difficulty, and uttered a hoarse voice. “You…”

“Don’t worry, Houri-kun, I won’t take your lives. Just, for the time being, hopefully you’ll be there to watch.” Sherlock turned his gaze to Aria, slowly raised his hand holding Hidan’s, and opened his mouth.

“The conditions for inheriting Hidan are very complicated, in addition to the need to have a very high self-esteem and childish character, but also must be close to Hidan for a minimum of three years.”

“The first condition made me choose Aria, a child whose self-esteem was already very high, and whose childishness was in some ways even higher than her self-esteem, and was undoubtedly the most suitable to succeed Hidan.”

“The problem is the second condition, the second condition seems simple, but in fact the least easy, because Hidan’s power makes it coveted by many people, and even the state is coveting it. In such a situation, trying to let Aria keep it for three years until it awakens, is too difficult.”

“Therefore, only I who have become Hidan awakener can protect Aria, but I must leave Hidan in Aria’s custody for three years.”

“I have to protect Aria by having the power of Hidan, and for that reason, I have to carry Hidan all the time, but I have to let Aria carry Hidan for three years. How can I make up for this three-year conflict period is also the biggest problem in life for me.”

“However, the one who can help me solve this problem is also Hidan.”

Saying this, Sherlock’s whole body once again glowed with scarlet light.


At this point, in the body of the disoriented Aria, had the same light blooming.

This made Aria finally react from her disoriented state, and she was at a loss for words. “This… what’s going on here?”

Houri was equally surprised.

The scarlet light was clearly the light of Hidan.

Aria has Hidan on her body too?

No, that’s not right.

Aria hasn’t inherited Hidan from Sherlock, so it’s logical that Aria shouldn’t have Hidan on her body.

On the contrary, Shirayuki, looking at this scene, although her expression was extremely weak, there was a sense of understanding in her eyes as she murmured.

“Sure enough, Aria is the successor of Hidan.”

Apparently, Shirayuki knew about Hidan’s existence from the very beginning.

In response, Sherlock just took a deep look at Shirayuki, and then looked at Aria, whose face was overwhelmed with the scarlet light, then said in a gentle tone. “Don’t worry, Aria, this is just a resonance phenomenon triggered by the same Hihi’irokane holder, when I trigger the power of Hidan, you will naturally resonate and release the power.”

“But that alone is not enough.”

Sherlock held out a finger in Aria’s direction.


The scarlet light that bloomed on Sherlock’s body immediately converged on his finger.


As if to form a counterpart, the scarlet light on Aria’s body also converged to the tip of her finger.

Aria’s eyes opened wide once again.

“Aria.” Sherlock suddenly said in an unquestionable tone. “Aim that finger at me.”

Aria shuddered and lifted her hand, pointing the finger with the scarlet light at Sherlock.


In this instant, both Sherlock and Aria, the scarlet light on their fingertips rose and shook.

The next second, the two scarlet lights seemed to be pulling at each other, and burst into a beam of light and shot forward at the same time.

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