Illimitable Until Death v3c251


The dazzling scarlet beam sliced through space like a passing meteor in the night sky.

The two scarlet beams shot out like this, and the distance was reduced to zero in a flash and collided with each other.

However, the collision of the two beams did not produce any strange sound, nor did it produce any conflict, as if suddenly mixed together in the water, it slowly began to fuse.

Not long after, everyone present was all seen.

The two scarlet beams that slowly fused together, in a fluctuation, turned into a mirror with a diameter of about two meters.

The mirror, as if it appeared directly in space, branded on top of space, suspended in front of Sherlock and Aria.

And inside the mirror, there is a set of images.

It was the image of a shoujo.

The shoujo’s age is about 13-14 years old, so the body is relatively small.

The shoujo has flaxen hair that resembles blond.

Her eyes are like sapphire blue eyes.

She is wearing a backless white summer dress.

Her long hair was tied in the shape of a twintail.

Such a shoujo seems to be chatting with someone, with a happy smile on her face and seems to be very happy.

Looking at this shoujo, all the people present were speechless.

“Ho-how can…” Aria exclaimed. “That… Isn’t that me?”


That’s Aria.

Although the hair color and eye color are completely different, that shoujo is Aria.

“To be correct, this should be the you from three years ago,” Sherlock said as he gazed at the mirror and a hint of exhilaration began to emerge in his voice. “Hidan’s power can achieve space jump, to achieve the effect of instantaneous movement. So from the beginning, I was wondering whether Hidan can also achieve time jump, at least it should be able to connect to the future.”

In other words…

“That is to say, this mirror is a kind of time tunnel.” Sherlock did not hide the smile on his face and explained it to everyone. “This is time mirror, a lens that connects different time and space, and the time and space that is being connected right now are three years ago, and it is right next to Aria’s side.”

“In this way, I will be able to let Aria inherit Hidan.”

With these words, Sherlock took out the pistol from his arms and put the Hidan in his hands into the magazine.

Seeing this, Houri can guess it even if he was slow.

Sherlock, ready to send Hidan to three years ago, shot into Aria’s body.

In this way, Aria can inherit Hidan three years ago, and Sherlock can start from three years ago, using Hidan that has not been sent out as a source of strength, to protect the safety of Aria who inherited Hidan after three years.

Using the power of Hidan to open the door to the past, Sherlock has managed to make his heir apparent in this form.

Therefore, when Sherlock’s Hidan shines, Aria’s body will also shine.

Because as early as three years ago, Aria has inherited Hidan.

“This is the final act.”

Sherlock pointed the muzzle at Aria in the lens.

Seeing this scene, the three people present behaved completely differently.

Aria didn’t react to the situation and still looked overwhelmed.

Shirayuki was like an observer, watching the scene with quiet eyes.

Only Houri, looking at Sherlock, who was aiming his muzzle at Aria in the lens, finally burned with anger for the first time.

“Sherlock Holmes…”

This person, indeed, is a remarkable famous detective.

From the very beginning, everyone’s actions had been under Sherlock’s control, becoming pawns in Sherlock’s hands, acting under Sherlock’s manipulation and finally arriving at today, allowing Sherlock to accomplish his purpose.

Sherlock had already known that Aria would come to IU today.

For this reason, Jeanne kidnapped Shirayuki, and that was Sherlock’s instruction, right?

He knew that Houri would come here to save Shirayuki.

He also knew that as Houri’s partner, Aria would also come along to vindicate her mother.

In other words, Houri was just a part of Sherlock’s plan from the start, being led by Sherlock’s nose.

Whether in action or in battle, Houri has been calculated by Sherlock from the start to the end.

Just like a clown.

“You think…”

Houri’s fist ferociously struck the ground, causing the skin to crack and the bones to be bruised, seeping out blood.

The pain, transmitted into Houri’s mind.

“You think…”

Houri squeezed the strength out of his body and lifted the dagger in his hand with difficulty, with a low growl said.

“You think I’m going to let you have your way?

Death perception mystic eyes flashed in Houri’s eyes once again.

At this moment, Houri saw it.

A dead line of power flowing within himself.

Aiming at that dead line, Houri used his last ounce of strength and stabbed the dagger into his body without hesitation.


With a crisp sound, the foreign power inside Houri’s body dissipated like an exploding balloon.

It, was killed by Houri.


The water vapor that was rising from Houri’s whole body calmed down at once, causing the blood in Houri’s body to flow again, and strength began to burst out from the depths of his body.


At the same time, Sherlock pulled the gun trigger in his hand and let the scarlet bullet turn into a scarlet streamer and shot into the time mirror, shooting in the direction of Aria three years ago.

At this very moment, Houri moved.


White phosphorescent light burst out from Houri’s body, like a white flame, burning slowly.

At this moment, Houri finally used Stigma.

Immediately, Houri stomped on the ground and turned into a white stream of light, jumped forward at an astonishing speed.

The ice blue mystic eyes flashed with an unprecedented intensity of light.

The target was the scarlet bullet.

Hidan that shot through space at subsonic speed was clearly reflected in Houri’s vision.

Including the crack-like dead line.


Blade light with white phosphorescence suddenly appeared.

The blade light was cold and dazzling.

“Flash Sheath Eight Falcons!”

That was a move that made the user and the attack become one.

Therefore, Houri’s figure swept out directly after the cold blade light, like a falcon swooping down from mid-air, flashing through space.

The tip of the sharp dagger then gently sank into the Hidan that shot past, cutting into the cracked dead line.

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