Illimitable Until Death v3c252


In this one moment, an unprecedentedly dazzling scarlet light bloomed.


Rather than bloom, it is more like an explosion.

Like a flame thrown into the oil, the scarlet light surged from the Hidan like a riotous flame.

That performance is reminiscent of a beast that has been stirred and suddenly awakened from its sleep.

At this time, the dagger in Houri’s hand had already entered the Hidan’s dead line, cutting the extremely small crack-like dead line to half.

The remaining half doesn’t even take a blink of an eye to continue cutting down.

But Houri couldn’t cut down the remaining half of the dead line.

After the explosion of scarlet light, the speed of Hidan flashing through the space suddenly accelerated, and before Houri had time to cut the remaining half of the dead line, it seemed to flash in space and swept away at great speed.

Thus, Houri who turned into a blade light brushed Hidan and swept by.

As for Hidan, it was completely transformed into a scarlet laser and swept into the time mirror.


This is the sound caused by the bullet penetrating the human body.

The metal bullet that was capable of giving people an exceptionally powerful ESP traveled back in time to three years ago and pierced through the back of Aria’s heart in the time mirror with her back to everyone.


This urgent cry of sorrow passed through the time mirror from three years ago and reached everyone’s ears.

Then, the Aria in the time mirror is slowly falling to the ground.

This is the end of the picture.


With a burst of humming, the time mirror suddenly trembles, like a ripple that dissipated in the water, gradually disappeared.

The surroundings were suddenly quiet.

At this moment, Aria was dumbfounded.

Shirayuki showed an incredible expression.

Even Sherlock, who seemed to be completely unprepared for such a sudden situation, had his eyes widened slightly.

“Ha… Ha… Ha…”

Houri’s breathing began to become rapid, half kneeling on the ground, his body that seems to be burning white phosphorescence converging and finally completely disappeared.

Ice blue mystic eyes dimmed in Houri’s eyes and returned to a pair of dark pupils.

Underneath those dark pupils, fatigue and surprise emerged one by one.

Exhaustion is not only from the body that has lost a lot of water but also from the soul that has used Stigma.

The surprise was in response to the phenomenon that Hidan had just triggered.

“Did Hidan react to my attack?”

This phenomenon is not too big, but not too small.

The reason why it is not big is that Hidan is a magical metal, perhaps it has a mechanism to trigger a certain phenomenon when it is attacked.

The reason why it is not small is that the phenomenon that Hidan just triggered can prove one thing.

“Hidan… Hihi’irokane has a consciousness?”

This conjecture was confirmed.

“… You’re right, Houri-kun.” Sherlock turned his gaze to Houri’s body, and with a depth and clarity in his eyes that had not been seen until now, he said. “Hihi’irokane does have a consciousness, and the intelligence may be higher than human.”

So, just after Houri’s attack had posed a fatal threat to Hidan, Hihi’irokane’s consciousness was awakened, and in order to avoid the end of being killed by Houri, it triggered its ability to make Hidan’s speed increase and get away from Houri’s attack.

“Which means that your attack just had an effect on Hidan, which is incredible,” Sherlock exclaimed. “The ability to erase ESP, and the ability to cause effects on inanimate objects, and the ability to cause near-fatal damage to the human body once hit, I didn’t expect you to have this kind of ability, Magician gunner, this title does not fit you at all.”

“However, your attack does not seem to be completely effective.” Sherlock sighed, his eyes shot straight to Houri, said. “But, because of the attack you just made, all the mysteries are finally solved.”

“All the… mysteries?” Houri met Sherlock’s gaze.

“The mystery of Hidan in Aria, and…” Sherlock turned his gaze in the other direction and looked at the shoujo, if with a deeper meaning. “The mystery of the Hotogi shrine anomaly.”

“Hotogi shrine?” Houri couldn’t help but look in the direction of Shirayuki with a slight frown.

Shirayuki, who seemed to have had her powers removed by Sherlock, was sitting on the ground, looking at Houri with a complicated gaze, silent.

At that moment, Aria’s cry of surprise suddenly rang out.


With Aria’s panicked voice, Houri and Shirayuki reacted and immediately turned in Sherlock’s direction.

There, Sherlock’s appearance had actually changed.

From the appearance of a handsome man in his twenties, he began to age little by little.

That’s natural.

Originally, Sherlock’s life span was extended because of Hidan.

Now that Hidan has traveled through time and space and was inherited by Aria three years ago, Sherlock, who has lost the means to prolong his life, has naturally started to run out of gas.

“My time is up.”

Sherlock’s expression is not a trace of panic, but rather a sense of relief and comfort.

“At the end of the day I was able to solve the two mysteries I had been thinking about, and I have no regrets.”

Sherlock looked over at Houri, a gradually aging face showing a big boy’s cheerful smile, and said.

“You’re an incredible person who did something out of the ordinary right from the start. The curtain fell on me again, and so far no one has been able to do that.”

“With a being like you as Aria’s partner, it seems I can rest easy.”

“So, Houri-kun, I leave my great-granddaughter in your care, I hope you will be able to fight the fate that follows together with Aria, inherit my research, and one day solve the mystery of Hihi’irokane.”

Leaving these words, Sherlock then turned around and slowly left.

“Hold it…!” Houri stood up with all his might but kneeled down again because of weakness in his body and soul.


At that moment, the whole hall began to tremble.

No, it should be said that the entire nuclear submarine began to tremble.

That unusual vibration told Houri.

This nuclear submarine that breaking away from the ocean floor at the fastest speed is rushing to the surface.

As for Sherlock, he walked up to the ladder and disappeared from Houri’s view.

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