Illimitable Until Death v3c253


Seeing Sherlock just walk away from his eyes, Houri gritted his teeth and got up from the ground with a struggle.



Aria and Shirayuki looked at Houri with blank eyes.

This is understandable.

Aria is still not recovered from the sudden major accident because of a series of paranormal phenomena and the shock of her great-grandfather’s appearance.

Shirayuki seems to know a lot of things, but because of this, she doesn’t know what to do next.

Looking at Aria and Shirayuki like this, Houri took a deep breath, cast his gaze directly on Aria and Shirayuki, and said. “You two get out of here and go back to Butei High.”

“Eh?” Aria and Shirayuki instantly all stupefied there.

In response, Houri just said calmly. “Now, this nuclear submarine is surfacing as fast as possible, I don’t know if it’s because Sherlock wants to escape or the superhuman group in IU destroyed something during the civil war, causing the submarine to malfunction and need to float up as soon as possible. Well, in either case, you have no reason to stay here, so it is safest to leave quickly.”

Hearing this, Aria aside, Shirayuki immediately reacted and said in a hurry. “What about you?”

“Me?” Houri closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, there was only calmness in them, he then said. “Sherlock and I have a score to settle.”

“You…” Aria looked up at Houri and with a shock said. “Do you still want to fight with great-grandpa?”

“Yes.” Houri met Aria’s gaze and said. “I’m not going to let that guy just slip out of my sight.”

It wasn’t because Houri was a Butei that he couldn’t tolerate Sherlock’s escape.

After all, Houri does not have such a strong sense of justice.

For Houri, Butei is only a job, not an obligation.

So, Houri had to settle things with Sherlock for himself.

“So, you two get out of here.”

“Ho-how can I do that?” Shirayuki said, shaking her head without thinking. “I can’t leave Houri-kun behind.”

“Listen, Shirayuki.” Houri pressed Shirayuki’s shoulders, looked Shirayuki straight in the eyes and said. “I must defeat Sherlock, and for that reason, I don’t want to have any worries. Only if you guys leave safely, I can fight without any worries.”

“Bu-but…” Shirayuki’s beautiful face was full of worry.

“Trust me,” Houri said with a small smile at Shirayuki. “I will win.”

After saying that, Houri looked at Aria, who was still in a daze, and after a moment of silence, softly said. “Aria.”

Aria trembles, like a frightened little animal and looked at Houri with anxiety.

To be honest, this was the first time Houri had ever seen Aria like this.

The S-class Butei, who had always been decisive and brave, and who was so aggressive that she was a bit capricious, had turned into this state without even fighting. It’s really hard for Houri to imagine.

However, it is not Aria’s fault.

Regardless of the amount of information brought about by the series of events, the matter of Sherlock is enough to make Aria confused.

So for Aria, Houri just looked at her and said.

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to fight, I will finish what you can’t finish.”

“Who made me your partner?”

This statement made Aria’s heart ache and almost shed tears.

This shoujo seems to be wayward, but in fact, her fate is quite rough.

Because of Sherlock’s unilateral needs, she was hit by Hidan three years ago and inherited Hidan and became the target of everyone’s covetous on.

Because of IU’s existence, her mother was wrongly accused and imprisoned, suffering from the crime of not being able to see the light of day again.

Now, in such a situation, she learns that the leader of the crime syndicate that caused her mother’s guilt of crime is the ancestor she has always worshiped since she was a child, which is an unimaginable blow to Aria.

But it’s almost over.

“As soon as I defeat Sherlock, that is.”

Saying this, Houri stood up and said. “You two just get out of here together, and remember, the sooner the better.”

Leaving those words behind, Houri turned straight around, whipping his weak and tired body into a chase in the direction Sherlock had left.



Aria and Shirayuki’s voices rang out from behind Houri.

Without looking back, Houri just looked ahead and rushed up the ladder where Sherlock had left.


The nuclear submarine was still trembling as if it might disintegrate at any moment, making the air treacherous.

Climbing up the long ladder, Houri sprinted upwards while adjusting his breathing.

His body was tired and weak from the loss of water.

His soul was weakened by the use of Stigma.

In such a situation, Houri gritted his teeth and took out the item from his bracelet space.

It was a column-shaped crystal.

Healing Crystal: Rechargeable item. Can heal serious wounds, cannot restore broken bodies, cannot restore fatal wounds. One-time use only. Restore the healing function twenty-four hours after use. Semi-permanent use. Worth 5000 CP.

This crystal is the healing item that Houri pulled out from the trading area before entering this world.

Because it is not a special item of space, but a special item of Transcript world derived from other MainGod envoy’s realm, it cannot be exchanged even in MainGod space. Therefore, the value of this gem is 5000 CP of MainGod space evaluation.

Houri spent 8000 CP with Transcript Order to purchase this healing tool.

Although it can only be used once within 24 hours, as long as the arm or leg is not broken or fatally wounded, it can be used to recover.

Of course, it has no way to restore the power of the soul.

But for the body, even if it is a case of losing a lot of water, as long as it is caused by unnatural ways and is judged as an injury, it can be used to recover.


A soft glow began to bloom on the crystal.

Holding the crystal, Houri felt a slight lightness throughout his body, and his body, which had felt extremely weak, gradually regained its vitality, allowing strength to begin to burst out from the depths of his body.

When the light dimmed, the Healing Crystal also dimmed and became pitch black.

Houri put the crystal back into space, raised his head, and looked up.

The exit had arrived.

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