Illimitable Until Death v3c254

This is one of the most spacious halls so far.

Not as unique as the first hall, and not as luxurious as the second hall, this hall looks like a larger warehouse, looking a little old and simple.

Only, in this old and simple hall, the deepest in front, there are a few huge pillars towering there.

No, that’s not a pillar.

That was a long-range ballistic missile.

–Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

Abbreviation, ICBM.

With a range of 8,000 kilometers or more, it is designed to deliver one or more nuclear warheads with great power.

This missile is often envisioned as a weapon to be used in a nuclear war that would lead to the end of the world.

They can be launched from all corners of the world and can attack any location, and with a certain number of them, they can destroy any major country in the world in a single day.

Houri, who rushed up from the corner stairs, entered the hall and was immediately attracted by the ICBMs.

“… Is this one of the reasons why even the major countries are afraid of IU?”

With a superhuman group that far surpasses ordinary people, and possessing such nuclear weapons, it is no wonder that ambitious people from the Pro-war faction have appeared in IU.

“Because this is a place where people can hope to conquer the world.”

Along with such a voice, a figure slowly walked out from the side of an ICBM.

Signs of aging began to appear on his face.

his hair began to turn white.

In terms of age, that was already almost around fifty years old.

Moreover, the signs of aging continued.

However, Houri does not dare to underestimate this half-aged man in front of him.

Even if he’s gradually aging, Sherlock’s abnormal presence is still not the slightest bit weakened, telling Houri that this famous detective will not become weak because of his age.

But at this moment, Sherlock’s face is with deep confusion.

“Why are you coming after me?” Sherlock asked with great confusion. “I think, now I have no value to be pursued by you.”

Given the current state of affairs, it won’t be long before Sherlock dies of senility.

In other words, no matter what kind of grudge there is, Houri has no reason to catch up.

Because, whether Houri chases after him or not, Sherlock will end up dying of old age.

If so, then why chase?

The first time he saw Sherlock’s face was full of incomprehension, Houri didn’t answer, but held the Moonblade and stepped forward, saying sarcastically. “Aren’t you a famous detective? You can try to reason a little more?”

“But my reasoning has already been disrupted twice by you, plus this one, that’s three times.” Sherlock smiled slightly and said. “So, this time, it’s up to you to tell me.”

It is true that Sherlock’s reasoning ability is extremely powerful, so powerful that it is close to the point of foreknowledge that he can even use this ability in the battle, directed the battle for his own absolute advantage.

However, reasoning is always reasoning, not foreknowledge.

Even if it is foreknowledge, what comes out is only the result, not the answer.

Therefore, even if Sherlock’s methodical predictions are more powerful, it is impossible to reason that Houri is not a person of this world, and it is impossible to reason that Houri is MainGod envoy and has a Side Mission that he must defeat him in order to complete the last Main Mission.

Of course, this reason has also become a secondary purpose for Houri.

Now, Houri wants to defeat Sherlock, just because he wants revenge.

In the world of ‘Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress’, Amatori Biba targeted Houri, so even though Houri was seriously injured, he still slaughtered and threw everyone in Hunter to hell.

In the world of ‘God Eater’, Rollingleth set up Houri, so Houri also tried to go back to the Russian branch and kill Rollingleth.

Now, Sherlock has used Houri for his own purposes and played him for a fool, so how can Houri not take revenge?

“I am a vengeful person.”

Houri looked directly at Sherlock and said indifferently.

“No matter what your purpose is, you shot Aria and kidnapped Shirayuki, plus the previous account, I will not give up before settling this account.”

Hearing this, Sherlock fell silent.


With a roar, the vibrating nuclear submarine finally came to a halt.

This also meant that the nuclear submarine had broken out of the water and came into the sun.

Kacha …

In the midst of the crisp sound, the ceiling slid as smoothly as machinery, allowing the sunlight to shine down.

Immediately, the floor beneath Houri and Sherlock suddenly moved, slowly rising upwards like an elevator.

Along with Houri and Sherlock, an ICBM was raised.

In such a situation, the floor and ceiling carrying Houri, Sherlock and an ICBM are perfectly nested together.

The scene in front of them changed all of a sudden from a dimly lit hall to a vast expanse of sea.

The nuclear submarine, hundreds of meters long, had come to the surface and was bathed in sunlight.

Houri and Sherlock were standing at the top of the nuclear submarine, facing each other.

Until the bottom of the ICBM began to emit sparks.

Seeing this, Houri’s eyes flickered slightly.

“Don’t worry about it.” Sherlock shrugged and then said. “This ICBM has long since been modified, no longer as an ICBM, but as a manned vehicle.”

“A manned vehicle?” Houri looked at Sherlock and said. “So, you still want to escape?”

“I just want a scene-setting ending,” Sherlock said somewhat roundabout. “Veterans should disappear, I do not want to leave you a body, I believe, Aria will not want to see.”

“So, let me bow out here.” Sherlock’s voice started to become hoarse and said. “Even if you want to fight me, there is no way to defeat me in a short time, and I am going to die soon, so what is the point?”

“It’s not for you to decide.” Houri closed his eyes, and his voice rang out slowly.

“Besides, it’s not like I don’t have a way to beat you right away.”

Houri gradually lifted the dagger in his hand, raising it high above his head and pointing it towards the sky.

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