Illimitable Until Death v3c255

As Houri raised the sharp dagger high up into the air, an unprecedented and terrifying murderous aura began to permeate the air.


Feeling that deadly murderous aura, Sherlock’s heart tightened, and his face also became grave.

Sherlock knew that Houri was hiding a very powerful trump card.

That trump card, Houri has just used once.

With it, Houri’s power soared to an alarming level in that instant, so that Sherlock was not able to react, and when he did, Houri was already attacking Hidan.

Unfortunately, although the trump card is powerful, the side effects are also terrible.

Even if Houri uses it, Sherlock also has a way to deal with it.

But now, Sherlock found himself wrong.

Houri does hide a very powerful trump card.

But this trump card is not the only one.

“To be honest, this is the first time I’ve used it in a real battle.” Houri did not open his eyes and said with a low voice.

“Although I’ve practiced it many times, I still haven’t fully mastered it, making it only half as effective. But it’s the most powerful move in the Nanaya assassination arts that I’ve mastered, and can even be called as a finishing move.”

“… Is that so?” Sherlock nodded and said as if he hadn’t expected it. “I also deduced from your hands that you have very powerful assassination arts, but I didn’t think that what you showed was not all.”

“So, it is my only hope to defeat you immediately,” Houri said with an indifferent expression. “Even though it is only half effective. If you are able to take it next, then by all means try it.”

The murderous aura that swelled up from Houri’s entire body began to thicken little by little, and the substantial pressure began to diffuse around.

The stimulating murderous aura made Sherlock’s body slowly tense up and slowly raised his weapon.

The long sword that seemed to be used by the medieval knight reappeared in Sherlock’s hands.

It seemed that Sherlock had already picked up his sword when using Hidan for instantaneous movement.

After all, it was a treasure lent to Sherlock by Her Majesty the Queen of England, not something that could be lost at will.

Holding the sword, Sherlock raised his head and gazed in the direction of Houri with a pair of unfocused eyes.


At the same time, behind Sherlock, the entrance to the ICBM, which had been transformed into a manned vehicle, suddenly opened.

According to Sherlock’s methodical predictions, at this time, he should have hitched a ride on the ICBM.

Unfortunately, the appearance of Houri made Sherlock’s reasoning fail.

Faced with the stimulating murderous aura, Sherlock thought that he could not walk into the ICBM with his back to Houri in the case of losing Hidan.

So Sherlock could only face Houri, and all his senses were extended like tentacles, replacing his own vision and observing all the movements around him.


It was only then that Houri suddenly spoke out.

“I’ll make my move.”

The murderous aura exploded like a flame.


With a pleasant sound of sword chirping, a stream of light appeared abruptly and shot forward like a spiral aurora.

It was Houri’s Moonblade.

At this moment, Houri’s body tightened, and like a gyroscope, he spun around and threw the Moonblade ferociously in his hand.

It was not a simple throw, but a stab that brought together all of Houri’s strength.

The sharp dagger, carrying Houri’s entire body strength, was thrown violently and turned into an extremely fast spinning bullet that flashed through space and shot in Sherlock’s direction.

The speed is unbelievably fast.

Sherlock, who had released his senses like a radar, reacted in time and raised his long sword in front of him almost at the first moment of the spiraling aurora.


Under the sharp sound of breaking wind, the dagger that turned into a spiral bullet swept in, like a lightning bolt, and landed heavily on the long sword.


The loud clash sound turned into a wave of sound, like a bell being rung, echoing to all sides.

In this moment, Sherlock was started.

Because, Sherlock could feel very clearly that the dagger that landed on his weapon came with an amazing force.

It was as if a train had ferociously rammed into it.

In such a situation, Sherlock was sent flying with his sword and his feet scraping on the ground as he stumbled backward at great speed.

“Jiji Jiji–!”

Like a spiral bullet, the dagger still ferociously rammed the long sword in Sherlock’s hand, causing fierce sparks to appear with the friction, bringing a terrifying force to Sherlock’s body.

“Guh… aaaaaaaah–!”

Sherlock, who was falling backward at a great speed, let out a low growl and held the long sword hard, desperately defending himself against the powerful force coming at him. Even though the area between his index finger and thumb was numb, he didn’t let go of the weapon in his hand.

No, it should be said that it cannot be released.

Once released, the dagger will be completely turned into a wild horse, like a laser, through Sherlock’s body.

Therefore, Sherlock absolutely can not let go of the sword in his hand.


A strong wind pressure exploded on Sherlock’s body.

At this moment, Sherlock chose to use ESP to assist himself in defense.

Under the strong wind pressure, Sherlock’s whole body seemed to be covered with a layer of invisible wind armor, the retreating body gradually stopped, and the surge of airflow was also added to the arm strength, allowing Sherlock to defend against the incoming attack.

The spiral bullet-like dagger was finally forced to stop, and the trend of rotation became weaker and weaker.


At a certain moment, with a crisp sound, the dagger that had been drilling Sherlock’s long sword blade with sparks bounced off.

However, almost at the same time, Sherlock’s looks changed.

“I knew there was no way to solve you with this level.”

With such a voice, a silent figure scurried into Sherlock’s arms.


The dagger that had unknowingly returned to the owner’s hand, cut through the air and separated the wind pressure on Sherlock’s body, stabbed like lightning.


With the tearing sound, a burst of blood splashed up and spilled into the sky.

Accompanied by a whisper-like voice.

“Extreme Death Nanaya…”

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