Illimitable Until Death v3c256


The sharp weapon runs through the body, sending warm blood spilling into the sky.

With the sharp dagger sinking into his abdomen, Sherlock’s whole body was rushed out by the figure that scurried into his arms, carried by the other side, and fell all the way backward, hitting the hard wall heavily.

It was the wall inside the hatch of the ICBM that was being activated.

Sherlock, who had planned to leave on the ICBM, was pushed into the cabin at this moment with fatal injuries.


Warm blood began to drip down, staining the floor of the cabin.

A sharp pain, transmitted to Sherlock’s nerves.

Sherlock’s unfocused eyes shifted slightly for a moment.

At this moment, Sherlock seemed to suddenly see, dazedly looking at the figure in front of him.

There, Houri maintained the position of stabbing the dagger into Sherlock’s abdomen and rushed into Sherlock’s arms, meeting Sherlock’s gaze.

Time seemed to stop at this moment.

In the next second, blood dripped from the corner of Sherlock’s mouth and muttered like talking to himself. “Extremely dead… Nanaya?”

“… That’s right,” Houri spoke indifferently. “This move is called Extreme Death Nanaya.”

–Extreme Death Nanaya.

It is the highest secret of Nanaya assassination arts, the ultimate skill that will definitely kill the opponent once it’s delivered.

It is expressed in two actions.

One: Throwing a weapon at the opponent.

Two: Leaps above the opponent’s head.

However, this ultimate skill naturally cannot be just that.

It seems to be a simple throwing weapon, but that is the whole body’s power is condensed together, by throwing a weapon with full force that is gathered from the user’s whole body, and launched a super strong attack.

The throwing attack issued at this time is powerful enough to shatter anyone’s internal organs. Even vampires who are said to have an undying body will be seriously injured if they are hit by this move.

At the same time, users who leap above the opponent’s head will use Flash Sheath’s technique to attack the opponent empty-handed.

In this way, it is almost as if there are two people attacking the enemy at the same time, and in different directions.

If the opponent defends themselves from the attack, then they will be hit by the weapon carrying the terrible power thrown at them and die on the spot.

If the opponent defends against the thrown weapon, their heads will be bent off by the user and will also die on the spot.

After using this move, whether successful or not, the thrown weapon will flash back to the user’s hand as if it were magic.

Houri is only able to perform half of the effects of Extreme Death Nanaya.

Houri is not able to throw his weapon with all his strength and then leap above his opponent’s head at the same time with his body, which has not yet generated new strength, and attack with the Flash Sheath technique.

Therefore, Houri could only rush towards his opponent as fast as he could within a period of time after the successful throw.

As a result, Sherlock was able to defend himself against the dagger throw but was unable to react to Houri’s charge as he did his best to defend himself.

By the time Moonblade bounced away, the sharp dagger had already returned to Houri’s hand as if it were magic, under the effect of Extreme Death Nanaya, and became the weapon that delivered the fatal blow.

“If it was the full version of Extreme Death Nanaya, maybe it wouldn’t be so much trouble,” Houri whispered. “Looks like I win this one, Sherlock.”

Sherlock’s unfocused eyes wavered once again.


At this time, the ICBM, which had been ignited for a long time, finally shot up into the sky with a strong vibration, like a rocket, together with Houri and Sherlock, who had fled into the cabin.

Strong wind pressure filled the entire cabin from the outside of the hatch that had not yet had time to close.

The strong wind pressure from behind made Houri’s body somewhat unstable, so he had to hold the dagger pierced into Sherlock’s body tightly so as not to be carried out by the airflow.

However, Sherlock suddenly reached out and grabbed the Moonblade that pierced his abdomen.

“In the end, not only was my reasoning overturned but was it defeated?” Sherlock chuckled softly with blood on the corner of his mouth. “What a most wonderful parting gift.”

“… I just wanted to settle the score with you.” Houri was silent for a long time, then sighed after a while. “This way, the revenge you owe me will be cleared.”

“That’s great.” Sherlock laughed softly and then said.

“I’m leaving Aria in your care.”

With that, Sherlock shoved the sword into Houri’s empty hand and pulled out the dagger that had been stabbed into his abdomen with force.


With another tearing sound of flesh, the dagger left Sherlock’s body with a burst of dark red blood.

Houri just wanted to react, but it was too late.


Carried by the violent airflow, Houri was directly pushed out of the cabin by the wave-like invisible wind and fell into the sea.

The rocket-like manned vehicle suddenly closed its hatch and flew into the sky with a pata sound.

The sky at this time of day is just ushering in the dusk.

The rocket-like manned vehicle thus turns into a stream of light and flies into the sky, eventually, becoming a star and disappearing from Houri’s sight.

The world’s strongest detective left.

Only Houri remained, following the free-fall motion, falling to the sea surface with an amazing speed.

The wind howls in his ears.

At this height and speed, even Houri, if he fell straight down like this, in the end, he would surely hit the sea surface that became harder than concrete because of the acceleration and end up in pieces.

“At the end of the day, even the way to exit is so amazing…”

With such a sigh, Houri fell down.

In his mind, the system prompt suddenly sounded.

“Complete A Rank Side Mission and receive 20,000 CP.”
“No. 11273 Completed all Main Missions, you can choose to return to MainGod space or stay in Transcript world at any time.”
“If you choose to return, task evaluation will be conducted to receive rewards.”
“If you choose to stay, you can stay in Transcript world for three more days.”

Listening to the system prompt from his mind, Houri could really only smile bitterly.

“Could I have a second choice?”

After all, he’s going to his death if he didn’t choose to return.

The next moment, Houri’s figure disappeared completely.

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