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In the personal residence covered by the lawn, a breeze suddenly blew without a reason, making the green grass sway with the wind, looking extremely vibrant.

Whoever saw this scene would not believe that this place actually belongs to only one person, strictly speaking is still considered a closed small world.

When Houri returned to this small world, the system prompt sounded.

“No. 11273 returning to MainGod space for clear evaluation.”
“Transcript world: Hidan no Aria.”
“Mission difficulty: Tier 5.”
“Number of participants: 1.”
“Number of Main Mission: 5.”
“Mission 1: Enroll to Butei High School in Tokyo and receive a ranking. Extra rewards will be based on the final ranking.”
“Mission completed, ranking is S-class, ranking is highest, the rating is greatly improved.”
“Mission 2: Complete the Butei Commissioned Mission and obtain 3000 Mission points. Extra rewards will be based on the Mission points.”
“Mission completed, the additional acquisition is completed, the number of acquisition is a small amount, the evaluation is slightly increased.”
“Mission 3: Collect the blood of great men, get 10 types of great men’s genes. Extra rewards will be based on the number of collections.”
“Mission completed, the additional collection is completed, the number of the collection is a large amount, the evaluation is greatly improved.”
“Mission 4: Arrest non-human criminals and defeat opponents who do not belong to the human race. Extra rewards will be based on the defeated criminals.”
“Mission completed, the number of arrests is one, the evaluation remains the same.”
“Mission 5: Obtain 10,000 CP. Extra rewards will be based on the CP.”
“Mission completed, the additional acquisition is completed, the number of acquisition is medium, the evaluation is increased in the medium range.”
“Clear evaluation: S Rank.”
“The remaining factors affecting clear evaluation were detected and the evaluation is upgraded.”
“Influencing factor: Completed A Rank Side Mission [Attack superhuman breeding institution]. Evaluation increased significantly to S+ Rank.”

S+ Rank.

That is undoubtedly the highest level of clear evaluation.

The MainGod envoy who can get such an evaluation is not even one in ten thousand in the whole MainGod space.

In other words, even among the 10,000 MainGod envoys, there may not be a single one who has ever received an S+ Rank clear evaluation.

But now, Houri has got it.

And it’s not over yet.

“No. 11273 has been detected with special tools to improve evaluation, do you want to use them?”

Hearing this system prompt, Houri raised his hand, and a gemstone immediately appeared in his hand.

This is the Commentary Stone, a special tool Houri obtained after completing the Hidden Mission in the Transcript world of ‘God Eater’, which can be used when returning to MainGod space for clear evaluation to gain an extra chance to improve the evaluation.

Although the rate of improvement is random, this tool can’t be used to improve the clear evaluation for any Transcript world, no matter which difficulty.

Therefore, it is worth 10,000 CP.

Houri has five of these tools.

Considering the unlimited difficulty of the target and the high value, it is not worth using it in Tier 5.

However, Houri chose to use it without hesitation.

“No. 11273 used special tools, get a random boost in clear evaluation.”
“The increase is – substantial.”
“The evaluation has been greatly improved, breaking the boundary to Ex Rank.”
“Final clear evaluation: Ex Rank.”
“Reward: 50,000 CP, 30 free AP.”

Listening to the system prompt echoing in his head, a smile gradually appeared on Houri’s face.


That’s short for Extremity, which translates to ‘limit’.

This level is a hidden level.

When MainGod envoy returns to MainGod space for clear evaluation, and the clear evaluation reaches the highest rank of S+ Rank, if there are special tools on hand that can enhance the clear evaluation, then using the tools can trigger the appearance of Ex Rank.

In other words, this hidden clear evaluation cannot be achieved in normal situations, but can only be triggered by using special tools to improve it.

This is extremely difficult.

After all, if MainGod envoy wants to trigger this hidden rank, first it must reach the highest level of S+ Rank and must also have special tools that can boost the evaluation.

If these two conditions are not met, then Ex Rank will not be triggered.

Houri was aware of this hidden rank, so he did not hesitate to use Commentary Stone.

This is no doubt a bit too risky.

Because the special tools for clear evaluation can only be used one at a time and cannot be used repeatedly.

Moreover, even if the tools for improving evaluation are used, if the improvement does not reach the threshold for improving the evaluation level, it will not reach the Ex Rank.

However, once successfully reach the Ex Rank, there is an additional bonus.

“No. 11273 reached Ex Rank Clear evaluation and can set ‘Hidan no Aria’ as a personal world, do you want to set?”


Personal world.

When MainGod envoy reaches the clear Evaluation of Ex Rank in the Transcript world, then that Transcript world can be set as a personal world.

In this case, in the future, when in MainGod space, Houri can consume a certain CP to enter his personal world in 1:10 time.

In other words, Houri can enter the world of ‘Hidan no Aria’ during the rest time in MainGod space, extending the ten-day rest time into one hundred days.

Unfortunately, when entering the personal world, the MainGod envoy will not be able to trigger any mission, whether it is Main Mission, Side Mission or Hidden Mission, it can’t be triggered to obtain rewards.

However, even if the task cannot be triggered to get the rewards, the benefits of a personal world are many.

For example, as long as there is enough personal space, then items in the personal world can be brought out and used.

For another example, it can be used to get a lot of rest time and a personal training ground.

Of course, to enter the personal world, it also needs to consume a certain amount of CP, but compared to the benefits, it is worth it.

“After this Transcript world, my CP has reached 75,000 points, and I even got 30 free APs.”

Houri thought silently.

“It’s time to think about promotion.”

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