Illimitable Until Death v3c258

In the moment of entering the MainGod space, the MainGod envoy is destined to take a different path.

It is not only that MainGod envoy has the destiny to travel from one world to another, but also the way to improve its strength is different.

Regardless of skill, every MainGod envoy can get preferential access to attributes, skills and equipment. By improving attributes, acquiring skills and wearing equipment, the MainGod envoy can grow up faster than anyone else.

This is a very foul thing.

After all, no matter what kind of existence it is, it has its own potential, and one day it will reach its limit and not be able to go to the next level.

MainGod envoy has no such concerns.

At the moment of entering the MainGod space, the body of the MainGod envoy has already transformed and can always be improved regardless of potential.

In this way, as long as MainGod envoy can obtain attributes, skills, and equipment, it will always be getting stronger. Even without exercise, physical fitness will not deteriorate, and skills and equipment will not disappear, it absolutely cannot become weaker.

Of course, this is not counting the aspect of the skill.

How could such a MainGod envoy not foul?

However, even the MainGod envoy still has a limitation.

That is the level.

For example, in Tier 5’s MainGod envoy, the comprehensive attributes can only be raised to 100 points, skills can not be upgraded, and equipment cannot be worn beyond the level.

This is the price that MainGod envoy needs to pay to get an unconditional upgrade, but also the limit.

The only way to break through this limit is through promotion.

As long as the overall attributes of the MainGod envoy are raised to the limit of the level, then they can apply to the MainGod space to perform a Promotion Mission.

Once the Promotion Mission was passed, the MainGod envoy’s level would be instantly upgraded, breaking through the previous level. Attributes could continue to be upgraded, skills could also be upgraded with SP, plus higher-level equipment, which could be called a complete transformation.

Now, Houri is going to consider the issue of promotion.

Character: Houri
Race: Human
Title: Butei (S-Class)
Tier: Tier 5
STR: 28 (+27)
VIT: 28 (+27)
AGI: 74 (+27)
INT: 8 (+7)

This is Houri’s current attributes.

Even if he hasn’t used up the 30 free APs he just received, Houri’s overall attributes have already reached 50 points after taking out the bonuses from his attributes and titles.

If he uses up the 30 free APs he just received, Houri’s combined attributes will reach 80 points, just 20 points away from the Tier 5 limit of 100 points.

According to Houri’s resume, as long as he gets a clear evaluation of around S Rank in the next Transcript world, he can reach the limit and apply for promotion.

However, Houri does not want to wait until the next Transcript world has passed before considering promotion.

“Under such circumstances, Tier 5 MainGod envoy wants to reach the attribute limit, apply for the Promotion Mission, that should pass at least ten Transcript world test.”

Houri, on the other hand, has only gone through three Transcript worlds so far.

However, Houri was in these three Transcript worlds, more than once against the existence of Tier 4.

These experiences have made Houri deeply aware that his strength is still far from adequate.

Against Heavenly Father Dyaus, Houri was unable to kill it even after using Stigma.

Against Aphrodite, it was only with the help of several teammates that Houri managed to win.

And against Sherlock, Houri finally won, but before that was always pinned down by Sherlock, and it was very difficult to even turn around and catch his breath.

Therefore, Houri really desperately wants to improve his strength.

“In that case, I have to find a way to get the remaining 20 attributes in MainGod space first.”

That wasn’t without a solution.

There are two ways.

One is to use tools.

In MainGod space, there are all kinds of magical items, among them, there is no shortage of treasures that can be used to enhance one’s attributes.

As long as he can acquire enough treasures, it is not difficult to get the 20 points of attributes.

However, the tools used to improve the attributes are extremely expensive, even to improve a little attribute, without a nearly 10,000 CP, that simply can not be bought.

With Houri’s 75,000 CP, the most he can get is a 10-point attribute boost and no more.

Therefore, Houri can only consider the second approach.

“Is this the second time?”

In front of the Trial tower in the MainGod space training area, Houri looked at the towering white tower in front of him and smiled slightly.

That’s right.

The second way to improve attributes is to break into the Trial tower.

Before that, Houri had already broken through the 1st floor.

Therefore, Houri knew that as long as he succeeded, he would be able to obtain rewards.

And among these rewards, there are attribute rewards.

“According to the information I heard in the trading area, the Trial tower also has a level limit.”

That is, every 20 floors will raise the difficulty by one level.

1~20 floors are Tier 5.

21~40 floors are Tier 4.

41~60 floors are Tier 3.

61~80 floors are Tier 2.

81~100 floors are Tier 1.

In other words, a Tier 5 MainGod envoy can theoretically break in until floor twenty.

This is only the difficulty.

Moreover, it is still theoretical.

After all, there’s a gap even at the same level.

Like Tier 5, the weakest can’t even pass the first level, but the strongest are the ones who can even cross the level and reach the area above the floor twenty that only Tier 4’s MainGod envoy can challenge.

“If I can reach more than 20 floors within 10 days, then even if one floor only rewards 1 AP, I can still get the remaining 20 points of attributes, right?”

What’s more, Houri’s ambition made him want to reach more than just 20 floors.

“Although, I didn’t even make it past the 2nd floor before.”

Saying this, Houri kept a smile at the corner of his mouth, lifted his stride and walked in the direction of Trial tower.

Finally, Houri walked into the entrance that looked like water and disappeared at the bottom of the tower.

When he reappeared, he was already in the middle of a desert.

The system prompt immediately rang out from Houri’s mind.

“Enter Trial tower 2nd floor, starting the trial.”

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