Illimitable Until Death v3c259

“Enter Trial tower 2nd floor, starting the trial.”
“No. 11273, you need to kill 100 Tier 5 opponents within one hour. If the number of kills does not reach the requirement after one hour, this trial will be declared a direct failure.”
“Note that the opponents you need to kill are the same as you in terms of attributes. If you are inadvertently killed, you will die permanently and no longer have the opportunity to resurrect.”

It was almost the exact same prompt as the 1st floor of Trial tower.

Coupled with the desert in front of him, and the experience of having challenged it once before, Houri knew exactly what kind of 100 opponents he needed to kill next.


Under such a sound, black shadows began to approach around the desert.

Houri lifted his head and looked around.

What he saw is black scorpions the size of a calf emerging from the sand dunes, with scarlet eyes like blood, murderous aura staring at the only prey in the desert.

For a moment, Houri’s surroundings were all occupied by black scorpions, like a desperate situation, so that the air began to emerge a stern atmosphere.

In response, the corners of Houri’s mouth just lifted.


With a soft ringing sound, the dagger like moonlight fell into Houri’s palm.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a killing spree…”

With such a murmur, Houri’s eyes suddenly transformed into ice blue.

The stern atmosphere in the air was immediately filled with an icy coldness.

A strong pressure rose up on Houri’s body little by little.


Maybe they felt the dangerous aura of Houri’s body, the black scorpions all took a step back.

Immediately, these scorpions then burrowed into the sand.


With the sound of flying sand, black scorpions burrowed into the sand, and the dust began to fill the area.

Immediately after, within the desert, a very inconspicuous protrusion like a shark swimming in the sea, can not stop moving towards the direction of Houri.

This is the difference between the 2nd-floor scorpion and the 1st-floor scorpion.

The 1st-floor scorpion only knows how to lunge in the direction of the enemy, and does not consider the rest.

The 2nd-floor scorpion is beginning to know how to use tactics, hiding in the sand, like a viper, emerging at any time to launch attacks.

Last time, Houri was lost here.

“But not this time.”

In the world of ‘Hidan no Aria’, Houri has learned a lot of techniques.

Assault Division’s classes teach tracking and anti-tracking skills, allowing Butei to spot enemies by footsteps, sound and sight.

Houri as Butei High’s S-class Butei, in the subject of tracking skills and anti-tracking skills, is almost a perfect score.

So, unlike the last time, Houri is no longer alarmed by the situation.

At that moment, Houri closed his eyes slightly, turned his ears sideways, and began to listen to the sounds around him.


This is the sound of the wind.


This is the sound of the sand.

These sounds formed a murmur and caused a great hindrance.

However, this level is nothing at all.

After all, in Assault Division, there was an exercise to distinguish specific footsteps from a large amount of noise through the headset.

Therefore, Houri just concentrated his mind, relying on previous experience to block out the sound of wind and sand.

Then, Houri became aware.

Around himself, the sound of the flow of sand became less with the surrounding.

And, like a spider’s multiple foot movement sounds, also interspersed within, into Houri’s ears.

Coupled with the fact that the place where he was standing started to feel a slight vibration, and it became stronger and stronger, Houri opened his eyes and took a small step backward.


Almost at the same time, with a sound of sand and dust rising, black shadow burst out of the sand and rushed out from where Houri had just been standing.

It was actually the scorpion that was lurking in the sand.

As if jumping up, the big black scorpion just burst out of the sand and scampered up into the air.

Of course, the figure of this scorpion, clearly imprinted into the vision of death perception mystic eyes.

The crack-like dead line appeared on the scorpion’s surface.


Blade light, lights up.


With the tearing sound, the sharp dagger suddenly sliced through the scorpion’s sturdy case, slicing along the crack-like dead line.

The blood appeared.

The black scorpion did not even have time to scream, was cut into two halves directly and fell into the desert with a thick trail of blood.

The icy atmosphere in the air was completely detonated.

The next second, as if it causes a chain reaction, black scorpions from the sand darted out, like a flying fish from the water, with a very fast speed, from Houri’s surrounding scurrying up to attack.

At the same time, in the sand around Houri, tail hooks also poked out, like the fangs of a viper, slicing through the air and thrust towards Houri.

Suddenly, Houri was surrounded by an overwhelming attack and was instantly in danger.

If it was Houri in the past, he would have chosen to dodge in the face of this situation.

However, the tactics course he took at Butei High School has greatly improved Houri’s resilience.

Therefore, in the face of the overwhelming attack, Houri just lifted one leg.

“Flash Step Flying Moon!”

A meteorite-like strike was released on Houri’s foot and landed on the ground.


With the sound of the explosion, the sand directly exploded and was shaken up by the strong shock wave, like an exploding water splash, turning into a curtain of sand and spilling all around.

Scorpions darted from all directions and rushed directly into the sand curtain.

However, at this time, Houri in the sand screen had disappeared.

Bang Bang–!

The scorpions that darted from all directions, crashed into each other in mid-air and flew away.

And before each of the scorpions fell to the ground, a figure suddenly flashed in the desert, like a mirage, appeared behind a scorpion.

“Flash Sheath Blink Prison!”

Numerous figures suddenly burst into action.

The dagger in the hand crossed the sky.

Puchi Puchi Puchi–!

With a fierce tearing flesh sound, the sharp dagger pierced into the body of many scorpions, spilling the blood of the scorpions after another.

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