Illimitable Until Death v3c260

Puchi– Puchi– Puchi–!

At this moment, above the endless desert, the sound of sharp blades running through the flesh was constantly ringing.

The dagger in his hand was transformed into a blade light that kept cutting through the black scorpions.


The black scorpions let out a scream and faded away in the wind.

The black scorpions were as big as a calf, and their strong scaled armor seemed to be completely turned into fragile paper, which was easily cut by the dagger so that the blood under the flesh was no longer restrained and spilled all around.

The black scorpions have been completely turned into limbs, such as garbage, fell on the desert.

Blood pools are scattered one after another.

In this one moment, there were more than a dozen black scorpion were killed.

Moreover, all those tail hooks poking out of the sand were cut off by the roots, like the tail of a gecko, it stopped moving after a few wriggles.

“Jiji Jiji–!”

In the sand, a sharp and incomparable sound came out.

It was the scream of the black scorpion whose tail hook had been cut off.

The countless figures that flashed in the desert immediately converged into one, allowing Houri’s figure to reappear and look in the direction where the screams were thickest.


The sound of gunfire passed through the desert in an extremely unexpected manner.

A flash of light suddenly appeared in front of Houri’s body.

The bullet, which could not be captured by the naked eye, broke through the air, separated the surrounding sand and dust, and landed in the direction where the scream came from.


The next instant, the bullet that landed in the desert actually caused a strong explosion, as if an anti-tank rocket had landed in that corner, setting off a strong burst of heat.

–Butei bullet.

To be correct, it should be said Blast bullet.

Houri, who didn’t have a chance to use it in the battle of IU, took it out at this time.

So, under the strong explosion, the black scorpions hiding in the sand were blown out.

When the black scorpions fell to the ground, a figure appeared like a mirage, turning a pair of ice blue mystic eyes to the black scorpions, slashing down along the crack-like line.

Puchi– Puchi– Puchi–!

The tearing sound keeps on ringing.

The massacre was carried out unilaterally.

Houri seems to intend to vent out the sulk that was previously suppressed by Sherlock to the death, completely transformed into a berserker, madly carrying out a massacre.

This time, the battle situation is completely different from the last time.

Even if there is a black scorpion that rises up from the sand, it will be immediately noticed by Houri, who swings a knife and kills it on the spot.

Even if the black scorpion does not come out of the sand, but stays in hiding, trying to stall for time, so that Houri will lose because of the time limit, it will only let Houri waste a Butei bullet, and then will be forced to come out.

All of a sudden, blade light sword shadow and fire explosion rushed to the sky.

In the case of tactics doesn’t work, the difficulty of this floor and 1st floor is not different.

And compared to at the time of the 1st floor, Houri’s strength has grown by a large margin, naturally the slaughter is more sharp than that time.

Until this desert is covered with flame light, and black scorpion’s limbs are spread in a pool of blood, system prompt is finally sounded once again.

“Trial completed. Time 3 minutes and 52 seconds. Evaluation S Rank.”
“No. 11273, you have passed the 2nd floor of Trial tower, you can choose two items from the following as a reward.”
“One: STR increase by 2 points.”
“Two: VIT increase by 2 points.”
“Three: AGI is increased by 2 points.”
“Four: INT boosted by 2 points.”
“Please choose.”

Listening to the system prompt from the depths of his mind, Houri was slightly stunned and surprised.

“No CP bonus this time?”

But, instead, the bonus attributes were increased.

“But I don’t have much need for the rest of the attributes except for AGI…”

Houri could not help but scratch his hair.

Houri is after all the extreme speed type MainGod envoy.

With death perception mystic eyes, as long as the speed can be raised up, then who he cannot kill?

“Although it’s a little difficult when dealing with Sherlock…”

But that’s not because death perception mystic eyes is too weak, but Sherlock’s mind is too foul, immediately saw through the bottom of death perception mystic eyes.

No matter how powerful the ability is, once exposed, it will naturally be targeted.

Death perception mystic eyes although powerful and claims to kill anything, but the weakness is also very obvious, it’s no different from furnishings if it can’t cut to the dead line.

“Moreover, when dealing with humans, death perception mystic eyes is not a big advantage.”

This has been pointed before.

There are too much weaknesses for a human, as long as the vital point was cut, most of them will die, the difference between having death perception mystic eyes is not really big.

Thinking of this, Houri suddenly woke up, frowned, considered thoughtfully.

“Because death perception mystic eyes are too powerful, I have been relying on it too much?”

That’s right.

Without death perception mystic eyes, Houri would not have been able to make it in MainGod space.

For example, in the world of ‘Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress’, Houri couldn’t even kill a Kabane, let alone a Fused colony, without death perception mystic eyes.

For example, in the world of ‘God Eater’, without death perception mystic eyes, Houri could not even kill a small Aragami of Ogretail, let alone kill a Deusphage species Aragami like Aphrodite.

In the world of ‘Hidan no Aria’, Sherlock was able to deduce the ability of Houri’s death perception mystic eyes through methodical predictions, making Houri’s death perception mystic eyes lose most of its advantage.

“If, at that time, I was not only speed but also improve the rest of the aspects, then perhaps I will not be suppressed so obviously, right?”

That is to say, Houri has always thought that death perception mystic eyes have a very obvious weakness, in fact, he also has a very obvious weakness.

“If there are no more death perception mystic eyes, then I…”

Houri can’t even think about it.


After a long time, Houri let out a breath.

“Choose STR and AGI.”

This step would be Houri’s way to start making up for his weaknesses and move from an extreme speed type to an all-around speed type.

“After passing the 2nd-floor trial, you are qualified to go to the third floor, and will be transported directly to the third floor when you enter the Trial tower.”

“Do you want to enter the 3rd floor?”

Houri directly chose to enter and disappeared on the spot.

Thus, Houri’s challenge to the Trial tower is officially opened.

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