Illimitable Until Death v3c261

Since entering MainGod space, Houri has really become more desperate than before.

In the past, Houri was just an ordinary hikikomori, lazy as he could be, and usually even had trouble going up and down the stairs, let alone going to exercise, which led to his attributes being really trash when he first entered MainGod space.

However, Houri is also a type of person who, once he wants to do something, will dive in headfirst.

So, Houri is really very spontaneous.

Previously, in order to improve combat skills, Houri was bored himself in the training ground like a madman, and his rest time was simply squeezed without any free time.

Now, in order to improve his attributes, Houri is also forcing his way through the Trial tower for ten days.

Of course, this time, when it was time to rest, Houri still had a break.

After all, unlike the training ground simulation battle, the challenges in the Trial tower are real, and a battle can sometimes consume an unknown amount of stamina, and even injuries, so Houri had to rest.

But even so, Houri’s challenge has been going well.

Although only three Transcript worlds, in terms of strength alone, Houri is also able to fight with the Tier 4 existence even without the use of Stigma.

So Houri’s challenge to Trial tower went quite well.

Even though there are times when he encounters danger and situations that he cannot cope with, Houri has managed to get through and has been rewarded with Trial tower again and again.

Only, Trial tower rewards do not seem to be fixed, sometimes CP, sometimes AP, sometimes more options, sometimes fewer options.

The only common denominator is one.

That is, the higher the evaluation of the success of the level, the more generous the reward.

Because of this, Houri has even heard of people simply giving up when they think they are not performing well.

The reason is very simple, once successfully broken through the level, the successful floor can’t be challenged again, otherwise the Trial tower will become a grinding points tower.

In view of this, Houri also learned smart and will give up directly when he thinks that the evaluation is not high, and start over.

In this way, Houri ten days of rest time, all spent in Trial tower.

Until the tenth day…

“Trial completed. Time 23 minutes and 22 seconds. Evaluation S Rank.”
“No. 11273, you have passed the 20th floor of Trial tower, you can choose two of the following items as a reward.”
“One: 10,000 CP.”
“Two: VIT increase by 5 points.”
“Three: INT increase by 5 points.”
“Please choose.”

In the middle of a forest, Houri looked around while listening to the cold system voice that he had long been accustomed to in his head.

What was visible in Houri’s surroundings, huge pythons were either lying on the ground or hanging from the trees, all dripping blood, making the smell of blood in the forest extremely strong.

And Houri is likewise not intact, one arm seems to have been bitten and the whole one has turned a bloody red, seemingly hit by a very serious injury.

Zheng …

Under a faint glow, the Healing Crystal was taken into Houri’s hand, causing the serious injury on his arm to slowly begin to fade.

It was only then that Houri’s pale face, which had no trace of blood, gradually regained its redness.

It can be imagined that in this battle, Houri actually experienced what kind of danger.

But the harvest is also huge.

“Choose the second and third reward.”

Then, Houri’s attributes changed suddenly.

Character: Houri
Race: Human
Title: Butei (S-Class)
Tier: Tier 5
STR: 44 (+27)
VIT: 36 (+27)
AGI: 82 (+27)
INT: 26 (+7)

The equipment and title bonuses are 88 points in total.

The total number of Houri’s attributes is now 188 points. Minus the bonuses from equipment and titles, it’s exactly 100 points.

In other words, Houri has finally reached the limit of Tier 5.

Moreover, there were still 30 points of free AP that had not been used.

After ten days, Houri managed to reach the 20th floor without using his free AP, capturing the floor that theoretically belonged to Tier 5’s challenge limit, and allowing his attributes to reach Tier 5’s limit.

“Just right?”

Houri muttered.

It was indeed just right.

Not only was the timing just right, but the number of the captured floors was also just right for the Tier 5 limit.

After the 21st floor, that was the challenge floor for Tier 4’s MainGod envoy.

“After passing the 20th-floor trial, you are qualified to go to 21st floor, after entering Trial tower will be directly transported to 21st floor.”

“Do you want to enter the 21st floor?”

Listen to the system prompt, this time, Houri directly chooses no.

“Time to go back and apply for Promotion Mission.”

Leaving these words behind, Houri’s figure disappeared into the forest, leaving the forest back to silence.

MainGod space residential area, personal residence.

As soon as he returned to his personal residence, Houri immediately looked into the sky and said slowly.

“Requesting a Promotion Mission.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the system prompt came as expected.

“No. 11273 requesting a Promotion Mission.”
“Application conditions are met, Promotion Mission is officially accepted.”

Just after the system prompt fell, the message of the mission was sent into Houri’s mind.

“No. 11273 triggered Promotion Mission: Tier 4.”
“Promotion Mission One: Complete three clear evaluation S Rank or higher achievements, achieve the achievement to pass.”
“Promotion Mission Two: Defeat a Tier 4 opponent and win to pass.”
“Promotion Mission Three: The difficulty of the next Transcript world mission will be increased by one level, Main Mission can be passed by completing all of them.”

Viewing the message that came into his mind, Houri smiled.

“It seems that my Promotion Mission has been completed ahead of schedule.”

The Transcript world Houri experienced was exactly three.

Moreover, the first two Transcript worlds were rated S Rank, and the third Transcript world was even broken to the hidden rank of Ex Rank.

“As for Promotion Mission Two and Promotion Mission Three, it depends on the experience of the next world.”

With that in mind, Houri also didn’t waste any time and directly spoke out towards the high altitude.

“Requesting to enter Transcript world.”

The system prompt responded.

“No. 11273 requesting entry to Transcript world, starting the matching process.”

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