Illimitable Until Death v4c262

“Transcript world: Academy Battle City Asterisk.”
“Mission difficulty: Tier 4.”
“Number of participants: 1.”
“Number of Main Mission: 3.”
“Mission 1: Participate in any Festa and get at least the top eight. Extra rewards will be based on the ranking.”
“Mission 2: Obtain Urm-Manadyte. Extra rewards will be based on the numbers.”
“Mission 3: Obtain 20,000 CP. Extra rewards will be based on the CP.”
“Failure Penalty: 5,000 CP will be deducted for each failed Main Mission.”
“Completion Reward: Settlement will be based on the final evaluation.”

The Transcript Order Houri originally found in the trading area is an item that can be used three times.

Only, this time, Houri does not need to use it.

Transcript Order tampering range only participant and Number of Main Mission.

In order to do the Promotion Mission, Houri made a rare trip to the entertainment area.

In the entertainment district, there are a variety of places for fun and relaxation.

In other words, in such places, a certain degree of intelligence can be collected.

Houri went to the entertainment district during his break and inquired about the Promotion Mission in a tavern where human races gather.

According to other MainGod envoys, the Promotion Mission has three characteristics.

One: One of the missions will require the clear evaluation of the Transcript world experienced by the MainGod envoy.

Two: One of the missions will let MainGod envoy experience a Transcript world with increased mission difficulty.

Three: The Transcript world experienced in addition to the Mission difficulty upgrade, the participant must be one person, will not allow the appearance of teammates.

In such a case, Houri naturally does not need to use Transcript Order.

After all, during the Promotion Mission, there is only one participant and cannot be modified at all.

In the Transcript world experienced by MainGod envoy, the number of Main Missions must be at least three and cannot be reduced.

As for increasing the number of Main Missions, it is impossible to do.

Promotion Mission but requires the completion of all the Main Mission.

In addition, Mission difficulty has been increased by one level, increasing the number of Main Missions arbitrarily is increase the probability of mission failure.

Therefore, even if increasing the number of Main Missions can improve the rating and reward, it can’t be done this time.

Therefore, Houri does not need to use Transcript Order at all.

However, after the message of Transcript Mission came into his mind, the system prompt sounded again.

“This Transcript world provides camp selection, identity arrangement will be made according to the camp chosen by MainGod envoy.”
“No. 11273, please select one of the following camps.”
“One: Seidoukan Academy.”
“Two: Saint Galahadworth Academy.”
“Three: Jielong Seventh Institute.”
“Four: Arlequint Academy.”
“Five: Queenvail Girls Academy .”
“Six: Rewolf Black Institute.”
“Please choose.”

Houri was slightly stunned, followed by realization.

This kind of thing is not so uncommon.

In the MainGod space, as long as the MainGod envoy with a little experience, then basically all have touched the Transcript world that can choose a camp.

However, the Transcript world that can choose its own camp is usually a more complex world.

Where is the specific complexity, there are a variety of conditions.

In the case of Academy Battle City Asterisk, the reason for the choice of camp is probably because the world view of this world is very unique.

It is a world of the near future.

In this world, in the twentieth century, an unprecedented disaster hit the earth.

It was called the ‘Invertia’ disaster.

It rained meteorites all over the world for three days and three nights, causing the destruction of many cities, resulting in a significant weakening of the power of the established countries, which was eventually replaced by an emerging economy called ‘Integrated Enterprise Foundation’.

The so-called Integrated Enterprise Foundation is a new economic entity born from the combination of numerous enterprises in order to survive the chaotic world economic system.

There were once eight of them, but only six remain, competing with each other and holding the real power in the world.

The six schools mentioned in MainGod space are the facilities of these six Integrated Enterprise Foundation subordinates, located in an artificial city floating on a huge impact crater lake created during the Invertia era.

This artificial city is the Academy Battle City Asterisk.

Formed by a hexagonal city district with six academies protruding from the top like prisms, the city is officially called ‘Rikka’ and is shaped like a hexagram, hence the name ‘Asterisk (hexagram)’.

In view of the fact that the six Integrated Enterprise Foundations are in competition with each other, the six great academies are also in competition in the academy battle city.

It is because of this relationship that the Transcript world offers a choice of camps.

“It seems that MainGod space is also planning to let me be a student this time.”

This is not that objectionable.

This is because, as the world of ‘Hidan no Aria’, this Transcript world is no longer a normal world.

From the name ‘academy battle city’, it can be seen what kind of nature the students of the six academies in this world are.

In addition, with the competition between the academies, there would be no shortage of opportunities to fight.

The question is which camp to choose.

“If I remember correctly, the original plot is based around Seidoukan Academy.”

In other words, choosing Seidoukan Academy would be a big advantage for Houri.

After all, this time the world is quite familiar to Houri, unlike the last world, because it’s been too long, the memory of the original work has mostly been forgotten, so Houri really took a lot of effort.

However, Houri was hesitant, and finally, made another decision.

“I choose Jielong Seventh Institute.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Houri’s figure disappeared from his personal residence.

Houri survived the uncomfortable teleportation dizziness and entered the Transcript world.

When his vision returned to normal, Houri found himself in a very oriental-style room.

At this moment, the system prompt suddenly came.

“Special profession has been detected in this Transcript world – Genestellar.”

“If you can sense the presence of mana, you can apply to MainGod space to provide accelerated transformation function, and become Genestellar to get powerful physical ability and Prana.”

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