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When system prompt echoed in Houri’s mind, Houri, who was planning to take a look around, observe the environment, and figure out his current situation, was completely stunned.

Immediately after, Houri was surprised.

“A new profession?”

This is not the first time Houri has encountered this kind of thing.

At the beginning, in the world of God Eater, Houri received a notification from MainGod space and learned that there was a profession called God Arc user in that world.

However, because God Arc user is not really suitable for Houri, Houri did not choose to change jobs.

Now, Houri is once again presented with such an opportunity.

“Can sense mana’s Genestellar?”

The so-called mana refers to an unknown element brought to the earth via Invertia, which has now spread to all parts of the world and exists in any substance, and can be transformed into various phenomena.

Genestellar is a new human born from the influence of mana.

Genestellar’s physical capabilities far surpassed that of humans, while also possessing a power called ‘Prana’.

That is the aura that can improve the body’s ability through concentration.

Therefore, controlling Prana is the basic technique of every Genestellar.

By concentrating Prana, the new human as a Genestellar can increase their attack or defense power, especially for defense power, which is very effective.

Of course, Prana can also be used to improve the rest of the physical ability, but compared to the attack and defense, it requires a considerable degree of professional training to do, the Genestellar does not have this technology.

Of course, compared to a normal human, Genestellar has extraordinary combat power.

Among them, there are even some Genestellar who can connect their own bodies with mana, thus actively triggering the transformation of mana and generating various phenomena, and becoming ESP-equipped psychics.

Such beings are known as ‘Dante’ for men and ‘Strega’ for women.

Houri remembers that among these psychics, the particularly powerful ones even have the ability to control space and time, reaching a level equal to or even higher than Hihi’irokane in the world of ‘Hidan no Aria’.

Houri has this opportunity now.

A chance to transform into a Genestellar.

As long as the presence of mana can be sensed, then Houri can be transformed into a Genestellar.

“Sensing mana?”

Houri pondered for a moment, then closed his eyes slowly.


A silent atmosphere suddenly filled the entire room.

Outside the window, the sound of some birds and animals and insects can be hear faintly, making the silent atmosphere seem more natural rather than unwarranted depressing.

Houri just let his consciousness focus on the surrounding, like resting in the water, feeling the air around him with his skin.

Under such circumstances, Houri only felt as if he gradually entered a state of half-asleep, half-awake, and his consciousness began to drift.

Until a certain moment, Houri’s body shuddered slightly.

This moment, Houri felt.

Around him, it was as if fireflies, or particles of starlight, were moving.

Some of them roamed in the air.

Some of them were stored in matter.

Some of them are floating in the breeze.

Some of them are churning in moisture.

They are mana.

The system prompt comes late.

“No. 11273 successfully sensed mana, satisfying transfer conditions.”

“Do you want to transfer?”

The corners of Houri’s mouth lifted slightly as he listened to the system prompt.


This profession is very attractive to Houri.

Outstanding physical ability.

Prana’s wonderful use.

And the very low chance of being born as a psychic.

All of these are attractive to Houri.

Houri doesn’t know if he has the talent to be Dante, and he doesn’t know if he will meet a better profession in the future.

But for the current Houri, the transfer can also make his strength to get a substantial increase.

So, Houri made his choice with determination.


Just after he spoke.


Around Houri’s body, a burst of starlight-like light particles began to emerge, as if into a whirlpool, converging on Houri’s body.

That’s mana.

The so-called Genestellar are new human beings born under the influence of mana.

Therefore, Genestellar is constitutional and has a low chance of being born.

But now, under the influence of MainGod space, mana has started to have an effect on Houri.

In other words, Houri is becoming an Artificial Genestellar.

So, under the influence of mana, Houri’s muscles, skeleton, internal organs and body mass are changing.

It’s like a model that starts to form again.

In the next second, the system prompt sounded again.

“No. 11273 successfully transferred to Genestellar.”

Genestellar (profession)
STR: +20
VIT: +20
AGI: +20
INT: +20
Secondary Ability: Prana, a special aura that can improve physical abilities through concentration, and has a remarkable effect in defense.

Character: Houri
Race: Human
Profession: Genestellar
Title: Butei (S-class)
Tier: Tier 5
STR: 64 (+47)
VIT: 56 (+47)
AGI: 102 (+47)
INT: 46 (+27)

The mana gathered in Houri’s surroundings began to slowly dissipate, restoring the room to its original state.

Houri slowly opened his eyes, and then he noticed the changes in himself.

First of all, there was a very significant improvement in physical fitness.

The transformation into a Genestellar gave Houri a 20-point bonus to all of his attributes, which not only increased his STR, VIT and INT, but also allowed his AGI to break through 100 points and reach a peak.

Secondly, Houri also felt it.

In his own body, there is a strange power flowing.

Houri subconsciously concentrated on this power.


A burst of starlight, like a phosphorus flame, sprang up in Houri’s body, like fragments of stars, rising one by one.

“Is this Prana?”

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